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How to Protect Yourself from Energetic Projection & Attack

By jona bryndis, Jul 12 2016 09:00PM

Whenever we feel attacked we often think of great conspiracies or evil forces, but the truth of the matter is that most energetic battles are fought without us noticing or unconsciously attracting it. One of the most common but least questioned etheric attacks we experience in our daily lives is through sexual projection and fantasizing.

Sexual projection and fantasizing is a very common form of energetic infringement, be it through media, other people or from within ourselves. It represents one of the most damaging energetic conflicts and contributor to inner fragmentation and promotes susceptibility for other external or internal imbalances.

Whether we are aware of them or not; no matter how much training in energy work a person has, survival and sexual energy will affect every person’s energy field! Just like an immediate threat to our life, hunger or tiredness, the energetic frequency of sexual energies resonates with our desire and pleasure centers thus their presence will automatically induce amounts of neurotransmitters and trigger physical and often also mental and emotional responses.

From an objective point of view, there is nothing wrong with the existence of sexual energies, fear of survival or pleasure of eating. They are integral part of our life force and all needed. On a subjective level however, wanted or unwanted sexual energies can trigger unresolved or fragmented inner aspects and leave us open to be controlled through lower energies coming from our Shadow or Inner Child: Guilt, Shame, Addiction, Power, Degradation, Emotional Manipulation, Co-Dependency, Narcissism, etc.

Many industries, but also social groups, internet and of course entertainment and media take advantage of this effect and use sexuality as carrier for their lower marketing and control messages. It works! Sexual Energies can be triggered in various ways: Through visuals, stimulated craving, boredom, inner tension, hormonal influences, interaction between people and physical/emotional intimacy. However, only a small part of sexual energies we are exposed are actually induced through sexuality or the act or anticipation of having sex. The majority of energetic interaction occurs through energetic projection and fantasizing.

In general, energetic projection is the act of (mostly unconscious) directing charged energy towards another person or the outside world in general. The purpose of projection is mainly attention seeking but is also often used for manipulation or control. The quality of energetic projection depends on the energetic frequency of the person who projects it. If projection is tied to sexual thoughts, visuals or acts, the energy projected can feel sexual and even be felt in body parts tied to sexual stimulation. For an energetically sensitive person this can be very uncomfortable, and can even go as far as being perceived as a psychic attack.

A particularly malicious form of energetic attack using coveted sexual energies in conjunction with spiritual practices, misleading a person to believe they need to ‘open up’ sexually to become enlightened. Needless to say that practices like this are not only unethical but also very dangerous for the untrained person. Like physical rape it can lead to a person’s total loss of inner connection and even severe trauma and schisms. Another energetic form of sexual invasion is the voluntary or involuntary engagement in remote sex and etheric sex games.

Stuart Wilde, the renowned author and metaphysical teacher talked a lot about transfer of negative energies during sex, which should also be mentioned here. Without sounding judgmental or instilling fear, but besides contracting STD’s uncontrolled sex with strangers can very dangerous to our overall energetic health. While I agree with this view I want to point out however, that sexual energies are not all bad, on the contrary; if a person knows how to differentiate between primal life force, inner and outer energies, true love and sex, and knows how to transcend their own triggers and ego pay-offs, sexual energies can be used for intimate connection and even healing.

Sexual Energies play an immense role in our etheric or psychic immunity are not to be underestimated! When out of balance, misguided, dominating or forcefully imposed upon us, sexual energy can trash our entire etheric immune system, lower our vibratory frequency, make us emotionally unstable, disconnect us from our heart and leave us energetically unprotected and without proper discernment. They are generated in our 1st and 2nd Chakra, which are not only our most undifferentiated energy centers but also foundation of our physical and etheric energy system. Therefore it can be difficult to pinpoint etheric attacks through sexual energies, unless we are familiar with energy work.

For those familiar with energy work terminology: Unwanted sexual energies can rip holes into your etheric field that allows for external implants and attachments to latch on. Further, it can spiral you into various hell worlds, pain-cycles, karmic relationship binds, Inner Child patterns and many forms of fixation and possession.

Here a few tips for protecting yourself from unwanted sexual energies affecting our energy field:

- Stop uncontrolled thinking (or talking) about sex, as it aligns your energy to this lower vibratory frequency and increased chances or contracting others’.

- Avoid fantasizing about other people, even relationship partners, as it can be felt by them and often attracts other people’s fantasies, especially when linked with masturbation; playfulness can be fun but also dangerous sometimes.

- Stay away from visuals, internet sites with visual bombardment and of course pornography.

- Find healthy and balanced ways to channel physical energies; exercise, healthy food and lots of water!

- Stay away from drugs and too much alcohol, as they increase etheric fragmentation, which pulls in negative energies (internal and external).

- Be very cautious of allowing or calling other people in energetically! If you think you know what you are doing, externalization and projection increase loss of inner connection and loss of your etheric immune system.

- Observe inner control and defense patterns, as they are often tied to sexual projection and acting out. Are you unconsciously or consciously using sexual energies to get attention, advantages or control over others? Do you use sexual energies for emotional manipulation or push-pull mechanism? Do you use sex to avoid intimacy? Do you avoid sex but use the potential of sex to pull others in? Do you dress, act or move triggering other people’s sexual energies?

- Be aware of what you align your energy to. If you are surrounded by people who are attracted to extremely degrading, violent or repelling sexual practices, follow your intuition and decline respectfully. Even if you don’t participate your energy can align to anything you allow to influence you and that you unconsciously enable.

- Engage in active energetic Self-Healing work, such as Shadow-Work, Karmic Clearings and Inner Child Work

- Learn energetic clearing, consolidation and shielding modalities

- Practice energetic clearing and grounding regularly, especially if you work/live in an energetically toxic environment.

- Connect with your heart and reactivate inner discernment, so that you can feel when sexual or other external energies are trying to attack you before they hit you.

As sexual energies are tied to the animalistic survival part of our human brain they cannot be denied or removed, not even for the advanced spiritual practitioner. Sexuality is an important part of our physical experience and like any energy needs to be integrated. Educate yourself in Energy Work, allocate daily time for your spiritual health, be it through meditation or simply spending time in nature and honestly observe inner patterns - inner connection is effective and increases your etheric protection more than any fancy shielding technique!

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For more info on etheric protection check out transCODES Energy Work Services, transMISSIONS or our Sacred Self-Healing Course. Click here if you would like to subscribe to our Blog.

Thank you for your time.

jona bryndis

energy coach & founder of transCODES

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