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How To Shift Your Energy - Learning How to Respond Rather Than React

By jona bryndis, May 30 2019 08:36PM


Developing Spiritual Intelligence is about learning better ways to handle internal or external conditions that force you into reactivity. Reactivity is when you lash out and your fear/anger/pain/judgment dominates your energy to a degree that it triggers you act out in a way you regret later. Triggers can be external or internal.

EXTERNAL: something that happens; something somebody says or does to you

INTERNAL: momentary inner impulse; a thought, physical sensation, emotion or

any kind of energetic shift.

Whether our reaction was triggered from the inside or outside responsible for us reacting in certain ways is an internal conflict. In Energy Work we call these inner conflicts DISSONANCES. From the energetic point of view any dissonance can be seen as something that ‘rubs-us-the-wrong-way’; the opposite of resonance. Something that occupies and alters our perception and that drives us into playing out a preprogrammed script. When we are caught in our reactive patterns we are often not able to differentiate or control our reactions. Our energy is too low to see other options or our perception is so filtered by the effects of the 'oh shit moment' that it can overwrite our better knowing. When 'triggered' we are not responding according to our highest, but often lowest abilities. We are bound to react instead of having the freedom to respond.

Energetically seen, dissonances are triggers that create an inner resistance that can only be overcome by increasing our own ENERGETIC AWARENESS & DISCERMENT. They can give us the power to out-vibrate activated pre-existing energetic charges, regardless of whether we are aware or unaware of them. What pulls us into a lower energetic state and associated programmed reactionary patterns is nothing but an unconscious habit or script.

Triggers are individual to all of us and depend on our life’s experiences and cultural programming. They induce an inner hard wired reaction (avoidance, hiding, lashing out, yelling, attacking, freezing, anxiety, etc) to pain, trauma, drama, but sometimes also places, items, persons, actions or sensations – they can basically come in through any form of energy.

A way to tell that we are reacting as a way to COPE with a trigger is when we repeatedly find ourselves in situations, moments or circumstances that cause us to feel conflicted within. This can be felt through general unease, anxiousness, wanting to check out, getting agitated, annoyed or hypercritical.

Most of our pre-existing coping patterns, such as anger, fear, revenge, control, guilt or shame are hardwired in our cell-memory, either through autonomic nervous reactions, conditioning or learned patterns of behavior. Through a neurological and energetic feedback, any experienced dissonance is recorded and stored in our energy field. Without being aware of it we are caught in an unconscious reactivity cycle based on survival, ego-and defense patterns.

In a reactive state we experience life as a constant challenge or struggle and regard ourselves as either prey or predator – victim or perpetrator. Typically, the more struggle a person subjectively experiences the more complex the stored defensive or aggressive mechanisms. Avoiding, escaping and fighting are just a few examples of this old way of programmed reactivity.

With this attitude towards our inner and outer world, our outlook on life and people around us can become hostile and the vibratory level of our coping skills is therefore comparably weak or even non-existent; but worst of all, this inner alignment typically further perpetuates low vibratory states, triggers, and reactionary patterns to a point where dissonances keep manifesting in an endless cycle of repeating inner and outer drama. As s result of this constant flight-or-fight perception many energetically sensitive people live in a constant state of anxiety, excessive mental looping and controlling as coping mechanism for attempted damage reduction.

Through developing energetic self healing skills we can learn to overcome our reactive patterns and learned coping mechanisms. Active and heart-based consciousness development can help us to tap into our higher spiritual and emotional intelligence. Through consciously creating more evolved ways of inner and outer communication, it can enable us to transcend predisposed inner programs. As a result we are able to increase our energetic and spiritual stance in a way that allows us to develop a new level of SPIRITUAL MATURITY & INTELLIGENCE.

Spiritual Intelligence entirely changes the outlook on life. It shifts our perception of Self, the world and other people to a much more amicable view and changes our self-understanding to one in which they can see themselves as active co-creators of their life’s experiences. However, contrary to many religious views this does not mean that we have to tolerate wrongdoings or find payoff in sacrifice or suffering pain; on the contrary! Through actively participating and consciously owning our energetic/emotional states we are communicating a new level of responsibility for our life as a whole. This enables us to fully commit to our life in a new way that allows us to take charge of our experiences.

Spiritual intelligence, and with it the strength to be in charge of your own energy comes from embracing all states and emotions and their challenges as tool for learning and improving.

In this video I explain how to shift your energy into a higher vibratory place, so that you can take charge of your energy step-by-step. Here the 9 STEPS OF SHIFTING YOUR ENERGY INTO A HIGHER VIBES and charts I am referring to in the video:

Energetically, this shift can be a fundamental game changer. It facilitates the resonance with higher vibratory states and solution finding strategies and allows for a paradigm based on love and self-love rather than self-preservation and survival. A spiritually mature stance does not only lead to a massive shift in our subjective experience of life but also provides us with a new tool-set of being able to identify and transmute programmed patterns as we go.

Energy Awareness enables us to respond rather than react; it increases our response-ability and with it our ability to find cooperative and mutually positive solutions (win-win) - to a point where challenges can be regarded as welcome opportunities for making corrections, improvements and enhancements.

Granted, for basic survival purposes some dissonances need to be warded off, defended against and boundaries have to be expressed immediately. However, if we can incorporate heart-based reflecting, allowing, and letting go as our new way of dealing with challenges in life, we can create a healing space within ourselves that enables us to face anything!


The core every self-healing process is to shift your energy from a lower into a higher state. Use the space within your heart so that we become able to respond with higher vibratory skills to which you don’t have access to when caught in our reactive/lower vibes!

Thank you for your time,

jona bryndis


This video is created for Empaths, Awakening and Highly Sensitive People. Please feel free to comment and ask questions here in the comments!!!!

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