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Forum Response: Where Do Higher Vibratory Energies/Downloads Come From?

By jona bryndis, Jul 17 2015 08:46AM

Forum Response in transCODES transMISSION Forum -> True Self Thread 07/15/15 (edited)

Q: “Where do the upgraded codes or higher vibratory energies/downloads come from? the universe? Heaven? you? and the people that get them, get them because they are ready? or because it corresponds to their soul/ life missions? just curious thank you” MH, USA

A: Thank you for asking MH. This is a very good question; and you practically already answered it yourself. Yes, energies come in for a person when this person begins to resonate on this particular frequency. This is why it’s so difficult to explain states of higher consciousness, as we cannot really process a certain information until our system is ready for it. There is no judgment in this statement! It’s just as impossible to receive higher vibratory information as trying to explain what it’s like to be a parent to someone who doesn’t have any children. The deeper truths (higher frequencies of energy) of life can only be experienced through the heart as it is naturally tuned into the universal hologram; our mind cannot process this kind of information - even if it thinks it can.

Where do these energies come from? They are always there!

There is a continuous transmission of (holographic) information through the Divine Field, which we all originate from. Guidance, insights or new levels of perception only appear to pop up. When we undergo shifts or transformation we begin to tune into a new frequency, like changing the radio station, so the info always there we just couldn’t receive it.

In reality, all information is accessible at all times – past-present- future. The more defined our vibratory frequency develops, the more information we can consciously receive. Everybody can receive information at any vibratory level; it’s just a matter of being able to hold this frequency long enough to process it.

Through meditation, transMISSIONS, contemplation, etc. we practice to hold these higher vibratory states. Especially our physical body needs a few structural upgrades to be able to stay on those frequencies. For the untrained body they can be challenging. However, through practicing this kind of information to be transceived, our energy system can get so used to these frequencies that we become a continuous transceiver of holographic information. At this point we need to train discernment and learn how to practically deal with the constant influx of Divine Energy, so that we can stay functional in our physical existence.

Some people are born this way, everybody else can re-learn it. When I talk about ‘Energetic Sensitivity’ I am mainly talking about people who are already receiving information on a holographic level but still lack the ability to properly deal with it and stay functional at the same time.

Due to the increasing vibrational frequency of the entire planet the number of people with growing energetic sensitivity is multiplying by the minute, the only problem is, is that most of us are not trained how to live with this kind of information. This is what all our transMISSIONs and especially the Sacred Self-Healing Course is about. And this is also the reason why I am choosing my words carefully, because our journey is not about getting some where but remembrance. We don’t need to ‘grow’, ‘evolve’ or ‘level up’! On the contrary, all we need to do is to remove the blocks/limitations in place. These limitations are formed through our mind and emotion – our programming. We perceive what we hold in mind!

In other words, our journey is not really an ‘ascension’ process at all, as so many call it, but rather an unlocking of that which has already been there.

Thank you for asking!

Much Love,


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