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Last Energy Update - First TrueSelf Radio Episode 13th-19th October 2019

By jona bryndis, Oct 10 2019 11:00AM

Last Energy Update - First TrueSelfRadio Episode

13th-19th October 2019 ENERGY UPDATE

Growing Into Your True Self

Plus Energies & Entities Special

By jona bryndis, 10th October 2019

Watch this Video here

Collective Energies & Experiences

Welcome to the new format of Energy Updates. Starting 20th October 2019 (next Sunday), the weekly live streams were moved to Sundays, 12PM (Eastern US Time)

@ TrueSelfRadio

on Youtube , Instagram and Facebook

Sundays @12pm (Eastern US Time)

starting 20th October 2019

As for next week's energies, prepare for a week of corrective energies. What was split, contradictive or incongruent before will now become more clear. This can be a wonderful time for 'cleaning' up toxic behaviors and relationships, but it can also bring in the pain of having to let go of our IDEALIZATIONS. In other words, brace yourself for the DEATH OF EGO ILLUSIONS!

For those of you in the habit of becoming true to yourself, this can come with a big relief and renewed levels of energy and positivity. However, for most people in your environment, this is not yet something they experience as healing - on the contrary - irritability, flashes of anger and anxiety can be part of this corrective time. Therefore, remember that it's not just you who had to deal with the difficulties of WAKING UP TO NEW LEVELS OF TRUTH!

In the TRUTH TALK part of the live stream, I answered questions coming from the live audience and anonymously submitted (here) inquiries about ENERGIES & ENTITIES. We've talked about a wide range of experiences from BEING PINNED DOWN in your bed. VISUAL OVERLAY talking to other people, to HOSTILE TAKEOVERS during sleep.

I hope you enjoy this new format!

Come to our Sunday TruthTalk 12pm (EST) and share the socialmedia link with your friends.

I am looking forward to inetracting with you and answering your questions!



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