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How to Tap Into Divine WIFI with your True Self

By jona bryndis, Feb 27 2019 06:45PM

If we knew better, we’d do better...

History shows that the knowledge of this alone doesn’t prevent its repetition. This is no different for our personal lives. We all do things we know we shouldn't do - even though we know better. Knowledge alone is no guarantee for making better choices, finding truth, fulfillment or happiness. A good example for this is the growing problem of discerning information. Never before in human history have we been able to access so much information as today, but has it changed any of the outcomes?

As accessibility if knowledge isn’t really the issue anymore the bigger concern appears to be is the discernment of the underlying agenda and trustworthiness of the source of information. While it seems to be politically correct to whistleblow all kinds of different versions of truth, it has become increasingly difficult to choose which kind of information we can rely on.

How Can We Learn To Know Better So We Can Choose Better?

There is no doubt that objective and evidence-based knowledge, intellectual curiosity and learning promote inner growth and differentiation, but can it really teach us how to DISCERN TRUTH? Experiencing, understanding and realizing are subjective processes that cannot be simulated through theoretical or conceptual knowledge. Without including our INNER KNOWINGNESS that arises out of a trust in our deeper inner connection prompting us to FEEL TRUTH, we can't even be sure if the choices we think we have are ours.

What makes truth appear relative is the gap between knowledge, knowing, intention, alignment and implementation. In our confusion about which information to trust and how to do the right thing, we feel overwhelmed by choices. What brings the fastest results, the greatest ego gratification, or the greater good? What is the right for me? What rules our decisions in these states is our EGO. Intellectual knowledge determines only a very small part of our conscious decision making process. Aware of it or not, but the majority of people make their decisions based on an unconscious mental-emotional ego-rationale - rather than their actual inner knowingness or a functioning inner truth detector. Bad choices are therefore the consequence of not having an inner compass to rely on.

If we want to know better, we need to find a better way to discern the truth level of information! This can only come from a source that can bypass our ego. For that, we need to allow ourselves to experience our inner knowingness that can tap into an unchanging and unbiased source. This source is accessible to us through our CONSCIOUSNESS.

To Know Better We Need To Understand First

Energetically seen, consciousness is the driving force behind all evolution, the process of constant improvement, change, updating and healing. Again, the same applies to our personal journey. What taps us into CONSCIOUSNESS is the invisible network of universal information that permeates through us via the DIVNE WIFI. Consciousness work is the art of developing our 7th SENSE, the fine tuned sense that allows us to access universal knowledge. ESP or our 7th Sense is what allows us to feel, direct and interpret energies through our ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY. By acknowledging that there is an undiscovered subtle sense in us that can connect with our unused potential we can recognize develop the skill to detect truth regardless of our 5 Senses. But -without the mentioned compass to navigate through this often uncharted territory of greater consciousness we can get even more confused or even lost. Tapping into Divine WIFI needs to be trained and practiced. Without proper guidance/translation even this higher vibratory knowledge we can gain through connecting with our Higher Consciousness doesn’t mean anything - until we can fully internalize the meaning for us.

To connect more with your higher consciousness and tap into DIVINE WIFI you need to learn how to utilize and direct your energetic sensitivity. Making choices based on your INNER TRUTH DETECTOR happens gradually through forming a deeper connection and relationship with your TRUE SELF in conjunction with your more sophisticated HEART-MIND.

If We Want to Know Better So We Can Do Better, We Need To Internalize Our Knowledge Better

To Understand Better, We Need To Connect Within And Allow Our Higher Consciousness To Dissolve The Limitations Of Our Ego.

It takes a very dedicated truth seeker to find out that what we perceive as our ego-mind and conscience, which are hear-wired through our physiology, is nothing but a battleground for our inner dissonances and INCONGRUENCIES fueled by contradictions between knowledge/mind - and knowing/heart. Reality often collides with our personal reactivity or momentary emotional/mental/physical state and therefore often turns into a repository for all our failures, misconducts and transgressions, and can therefore not be trusted.

Our CONSCIOUSNESS on the other hand is not conflicted at all. It aligns our perception to our values, virtues and inner integrity and prompts us to see the world through the eyes of our TRUE SELF. As it taps us into DIVINE WIFI we learn that our heart (not emotion) can connect us DIRECTLY to all information with all experiences ever made without intermediary.

Doing Better Is The Process Of Better Understanding What We are experiencing

The SHORT-CUT TO DIVINE WIFI is the connection with our True Self through our heart-center. Our True Self functions as a mediator between our Soul and Physical Being. It possesses the unbiased recognition of DIVINE TRUTH as it was never separated from Divine Source and therefore doesn't experience the conflict of ego or contradictions of the mind and emotions. It prompts and guides us through our experiences by allowing us to feel when something is true or not.

Trusting in our higher perception through our built-in connection to the DIVINE WIFI can take a little bit of time. Consciousness Work is the training of this mediator within. We call this mediator THE HEART-MIND. As it provides us with info about our true feelings, needs and purpose, it can teach us to discern, heal and reconnect with our highest potential.

Working with energetically sensitive people and providing a platform for connecting with and exchanging inner experiences here at transCODES has not only empowered many people to explore their inner compass of truth but has also shown to be very effective way of reactivating other abilities such as self-healing and reconnecting with our life’s purpose and manifestation powers.

Please check out our ongoing Energy Healing & Training transMISSIONS and feel out how you can tap into your personal DIVINE WIFI.

In order to learn how to activate and train our HEART MIND MEDIATOR we developed the GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion process. If you are interested check out our upcoming GRACE Mental-Heart Fusion Marathon, a 72 hour energy training special done from home. Click here for more info.

Thank you for your time and for sharing this info and video!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

Founder and Energy Coach at transCODES

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