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Heart Warriors Wanted!

By jona bryndis, Mar 1 2017 10:29AM

After years of training highly senstive people in the art of mastering and utlizing their undiscovered self-mastery powers to enhance their business or personal lives - somthing amazing is happening! We realized that the level of energetic awareness and desire for learning how to live our life with a more conscious and integrative approach has grown so exponentially that our work is not just a 'secret' anymore. Since Jona created transCODES in 2011 as platform and vehicle for advanced consciousness work we have not only trained many other energy workers and healing practitioners in preparing for the changes ahead, but also developed highly effective integrative modalities that can help any person to discover and manifest their true potential!

Last year, Jona and I have been put together a program for people who are looking for an intense fast track plan to help anybody who to take their journey to the next level. Due to the unexpected success of our 90-Day Heart-Warrior Boot-Camp we have extended the Heart-Warrior Journey to a year-round focus of our transformational self-healing work with individuals, which is now also available as discounted program for couples. We are very excited to announce the start of our next intensive 90-day Heart Warrior Boot Camp starting this week.

The Boot Camp itself consists of an intense Personal Energy Training program utlizing cutting edge energy work, coaching and training methods for reaching a person on the deeper level of their integrative spiritual path. The objective of this highly transformative learning curve is experiencing first hand Self-Mastery and gaining an enhanced energetic understanding of High Vibrational Living. Combined with heart-consciousness and etheric defense training any person walking out of this 90-Day Training will experience a massive shift in perspective!

This work was created not only to help participants to overcome mental and emotional blocks manifesting their authentic self and higher goals, but also to show a new way of embracing their spiritual purpose and heart connection without any spiritual agenda.

As the training program emphasizes on metaphysical education and sharing of latest insights of consciousness science reasearch the nature and contextualization of information taught in these 90 days is not available anywhere else (to our knowledge).

In our experience the Heart Warrior Journey is mostly interesting for people who desire a 'total make-over' or to allow for truly transformative changes in their lives. The 12-months Sacred Self Healing Program alone (included in the Heart-Warrior Journey) has the emphasis and focus of taking the ego on personally, and it gives you a lot of freedom to go through the layers of your ego in your own time. However, we recognized the need for faster adaptation in many right who willing to commit for the fast-track/90 day boot camp option.

The Heart Warrior Boot Camp includes the following:

- Sacred Self Healing Journey Self-Study Course

24 step plan with daily meditations and workbook pages

- 12 One hour Personal Energy Coaching Sessions

- Weekly Goals & Tasks

- 20 Remote Energy Sessions

- 3 Workshops

- 2 Energetic Clearings & 1 Energy Reading

- 3 Webinars

- Weekly Newsletters

Due to the condensed nature of this self-transformation work, a Heart Warrior goes through all processes that would normally stretch out over a course of one or two years, or sometimes life long, in a very short amount of time - comparable with a sudden crisis. This can support breaking through old barriers, as it is not always easy-going...Plus, it also requires a person to 'show up' (sometimes at very inconvenient times for our ego), which can also create new pathways and energies within.

The objective behind the Heart-Warrior Program is to create a safe space for a person's or couple's healing and personal ascension process, which reaches into all areas of life. It includes extensive 1-on-1 energy coaching as a foundation the Sacred Self-Healing Course and Grace® Work offered through transCODES.com.

It has been a year now since Jona and I started the Heart Warrior Program, and to be honest when looking back, we are still a bit shocked at the transformation that has occurred in those who joined the program.

It’s not that we doubted the work as what we put together is in a nutshell is what we would have wanted quite some time ago when we were really struggling to make sense of things or looking for a way that felt right and had the components we needed. But more so, just seeing the confirmation of our feelings for those where were really ready to go for it and dedicate themselves to this intense program. The ‘warrior’ nature of this program is therefore in the conscious and voluntary act of challenging the Ego through raising ones vibration on all levels - and not fighting it!

The discipline needed to follow the transmissions, the coaching sessions and the willingness a person has to have to open up and share about their frustrations, limitations and emotional concerns is a challenge no question, and a challenge that brought about changes in their journeys that are stunning. Some of which are…

* Enhanced ability to feel their own energy and energetic state

* To know that their heart center is real and a viable way to live

* To understand that they can heal or change themselves

* To have more clarity on decisions or how to go about finding that clarity

* The ability to be okay with who they are to a greater degree

* And knowing that they have numerous tools to keep the journey going after the 90 day program

Available total spots each month for this program is limited to 10 spots due to the time intensity of the work. So if you are interested, please email us at [email protected], or sign up to reserve your spot here.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

Jeff & Jona

What Participants Say:

" I'm grateful a modality as the Heart Warrior Program exists.

For the past 20 years I've read several books relating to chakras, energy techniques, and spiritual practices/development without anyone to talk to, who not only had the background in these areas, but would work with me without judgement.

Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper are the answers for me. Through their Heart Warrior Program they're able to "turbo charge" my spiritual development with insightful counseling and very practical modalities. I'm only six weeks into the Heart Warrior Program and I know I've done the right thing.They don't just present material to me and then leave me wondering if what I'm doing is practical. They're there for me 24/7.

It's one thing to read books and understand concepts, but they're useless tools unless you're working with people who can gently guide you and have been where you're going. If I ever have any questions or concerns I can email them anytime and they will respond back in a timely manner, often sooner than later. They have never left me hanging and are always very supportive, helpful and inspiring.

I truly look forward to working on myself each day knowing I'm growing within. Just make sure you're willing and ready on your end. You WILL be held accountable for your journey and homework.

I'd say if one wants to "turbo charge" their spiritual journey with help in removing any roadblocks on your path then the Heart Warrior Program is certainly worth considering. I'm very fortunate to have hooked up with Jona and Jeff. Their knowledge and talents are invaluable. I can tell it all comes from Love! What can I say? They walk the talk."

--Bryan, USA

"The Heart Warrior program is no child's play. It is quite intense. I am only 6 weeks in the course and already I am actually experiencing some important shifts from within. For instance my Heart Space has really expanded and this make my Inner Connection very swift and gentle.

I am also now able to feel when people are projecting energies on me and usually when people do that this tend to bring a lot judgements on you; since people are trying to make you feel guilty about what they think you have done wrong according to them but what is even mind bugling is that as my Heart Space is expanding the room for judgement lessen.

Now this is just my personal experience so far in the course in accordance to my Inner Energetic State somebody else will have completely different experience according to His/Her Inner Self State, but the N game is that we all have a common target " BE CONGRUENT WITH OUR INNER SELF, THE I AM THAT I AM or THE CHRIST LIGHT WITHIN US".

I cannot finish this without showing GRATITUDE ( which is also an important part of this journey) to the people doing a great job in the background Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper who are always a tremendous support on this Journey " A BIG THANK YOU GUYS I AM GREATFUL FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT". 

--Jacques, Ireland

To read more about the Heart-Warrior Program in general click here.

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