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Forgiveness - The other 'F' Word

By jona bryndis, Jan 23 2015 07:00AM

by Jeff Casper

The last Men's Healing Circle had the focus of forgiveness and it brought it quite a bit as forgiveness is a quite a powerful tool as is going beyond it. Below is a brief reflection on the purpose of forgiveness within our journey. Check it out...

On the Need or Purpose of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is nothing more but the work of surrendering illusionary perceptions and judgments to be free of rigid ego positionalities and beliefs. These views and beliefs cloud our perception and warp our lives to the point where we cannot see how life truly is. It is as if we see life through a restricted veil, and truth is not felt or known, and life is not lived to the fullest.

We are stuck behind these programs that bind us, and as we unwind them through the act of forgiveness our perception changes slowly.

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The majority of what we forgive is understanding that one aspect of being human is simply being naive. Most of what we have been programed to do was done many times without understanding, which in turn can create many questions within us as we attempt to work out what we really feel about these programs and processes within and around us.

Being naive, understanding the inherit misperception and the simple aspect of trying (error/making mistakes), creates the potentiality for very painful things to occur as well as very beautiful things. Many times though the painful ones creates blocks and binds to our lives and how we view things. And sometimes, the beautiful things are forgotten…and buried deep down as it doesn’t feel safe to go there anymore.

So what are these illusions that limit our perception? What is it that holds us back and creates the propensity or the need for forgiveness? It is the rigid views, the ego positionalities and the limits of our inner judgment . Along with these are the karmic patterns, societal views, and modeling we learned that can add to rigidity and our egos. All of these combined aspects block and hinder us from truly letting go and being in our hearts. They cloud us, and put a shroud around our lives that colors it in sometimes what feels like a very dangerous, painful, and not so safe place to be in.

If we could for one moment see past all of our attackers, our own attacks, our defenses and our errors of perception, we would see that much of what is done, is done out of misperception, modeling and learned behavior. In this we would see that the only real person to forgive is ourselves as by seeing things through this eye we would see the error lies within how we perceived these acts no matter how heinous, horrible, and painful they were.

We would see that most of the pains were done out of error, ego, and negative programming, and that through this we shut down and hid behind our views in those moments to protect ourselves. And, now those views have twisted our perception to the point where we are just down and limited in our expression, our overall view on life, and how we interact with others.

We would become aware of the fact that all of us in are in that place, and all of us have that shroud around us. This should be comforting to know that we all have the choice to change and work through this shroud, and we can also understand those who chose not to or do not feel that they can.

As we continue to let go of the rigid ways within, The act of forgiveness becomes automatic with more and more understanding and allows us to release more and more judgments, perceptions, and rigidities that have kept us in illusions of pain.

After Forgiveness, what next?

Through forgiveness, our perception begins to shift and change, and the awareness of our inner rigidities and false concepts begin to come to the forefront. As this happens life can become quite different. We see the fallacy of our lives and some of the weight we have been carrying for really no other reason than the attempt to protect ourselves from being real and in the moment.

The process of forgiveness slowly wears out as once we can see the illusions of our views, it isn’t very necessary as we can see past the pains into the misperceptions. We understand either why things occur, or we have compassion for the errors of our own and those of others.

As we move beyond the blocks, those rigid patterns will occasionally return and then the need switches to the need to surrender our perception over to the our heart, the inner Divine field or God that is within us and all around us. By surrendering/letting go we move into a much broader space of the moment, which will continue to challenge the rigidity of our egos, but will also allow us to expand further further. As this expansion occurs, much of the judgment leaves us, and all we have to remember is that through forgiveness and surrender we are moving out of the restriction of our lives and into the state of flow created through our connection to the heart and the Divine field.

Remember, all can be let go of and it can be done asking for the heart to assist us. Anything that feels rigid or positionalized can be brought up in our mind, and then through simply focusing on it, allowing this rigidity to go into our hearts and be let go of. We can ask deep within for assistance with this…and it will come. At first, it may bring up emotions and even some pain, but in the end it will dissipate.

All the work really needs is the courage to go in the willing act of surrendering all over the heart. That is all it ever really was…trusting in that field more than the one you currently give it to…the mind, emotions, and ego. The choice, as always, is yours in each and every moment.

For those that joined in on the healing circles (Men or Women), thank you all for your efforts over the last month. 2015 will add more to this work, and much to come on this.

Love to you all,


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