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How to Dream A New Reality

By jona bryndis, Oct 29 2015 04:28AM

Session Reflection True Self transMISSION October 2015

Spiritual Awaking is not just an event or process in which we suddenly wake up and see things differently - it’s a new way of looking at and dealing with reality. Awakening comes with built-in instructions, but to access the abilities that can help us to implement our awakened consciousness in our daily lives we need to learn how to shift our focus to connecting within for guidance. Applying our awakened consciousness means adapting to new challenges with increased creativity and energy to realize higher vibratory solutions.

In the beginning its often not clear yet what we can or are supposed to do with it. Saving the world? Convincing others? Starting a revolution? Instructions coming from the standpoint of ‘others are wrong’ and ‘only I can see the truth’ do not originate in our higher consciousness but our ego. What we can find through introspection is not more power or more sight - it is the deeper understanding of what we are experiencing, and with it the chance to choose our reality.

Reading books, articles or reports like this or any other writings with the subject of inner perception, consciousness or self-transformation can help. But the main work is to become active in integrating our new views. For this we need to develop inner discernment that allows us to independently apply our awakened state to any situation in our life: Health, community life, relationships, parenthood, work or personal expression and spiritual living.

Meditation and energy work enhance your inner network between neurological pathways and subjective sensations. It can also help to raise/speed up your vibration and support the integration and manifestation of new insights. Reading or writing about subjective experiences of awakened living can therfore expand our view and point our attention at the multitude of subtle inner realms of our perception.

Our inner worlds are vast. There is always another level.

However, connecting within is not about the discovering the content of our inner worlds, but the tools we develop to contextualize what we experience. For example, it doesn't matter whether the elaborations of this article resonate with your personal experiences – what matters is you training your ability to discern your inner perception in the process of reading this!

Manifesting a new reality is the process of adapting your outer to your inner world – of making them congruent with another and ultimately one.

If you want to change your outer reality you need to change your inner perception first. Therefore, a big part of evolving your manifestation skills is learning how to change our perspective, how to recontextualize your reality and how to focus your attention on your inner perception, so that you can become an active participant in creating your reality.

Developing the connection with our True Self is the integration and manifestation process of our Inner Divinity, which activates the co-creator in us. Contrary to popular belief, it is not our positive thinking or faith that creates desired manifestations in life, but our ability to accept reality as it is and to adapt to it accordingly by changing the way we envision it to become our new reality. This is one of the metaphysical secrets of manifestation and can only be wielded if we allow our inner perception to see things the way they truly are.

Seeing things the way they are is not about ‘becoming more realistic’ or ‘being objective’ – It’s about becoming aware of the power of our co-creative role and accepting self-responsibility for the nature of our subjective reality.

If we are caught in the web of overthinking or emotionalizing our reality, perhaps through denying and avoiding, lingering in the past or trying to control our future, our reality will always be limited to the bounds of our ego, karma and the collective. Our willingness to step beyond ego and ego-perception is therefore the single most important prerequisite for dreaming your consciousness into reality. This goes hand in hand with our ability to be present in the NOW and thus the quality of practical implementation of our spiritual insights and deeper perceptions.

It is not possible to integrate an awakened consciousness with an unconscious lifestyle. It either gets you stuck where you are or causes inner schisms.

If your inner alignment is based on your ego and dominated by fears, anger, pain and desires, your perception of your reality will be fearful, resentful, painful and driven by insatiable wants and needs. Your manifestations will be erratic, contradictive and often confusing, leaving very little space for understanding the meaning of your current reality. If you are schismatic your reality will be schismatic. If you want your reality to be real, you need to be real.

Reality is subjective and therefore a matter of your consciousness. The higher your level of consciousness the more congruent your perception of reality and the more congruent your manifestations.

Your True Self is the unchanging and eternal part in you that sees your outer reality as part of you – and not you as being a part of it. It sees your reality as consequence and not the cause. It notices divergence, dissonance and resonance and communicates those to your through your inner perception, energized by your inner alignment. Hence, it provides you with a functioning navigation system and mentioned instructions for creating your own reality, provided your inner alignment is based on truth, love and trust.

Dreaming reality is not the same as creating reality.

This is very important to understand. However, as long as your inner perception is not yet fully refined, you may need to resort to active dreaming. "Fake it 'til you make it" to kickstart your visualization and promote your energetic sensitivity, but, don't get me wrong: Dreaming or visualizing is not bad; they serve merely as a jump-board – a mental tool for intitating your co-creative manifestation skills. On the long run, only connecting with who you truly are can heal the wounds of your False Self and Ego perception to guide you to realizing your true potential in life.

The true foundation for dreaming your reality is is the trust in your own consciousness. With that you will find that the true power of manifestation lies in the acceptance of the evenflow of change and and your ability to instantaneously correct your inner alignment.

The more consciously you connected with your True Self the more you can make your outer reality become like your inner. Embrace change and welcome your inner co-creator to become an active part of manifesting a new reality!

A New Reality is something we’ve all been asking for. Now is the time to accept, adjust, correct and create - and to leave all burdens of our old reality, our shadow, karma, inner child, trauma and victim behind.

Becoming aware of our co-creatorship also means becoming aware of our responsibility, and with it the respect for everybody else's journey. Global creation of a new reality happens through uniting our True Self Consciousness. With each and every single one of us connecting with our True Selves we are building an energetic grid which paves the path for everyone to follow - one True Self at a time!

Open your heart and allow yourself to feel out your reality rather than trying the figure it out. Ask your inner guidance what you need to see to become able to make changes. Ask for perception from within and act on it! Strengthen your connection with your True Self so that you can discern what’s true and what’s false and watch the sacred rebirth of your True You and a new reality!

With special thanks to all participants of our recent True Self transMISSION!

Much Love,

Jona Bryndis

Founder and Energy Coach at transCODES


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