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How Our Masculine & Feminine Energies Are Linked To Success & Fulfillment In Life

By jona bryndis, Mar 5 2020 01:00AM

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We've all heard about the Yin and Yang concept. True power comes from harmonizing and balancing inner divine masculine and feminine energies within, instead of trying to split our being between being a professional, partner, parent, friend or self. True balance is found in the inner union of the strong inner feminine and strong inner masculine – with both parts in harmony and synergy – and not in emphasizing, preferring or suppressing either one. Inner conflicts and imbalances do not arise because we don't have enough time, money or looks, or from not having enough masculinity or enough femininity, but from a proper inner connection to either.

But how do we know that we are imbalanced? On our quest to live a more fulfilling life and to access our full abilities, self-confidence, and tenacity to manifest a life as a True Self, most us get stuck in figuring out who we are and what we want, because we were told who and how to be. What does 'strong' masculine or 'strong' feminine even mean? Better understanding the true role of inner energetic balance is a big need for anyone on a spiritual or even simply a personal growth path. By learning to better access and harness both primal energies in us we don't just experience relief from inner turmoil but can manifest and experience greater levels of fulfillment, purpose, and simple enjoyment of being ourselves.

Most of us are unaware that some of our core issues in our 3D life are actually linked to our inner balance of masculine and feminine energies. Be it issues with giving and receiving, doing or being, instant gratification vs. long-term success, assertiveness vs. allowing, or initiating or trusting. Our inner masculine and feminine energies are involved in various levels of intention, decision making, contextualization and ability to follow through.

Masculine Energies within allow us to know what we want, to make a stance for ourselves, to see the steps involved and to find the energy to follow through; too much masculine energy can make us too result-oriented, narrow-minded, short-fused and impatient.

Feminine Energies within allow us to see the larger perspective of things, how others might be affected, how things require nurturing to grow and the need for softness and compassion for the other side of things; too much feminine energy can make us lose our focus, become too empathetic, passive or enabling, and self-doubting.

Our true power lies in finding our personal balance between both and allowing them to work together so that our manifestations can become the consequence of our conscious choices in life.

Right now, many of our collective values are transforming and changing, but one of the aspects that hasn't really changed much in the way we see ourselves and roles in our relationships. Although recent liberations through the LGBT and #metoo movements have brought more awareness and public reflection on what we accept as the norm, most of these developments are still focused on a binary and therefore limited view of what defines us as human beings.

Breaking through the crusts of archetypal roles, patriarchal and materialistic and goal-oriented conditioning takes time. Even our current "evidence-based" scientific paradigm that is supposed to bring us new insights and help us with navigating through these changes is often limited to the materialistic aspect of our being and world only. It isn't until we allow our subjective and personal understanding of our authentic self to guide us through the bigger questions and choices in our lives, that we can discover that there are more options than 'either-or.'

For hundreds of years, outer conditions have preoccupied us with favoring the masculine principle of 'fighting against' and 'proving to be better' as the only approach to more freedom and contentment. The true shift that is happening for us collectively now, is that we become more aware that FREEDOM is about having more choices, and so the blinding fight against what is no longer working for us often keeps us locked in the old dualistic paradigm without realizing it. Whether we are male or female, just being who we are is not enough. We are constantly bombarded with the (masculine) impulse to do, be more, achieve more, or fight against something - often leading to seeing others or the world as hostile. It's tiring us out, disconnecting us from our (feminine) powers and leading to continual self-doubt, never feeling good, wealthy, skinny or confident enough to just be okay with who we are.

When it comes to true personal fulfillment, abundance, inner peace, True-Self discovery and happy and lasting relationships with others, a result-oriented approach based on a fixation on outer 3D validation alone doesn't work. It splits our inner energies and creates an imbalance in us that can lead to the unhealthy expressions of our inner masculine and feminine balance. It can make us feel inadequate, lonely, anxious, powerless or resentful, and often focuses our energy on grieving the past or blaming others. Either way, we never seem to hit the midpoint of truly feeling in charge of our role and self-expression in our life, leaving our true feelings or our true values buried inside an empty shell.

To fully liberate ourselves from limiting masculine and feminine identifications a different approach is needed. Archetypal roles, rules, and conditioning are deeply ingrained in our subconscious. Intellectually understanding ourselves is therefore not effective. We run into too many blindspots. Conditioning determines the way we see ourselves, how we think, move, feel and communicate on a core level. Changing the way we perceive and express ourselves needs to come from a deeper place. Our heart and our brain are in constant communication with another - whereby the heart does the talking and brain the interpreting. If we listen to our mind alone, we are cutting ourselves off from our innermost truth detector.

In many ancient and recent spiritual, and philosophical teachings masculine and feminine energies are a central subject to ending suffering and self-growth - they are not always called that way, but basically, talk about the fundamental duality of our human nature as composed of YIN (feminine) and YANG (masculine) energies.

Higher, or better say, deeper spiritual learning, we can experience and better understand how these masculine and feminine energies reflect in our everyday life and where they went out of balance. On an energetic level, regardless of which gender we are, our true power to manifest our True Self comes from the inner balance between knowing our strengths and applying them in congruence with our inner truth detector - our heart. A great shift can happen when we redirect our focus away from external toward our internal compass for finding our personal values, strengths, and balance of inner powers. Creating a life that is successful, fulfilling and joyful means knowing where this balance between our masculine and feminine energies can be found.

However, the most common imbalance we all run into when seeking our True Self and finding what truly matters to us, is our inner duality. It makes us feel confused, torn between our inner needs/wants and outer judgments. Whenever we try to liberate ourselves from the 'norm' an inner conflict arises. The most common inner response is overload and imbalance. Whenever we try to counterbalance a challenge, we go too far in the other direction.

The core of our inner imbalances is linked to our nervous system reacting to outer changes. This reaction, nor the change itself is the problem, but identifying with the problem is. There is a part in us that is programmed to believe that we have no or limited options or choices.

All or nothing - fight or flight - going against or succumbing to something - is typically our first and second option. We either rebel or conform. It is the most fundamental representation of masculine or feminine energy response. However, most of us already know that this is not a very sophisticated view of ourselves or the world we live in. Things aren't binary - they aren't 'either-or' - they are complex. Humans and human relationships are complex. While black-and-white-thinking is part of how we function, it is merely our base programming determining the 'life-or-death' question. What most of us are not aware of, is that we follow an ancient program that is supposed to keep us physically alive. In order to resolve the complexities of our modern life, this limited format isn't applicable. How many of us are actually in a life or death situation on a daily basis? It might feel that way, and our nervous system might react is if - but when it comes to harmony, peace, joy, and fulfillment, we are dealing with questions of higher vibratory nature, that require higher vibratory answers.

If we keep approaching our life based on the limited ego view of ourselves and the world, the best we can expect in return is ... to survive. Survival has nothing to do with fulfillment.

Many of us are aware that our brain itself is juggling parts of our abilities and perceptions, but only a few fully understand how this is related to our inner masculine and feminine balance. Whichever part of the brain we use expresses more in the way we perceive and contextualize what we experience. The left brain, known as the seat of our intellectual-cognitive abilities correlates with our masculine energies and the right brain as the creative and associative part of our cognitive function is linked to our feminine energies.

As our nervous system crossed at the base of our skull, the right body half is typically dominated by the left brain - and the left body half by the right brain. In energy work, we, therefore, often associate physical sensations, ailments or imbalances with the state of the inner masculine and feminine balance. Diagnosing a person's general state of inner balance can often be done by just looking at a person's facial or non-verbal body-expressions, as our inner incongruencies manifest over time. The more out of balance we become, the stronger the physical, emotional and mental manifestations of this imbalance show up in our 3D lives.

Any expression in thought, word, emotion or action that doesn't match up with our inside or isn't authentic energizes inner imbalance and ultimately makes us feel like we are not good enough, regardless of our external successes.

Our ego's propensity to cope or compartmentalize the vacuum of not knowing who we are is through identifying with this or that, team, church, school, sexual orientation, status, or some kind of projection of ourselves. As soon as we identify with something outside of ourselves, our lives become dictated by contradictions, rigidity, competition, hostility, or superiority. However, while identification with outer successes or external validation allows us to form a sense of (false) security, it also separates our inside into two opposing forces within, which can lead not only to feeling unfulfilled, but that can also lead to fixations, additions, and limiting choices in life.

The energetic perspective can help us to decode this blindspot. By learning to identify any form of inner disconnection, polarity or imbalance we can reconnect with the missing or under-expressed aspect of our energy and form a roadmap for our own self-healing and self-balancing.

Physical exercises, such as yoga, martial arts or dancing as well as bodywork or more specific somatic modalities can be a great start to bringing our masculine and feminine energies back into balance.

When diving deeper into our true values and goals, what truly matters to us and what makes us feel more loving to ourselves, we can come to realize that our personal value and navigation system requires us to come up with our own inner compass, free of identifications and unhealthy role-models. The transformational effect of such a shift in our energetic self-awareness is not to be underestimated. Energy Awareness can help us to pierce through the conditioning of our subconscious. A functioning inner energy navigator can allow us to recognize unhealthy role behaviors and externalization of our sense of self. It can guide us and show us how we can break through inauthentic identifications and help us to reclaim our lives.

The deeper emotional, mental, spiritual and social integration then follows through becoming more aware of how and where in our lives we unconsciously favor or rely on masculine and feminine approaches, and finding ways to equal them out. We all can build our own balanced connection with Masculinity and Femininity free of parental or collective role programs. This is a very important step not only in self-healing but also spirituality in general, as our inner masculine/feminine imbalance typically shows on almost all levels of our being:

- (Chakra) Energy Flow

- Emotional and Mental processing

- Expression and Communication of Self

- Manifestation Abilities

- Authenticity & True Self Connection

- Trauma and Inner Shadow Aspects

- Inner Child Wounds

- Karmic Aspects

- Confidence & Ability to Trust

- Ability to Connect/True Intimacy

- Ability to Love and Self-Love

Learning how to pay attention and feel into our inner masculine and feminine energies can provide us with useful reference feelings for what our 'inside' truly requires to connect with our true source of inner power.

Paying attention to our inner masculine and feminine balance can teach us how to refrain from overreacting, getting caught in addictions, resisting change or externalizing our powers.

Once we learn to sit and breathe through our initial ego survival duality we can realize that there is something else that is holding us back from seeing and following through with a NEW APPROACH. Our emotional and mental resistance to change. As we still identify with our pain (from the past) and our fear (of the future) we unwillingly feed our inner imbalance again and get stuck in being afraid of repeating past pain or messing up our future. Here, the new approach becomes very real when we can remind ourselves that if we continue the way we have been approaching our lives in the past, we can't really expect it change.

What is it really that we want to change?

What are our (true) options?

How do we decide which way to go?

A life-long conditioning and modeling that taught us to be DIFFERENT FROM WHO WE TRULY ARE, JUST SO WE CAN SURVIVE OUR LIVES is the core of our inner separation.

In order to answer these instrumental questions for finding more fulfillment and to see more options and new approaches, we need to realize that our inner imbalance that holds us back from reaching fulfillment and happiness in life. Once we realize that the reason for our stuckness is in approaching our life and other people with a dualistic 'either-or' - the masculine approach (competing, rebelling, winning) or feminine approach (succumbing, enabling, allowing) - we can better see/feel which part in us is out of balance.

Fulfillment and feeling whole comes from unifying both, our masculine and feminine within, whether we are male or female. Only a harmonized inner balance can lead to a harmonized outer balance.

The task for the awakened person is therefore NOT how to reach a specific goal, but to learn how to strip the unconscious IDENTIFICATIONS that were absorbed throughout life and life-times. As we embrace shedding collective, tribal, religious, or parental programs, we can experience a deep inner liberation that no longer requires fighting against or conforming with something. Our confusion begins to clear up and new options can be seen and felt.

Unified and balanced inner Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies is one of the main energetic prerequisites needed for unlocking our true inner and outer connection and fulfillment. Without an inner balance, we are just minds or bodies with a fragmented soul, unaware of who we truly are and what we came here for.

If you would like to explore and verify this for yourself, check out my free and public work on the transcodes website, youtube and facebook.

Jona Bryndis

Founder and Owner of transCODES

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