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How Impatience Sabotages Our Healing & Manifestation Process

By jona bryndis, Jul 12 2015 11:58AM

Impatience is often regarded as a minor bad habit or quirky personality trait. The energetic reality of being impatient however is far more extensive than we may be aware of. It can impact our ability to connect with ourselves and other people, severely limit our self-expression and worst of all, block our abilities to manifest or heal.

The most impatient people I know are the least aware of their impatience. What are deeper aspects of patience and why is it so hard to be patient sometimes? In a recent Remote Prayers Group Healing we discovered how impatience is often a sign of buried ego-aspects and how those secretly sabotage our efforts to change. Let’s look into deeper aspects of Patience and Impatience and how they relate to our Ego:

Manifesting and healing are directly linked: Physical imbalances, unresolved trauma, forgotten dreams or lost soul-aspects – all need to come back to together (and heal), so that we can successfully make changes or improve our life. Healing means to reinstate; manifestating means to improve. Both describe a process, not an event – and, you've guessed it, take a bit of patience!

‘Patience’ is not just about allowing time to heal or to manifest – patience is a virtue - an energetic healing resonance. If you know about yourself that you have a tendency to be impatient, easily frustrated or often disappointed know that patience can be a massive game changer! Practicing patience means to look at the desired outcome from the larger perspective of your higher consciousness, without getting fixated on the content of what needs to be healed or wants to be manifested. In other words, access to our enormous inner healing and manifestation powers cannot be forced through our mind or ego, and not through our emotionality either! (Also read: "The Three Stages Of Self-Healing”).

The main three causes for impatience are:

- Ego Resistance

- Unconscious Negative Attitude or Contradiction

- Unrealistic Expectations

Impatience doesn’t always come with the conscious perception of being impatient. It can be felt as frustration, doubting or constantly thinking about the thing we want. In males impatience often expresses in emotional venting of anger (or repressed anger) and in females as disappointment (or helplessness). However, most of us feel a mixture of both depending on the situation and circumstances, and of course depending on whether we are more connected with masculine or feminine energies.

Anger as well as helplessness calibrate on a very low vibratory energy level, often exerting huge amounts of negative energy into the direction of a ‘scapegoat’ – somebody or something outside of us that we are holding responsible for our frustration. The problem with this is not just the venting, which can be damaging to ourselves or others, but the fact that it often serves a distraction from ourselves inhibiting our inner power to heal. Externalizing our inner power in this way, for example through expecting something or a certain outcome from Life, God, Society, etc. we are literally setting ourselves up for the downward spiral of unrealistic expectations and the ego illusion of control.

When we are impatient it often also hints at inner contradiction – a cognitive dissonance as they call it in psychology - between our expectations and the reality of things. Typically, we think it’s due to an expected timeline, of how fast things are supposed to go; however, recurring impatience towards certain subjects, people’s behaviors or certain situations (driving for example) is often seated in an inner rejection or negative sentiment.

From an energetic viewpoint inner dissonances are low vibratory energetic fields inhibiting or blocking the balanced flow of energy (regardless of their origin) and with it the actualization of our innate self-healing power.

The deepest inner dissonance in us is the contradiction between who we think we are and who we truly are – in other words, the level of inner connection and congruence. This does not only include the boundaries of our collective programming with False Self identities, but often extends all the way into our deepest mental and spiritual beliefs regarding the world, Divinity and Self. If we reject the presence of an inner higher power within us (for whatever mental or emotional reason) our outlook on life becomes limited to the viewpoint of our ego, which is in direct contradiction with our True Self.

Ego cannot heal itself. It makes the content of our thoughts and beliefs reality and is therefore a main contributor to failure or success of our healing or manifestation process.

In conscious Self-Healing our ego and its incongruence is a very important aspect that needs to be observed. Reflecting on our impatience towards ourselves, others, our healing process or manifestation abilities through challenging our inner ego resistance cannot only help us to discover the nature and origin of our negativity but perhaps also help to clear the inner sabotage cycle, that we were not yet aware of.

If we are committed to make a change or heal a certain aspect in our life/body we need to approach it from two sides: Increasing the energy through actions/measures that support healing while removing the obstacles blocking the healing at the same time. Energetically seen, removing and integrating anything blocking the flow of our healing energy is just as important as the kind of change in lifestyle, therapy, modality or action we choose!

To overcome impatience and its related energetic downward spiral it is important to become a bit more self-reflective, instead of blindly feeding our emotionality with mental justifications. At the end of the day, our perceived entitlement is nothing but a coveted ego defense mechanism to cope with the fear of not being in control. Trying to force things manifests lower energetic energy fields within us and thus makes us more prone to becoming impatient.

Without the trust in our inner higher power and the willingness to surrender our ego, inner healing energies don’t have enough energetic foothold to expand and support our healing process. Therefore, our inner stance and its energetic alignment (Ego vs. Inner Higher Power) play a major role in our healing and manifestation, even if it seems like a theoretical problem facing the reality of pain and fear.

The main thing to understand is that a shift in our energy can only happen through our consciousness, not our ego. Surrendering to your higher consciousness does not require a sacrifice – we only surrender to that which already is: Our Inner Divine Power. Therefore, no matter how much you think you deserve healing or aren’t worthy of it – the moment you remember to call on you higher power is when you have already begun your healing process!

You know that you are healing when have let go of all the things you were holding on to - and when you have stopped questioning whether you are healing!

Much Love and Healing to you!

Jona Bryndis

Energy Healer & Founder of transCODES

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