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How to Strengthen Your Energetic Immune System

By jona bryndis, Jan 19 2018 04:40AM


Knowing our own energy is the foundation for our energetic consolidation and etheric protection. However, for being able to discern energies and learn how to deal with them a basic understanding of our own energy is imperative. For the main part it doesn't really matter if an energy originated from within or outside of us, what matters is how energies are being processed within our energy field, what energetic state they trigger and how we, our system (and consciousness) handles or responds to it.

The dynamics of inner and outer energies are very complex. Simplified, they are mainly based on resonance and energetic ‘magnetism.’ We attract what we focus on. With this understanding it becomes clear that etheric protection cannot only be regarded a warding-off of energies but more importantly as the process of preventing unwanted energies to be attracted by our every own inner balances in the first place.

While assessing inner and outer energies we need to understand that dissonant spots or parts of our energy field can become major attractor fields for lower vibratory energies. If absorbed, repressed or misguided energies are left uncleared, they can not only trigger emotional, mental or physical imbalances but also lead to physical manifestations, such as temporary disorders, disease or even chronic conditions.

Most of us are quick on blaming energetic imbalances on others, the collective, forces or entities outside of us. The truth however is, that 99% of our energetic imbalances come from within ourselves; from energetic dissonances, triggers and charges of our unresolved and often unloved hidden inner aspects, such as shadow or inner child aspects.

Energies are not much different from germs. They are invisible, they have an effect on us and they are always there no matter how much we try to avoid them. Whether or not they affect us does not depend on the fact that they exist, but the quality and state of our energetic immune system. Therefore, if we are energetically sensitive and are concerned about outer energies affecting our inner energies, learning about them and how to discern them can empower us and lead to a more confident energetic stance instead of being afraid of them.

Apart from exercising, drinking more water, improving the quality of our diet and other lifestyle aspects, emotional, mental and spiritual components must be considered for the efficiency of our energetic immune system. Contacting and reading the state of our inner energies can be learned by anyone! Many of us already have an intuitive ability to feel energies, often without consciously being aware of it. Therefore, earning how to read our own body and ultimately our energy is essential for our wellbeing!

Understanding our own energy is the foundation for understanding others and energies outside of us.

Here the 3 steps to improve our energetic immune system and to activate our inner self-healing and protection abilities:

1. Developing a conscious awareness of our own energy, its centers and fields.

2. Engaging into an active relationship with the different aspects of our energy field (including our hidden aspects) through energetic integration

3. Learning how to intervene through energetic clearing, correction and defense.

The most basic energetic self-assessment modality is learning how feel and balance our 7 Main Chakras. For this a little education of how energy flows and processes with our energy field is needed, just like learning about the basic functions of our physical systems. Once we feel familiar with our main Chakras we can move on to the different layers of energy our personal energy field is composed of and learn about the more complex dynamics of our Chakra fields. The ultimate state of etheric protection is reached when we know how to clear, balance and unify our energy centers. From there we can begin to learn how energies interact between people, places and other energy fields; and how to direct energies and to prevent energetic attacks or absorption.

These three stages of energetic reading, assessing, balancing and consolidating are taught in our guided PERSONAL ENERGY TRAINING & SELF-HEALING INTENSIVES modalities.

In addition to contacting and learning how to balance your energies, the focus of these sessions is identifying energies and becoming familiar with energetic states. In this process discernment of energies becomes our most important tool for supporting our etheric immune system and preventing energetic imbalance.

Once we have a good feeling for where our energy is blocked or too susceptible the objective becomes to consciously work on strengthening this part of our energetic field, for example: If we can feel that our 1st Chakra is imbalanced, enlarged or contracted, we can counterbalance with grounding, taking a walk in nature, reflecting on the state of our energetic foundation and our relationship with the physical systems related to this energy center (with the help of provided Chakra Charts). Often, the process of counteracting energetic imbalances requires us to be open and to experiment what works for us.

The better the connection with our inner energy the more confident and intuitive we will become in knowing how to handle imbalances.

In order to discern whether or not intervention is needed we need to have a reference feeling for how our energy (centers) feel like when in total balance and harmony. This is the main purpose of our new way of teaching energetic sensitivity through experiencing. In these remote energy based energy training sessions we can train a person how to maneuver, protect, or simply feel his/own energy.

Also, participants can take great advantage of the fact that their individual processes are etherically accompanied by the trained coach. Apart from the energy transfer the main role of the Energy Coach in these session is to assist and to give you feedback after the session.

Ultimately, these training sessions are designed so that you can integrate this process into your daily energy care routine after transmission of all three parts of each modality.

Knowing yourself is the pathway for understanding others and the world around you.

Thank you for your time.

Much love,

jona bryndis

Founder and Energy Coach at transCODES

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