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GRACE integrity® - Emotional Integration Work For Allowing Self-Love

By jona bryndis, May 12 2018 07:00AM

One of the most popular energy healing modalities offered here at transCODES is Emotional Integration with our GRACE Integrity® remote energy sessions (group or private). Working with the various Grace Cycles aid those on the spiritual path by aligning to and practicing connection work through multiple layers and aspects of our journey (Soul Integrity, Manifestation, Mental-Heart Fusion, and more…)

The high vibrational resonance of this highly effective self-healing modality is the alignement to the frequency of 'GRACE'. While this word can remind some of us on religious teachings, the spiritual purity of this resonance has nothing to do with religion.

Grace is an energy that is linked directly to the heart and unconditional love.

It is a way of being and living that promotes the high vibrational expression of ourselves and self-actualization.The Grace discussed here is the energy of the heart working through us. It is the Divine Field flowing through us, showing us what is needed for healing, fulfillment, freedom, and purpose in our lives.

Grace is an energy frequency that we can work work with and align to. In our energy sessions we practice this alignment and train our energy field to resonate on this frequency. As this occurs, a spontaneous release of lower vibratory pain, trauma and fear allows us to experience ourselves within the state of heart-consciousness. The power of this modality is in bypassing our mental overlay, such as self-judgment and negative self-image, to allow the clearing of emotional energies through the heart.

In the process of working with Grace energies it facilitates integration of lost/given away/taken away soul aspects. It addresses core aspect on the energetic/spiritual level and can thus help us to break through persistent emotional, mental and energetic patterns.

The work with Grace Integrity which marks the beginning of our so-called GRACE Cycle (the first out of 12 different self-healing trnsMISSION cycles) contains is an amazing way to connect deeper with your heart and align/feel the work of Grace within you. In these remote energy processes participants learn how to experience, witness and internalize the feeling of Grace, unconditional love and their own heart space.

Here the detailed description of the GRACE Integrity® transCODE: Christ-Light Integration (by P.St.Clair; trademark by P.St.Clair). In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Revealing and Integration of all disharmonic (ego-based) aspects in life

- Alignment to inner Divinity (Christ -Light/Source/God/Celestial)

- Claiming and re-integrating all lost soul-parts

- Unification of Mother-, Father- and Inner Child-aspects

- Harmonizing of Masculine- and Feminine energies within

- Pineal Gland actiation (Third Eye)

Grace itself works through softness, compassion and subtlety. It gives us the space to reconnect with our self-forgiveness and connects us with the feminine aspect of healing. But don’t let that fool you! The level of clearing (masculine aspect of healing) that can be accomplished through this integration work can be very intense! It’s like clearing, integration, and connection all wrapped into one.

In these events, the energy Grace envelops the field that is facilitated and held by our transCOACHES to assist all in deepening their journey and working on releasing blocks and hindrances to their hearts. In addition, after the energy session the exchange with the transCOACH can give us the needed guidance and contextualization to continue our self-healing.

The level of understanding, feeling, and deep connection that has been experienced with this work is stunning and personally it is one of the most powerful works I have come across on the path.

GRACE Integrity® sessions can be booked as private sessions (which includes energy coaching afterwards) or as discounted group sessions in which the energy coaching takes place in our transMISSION forum board. Group sessions are held once or twice per month and offer a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of energy healing.

Check our calender for Grace Integrity® transMISSION or schedule a personal sessioin with Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper and our fantastic team of transCOACHES.

Click here to sign up or learn more.

Cost is for this sesson is $100 .

Read more about Understanding Love & Self Love

Thank you,


ps. Note to those you who have already participated in three GRACE Integrity session: Please use the Graduate Fee $10 for this session.

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