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How to Deal with Old Ego Patterns and Shadow Traits Popping Back Up...

By jona bryndis, Aug 18 2017 04:47AM

Recently, you may have noticed that some of your old shadow traits or deeper aspects of your defensive structure/ coping programs are slowly creeping back into your life even though you have been really focusing on integration, healing and letting go.

This does not necessarily mean that you are regressing or going backwards, but more so it is a sign that you are going deeper into the programs and patterns that limit you or are not true, which at the same time also brings up a serious challenge to stay aligned to your heart and letting go. And, you might have recently felt an even more challenging time with the added intensity of collective energies that can also trigger our ego.

The craftiness and complexity of the ego is stunning as it hides within us and many times we do not realize when this subtle shift or play of our ego occurs at first.

And, scarier yet, when we do realize the shift, typically we begin to judge or bash ourselves for not seeing our ego jump in or not being able to stop it, which is just another layer that works to solidify the hold that our ego has over us.

So, in these times what is best when our ego and the various shadow traits within flex their complexity or depth of expression?

First, agree that your ego is part of you and will fight quite a bit as you work to release the hold it has on you. Second, work to be at least neutral with all that comes forward (humor of one's self aids greatly in this), to see it from the eyes of introspection and something that can be changed or even healed. Third, practice standing your ground and agree to accept all that comes forward and see what makes the ego patterns/shadow traits that come up tick through the energy of the heart.

To actively go into introspection and discovery as well as searching for what keeps the ego going in us (the payoff) as well as what we avoid by staying in them can add greatly to our lives and our connection within. Plus, as we go deeper, we may just learn of true needs that are buried deep within us that allow for fulfillment and wholeness if we are willing to act upon them.

In this work, it is important to remember that no ego pattern, shadow trait, emotional or mental loop can stand against the willingness we have to face them within the space of our hearts. It is the power that our spirit has, to override and help reframe any constrictive pattern within us.

And, because of this recent flare up that many are experiencing, we are offering our Shadow Work Transmission this Friday the 18th at 10pm MDT. This guided meditation process (spoken by Jeff Casper) leads you through how to connect with and work through various ego/shadow traits that are affecting you at this time.

And, along with the process itself, forum access is included to share and ask questions regarding what you experienced. Remember, action is needed when we feel the ego attempting to challenge us. Action that heart centered and geared towards integration and healing.

Come check out the Shadow Work Process and what is can do for you!

Click here to learn more or sign up.

(Graduate and SSHP member discounts are available)

The cost for this session is $100.

Thank you and hope to have you join in!

with love,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach, Founder and Owner of Selfunification.com

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