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GRACE Recovery - Recovery & Addiction Work Through Heart-Consiousness

By jona bryndis, Mar 10 2017 03:42AM

Although the focus of “Recovery” in this modality may lead our thoughts instantly to abuse or addiction involving drugs, alcohol, sex or gambling perhaps, and the desperation those issues often include, the scope and intent of GRACE Recovery go much broader. It is probably safe to state that more of us than not, live our lives under the influence and restriction of some form of addiction or dependency, often outside our awareness and much subtler than we might imagine.

If we are on a spiritual path or interested in unfolding our true potential, we need to look honestly at the impact of a range of issues, beyond those which society often perceives as less than desirable and may condemn. There is usually only minimal observation needed to see excesses and sometimes the negative effects of a variety of activities and behaviors that are considered acceptable and even “normal”.

Some examples might include materialism, co-dependency, idolization, extreme focus on career, health, appearance or physical condition of the body, and a number of ego reactions and behaviors. Perhaps you are familiar with comments like “well, it’s much better than” or “not as bad as him or her doing this or that”. The perception is often even very positive; excessive focus on work might be seen as dedication or co-dependency as true love for example.

All of these issues have some things in common: they are an attempt to restore a feeling of inner peace or wholeness or distract or numb us from the discomfort of the lack thereof. What if we have been misguided though? What if the solution was not at all in things external to us, but instead, within us, within our own hearts?

The search, the longing that many of us have known, could it be for something as simple as Love? Could it be that we long for a feeling we’ve known, that deep within us all is a memory of how things truly are, a state where lack is beyond comprehension?

GRACE Recovery was developed to assist us in returning to this state of wholeness that we’ve all known, that we all carry memory of. The processes that one undergoes during these transMISSIONS are intended to allow us once again to experience our pre-addictive Original State of Oneness with our true Inner Higher Power- Source/Divine/God/Tao or whatever label you prefer. Imagine the Freedom!

The experience through a series of three sessions will not only assist in reestablishing the connection to our Inner Higher Power through our heart center, it will be a journey through many of the processes one goes through if practicing a 12-step program, but of course, at a much faster pace. Working with the transCODE of Surrender and aligning to higher vibrational frequencies like Acceptance, Understanding, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Unconditional Love allows for rapid but gentle change.

This Remote Energy transMISSION modality is normally offered no more than once per month so we are really looking forward once again, to the opportunity it will provide to initiate some very deep change over a short period of time. With six days between sessions, each will build upon the previous with an ample period for processing and integration from one to the next.

Each of the three sessions will have a different focus;

*Re-Covery - Redefine and uncover our Original State- the state of connection with our inner Divine Source or Higher Power- rediscover what we truly are

*Guilt and Shame - Recode programs and patterns behind these most debilitating energetic states and break the common guilt and shame cycle

*Karma - Reconcile, balance and integrate multiple kinds of karmic aspects through connection to our Sacred Heart

If you are ready to recognize the true power in Surrender, to step into a new beginning, we hope that you will join us in this GRACE Recovery Intensive! Please refer to the sign-up page for more information.

All participants will have access to transCODES forum where experiences can be shared or questions asked. All posts will be responded to.


Roger Schwartz

Energy Coach & Director Remote Prayer Group @ transCODES

Founder & Owner


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