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GRACE Trauma Clearing Energy Session tonight!

By jona bryndis, Jan 16 2016 11:31AM

Where there is Grace...there is no Trauma!

With Grace, there is no Trauma. Grace acts like a vacuum, sweeping our energetic system, removing and revealing that which needs to be revealed. Calling upon Grace activates our self-healing abilities and allows us to see our hidden pain, as well as view past traumatic events, with the support and vision of our hearts.

The clearing process with GRACE could be best described as an energetic inversion process of dissonant energies through our heart-vortex – we often call this process ‘overwrite’. Once the inner connection is made, dissonant aspects, such as deeply seated trauma energies can be neutralized and harmonized. The harmonization is an energetic process in which every frequency not resonating with our True Self/heart connection frequency is illuminated and either cleared or integrated. This process is the characteristic of GRACE Integrity® transMISSIONS and could be best described as an emotionally and mentally detached experiencing a deep clearing of our inner most disharmonic parts.

From an energetic viewpoint, underneath the lower energetic vibrations are hidden away "limiting beliefs" that control you and create your life - for example "Suffering is honorable" or "Pain makes me stronger". These limiting beliefs were created as coping strategy when we experienced trauma.

Remote Energy Work has proven to be a very efficient healing tool for resolving the impacting effects of Trauma and especially Key Traumas. If you are interested in reading more about how remote energy work and coaching can help to

Unravel and discover your limiting beliefs......and you'll unravel from the key traumas that control you!

In tonight's session we will focus on uncovering the limiting beliefs that shape our behaviour and create our life. As each limiting belief surfaces in our session (and/or the days to follow,), we will acknowledge this belief as a necessary way we protected ourself, and then claim a new way of being.

Click here if you are interested in more info about our upcoming GRACE Trauma Clearing Remote Energy Group Session.

Much Love,

Catherine di Pietro

Trauma & Energy Coach

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