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How Shadow Work Helps Us Grow

By jona bryndis, Oct 25 2019 01:59PM

... why it's normal to be afraid and having a hard time to let go

Many of us are going through a form of deeper grieving, letting go or heart-pain process right now. Part of this is the direct confrontation with the truth of our inner patterns and beginning ability to pierce through our own projections or ego illusions. This can initiate a disillusionment or deep sadness at first - we doubt ourselves, our love and worst of all our right to be here. We go through a dark night of the soul.

With growing awareness of our own inner darkness, we then begin to become afraid of our own shadow. This has to do with not being able or willing to face what we must let go in order to grow. Our ego is still bargaining, while our True Self already 'knows' that it's not real. It is therefore quite normal to go through a bit of a DEATH OF OUR EGO experience, which can come over us like a huge, and disproportionate drama of trying to hold on to what is no longer true. The subjective experience is often perceived as a deep GRIEVING process, which can feel so real, that we become literally afraid of 'dying'.

Know that you are not alone in this right now, and that collective energies have a lot to do with this inner correction process!

If you want to know more or ask live questions about current collective energies and how to handle them come to my weekly SUNDAY TRUTH TALK @TrueSelfRadio on Youtube Live, every Sunday,12PM (Eastern US Time)

In the new AWAKENING ESSENTIALS explainer video featured above, I go through these DIFFERENT STAGES OF GRIEVING & LETTING GO with you, trying to help you understand better, in which stage of this process you might be stuck. I'm adding two Sacred Self-Healing infographics for you here so that you can follow these stages with a more conscious roadmap of where you need to go next.

The best overall energy tip I can give you is:

Don't resist growth! Instead, illuminate your inner shadow by connecting it with your INNER LIGHT!

SHADOW & DARKNESS is the part in you that suffers from THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT.

Help this part in you to heal! Have compassion and forgiveness for not seeing this before and grow beyond it!

Be prepared to deal with having to realize the truth that your energies are still caught in your INNER DARKNESS and that it's time to let go of all projections, false hopes, and denial. Make it a conscious act of LETTING GO of the lower expression of your (False) self and connect with the higher expression of your True Self. Take this illumination of your inner shadow as an invitation and opportunity to grow!

Therefore, and many of you know this already, Shadow Work is one of the pillars of self-healing and inner reconciliation. (Click here to read more about active Shadow Work) For all who are serious about actively wanting to work on negative behavior patterns, unhealthy habits or simply letting go from limiting factors in life, such as not loving yourself or not feeling good enough, this inner consciousness work is a gentle yet effective way to learn how to face, recontextualize and let go of hidden core fears.

The way we approach this inner process of illumination is through live remote energy work. A guided energy process (mp3) walks each participant through a way to connect with and recontextualize their shadow traits. while our energy coaches read out your energy and assist your energy to go through shedding light on what is likely also linked to a hidden from you. During the energy session (individual or group) we show you how your shadow parts are actually hidden talents and abilities that you simply never learned to use right. As you are experiencing this through a higher vibrational awareness it initiates a spontaneous heart-alignment and triggers compassion and self-love for these formerly hidden shadow aspects. As you no longer need to resist seeing them for yourself, you can begin to actively work with them and lose your fear.

The created space in our heart-center resembles and leads to our Sacred Heart-Space, which is often blocked by shadow-aspects. So, the true benefit from Shadow Work is that you can actually learn how to get past the barriers around your heart for yourself.

Cool stuff!

Thank you for your time.



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