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Experiencing Masculinity & Oneness - The Female Perspective

By jona bryndis, Mar 6 2015 04:14PM

Remote Women's Healing Circle February 2015: Reflection and Q&A

We all have our own version of what we perceive the masculine spirit to be...and our first experience of this is our own Fathers. So what was your experience here? Was he there at all? Was he harsh and unkind? Was he wimpy? Or was he perfect in your eyes, seeming to do no wrong? This is the original concept we have in our mind of how men are, and it is a difficult one to transcend especially if we were hurt or have no reference at all for a father in our lives because they simply weren't there.

So, we went into what we love about men instead. What do you love about men? Can you make a list? Do you love their strength, single-mindedness, tenderness?

An interesting point Jona brought up at this point was that what we say we often love about men is also what we say annoys us to no end about them...and often causes relationship problems with them.

So how do we go past all this? What is the point, anyway?

We are here on this Earth to have this experience here and we run into all kinds of things that "seem" to be outside of us. Our concepts of these things that look and feel to be outside of us often cause programs and fuel our inner dualisms...which all comes from our ego. Think of how many times you've heard other women bashing men, or think or how many times you heard men bashing women. How many of you love the life you live? These are all things to consider with this transMISSION, as it is another aspect of this journey that seems to be outside of us, yet we are all made up of masculine AND feminine energies. Are we really different at all? No. What you are is an androgynous spirit with a body. We simply come into this life with different parts to our physical body and this gives us the propensity towards either more masculine or feminine energy. But the truth is, as always, that we are One. Can you look around you right now and feel this? Can you feel how you are One with everything? What does it feel like?

Let this feeling be your guide. This is what is True.

Thank you for this amazing session, the lessons, and your bravery to face the unknown.



In reflection to our session following question was raised:

Q: I realize what perplexes me about the FATHER transMISSION with the Women’s Healing Circle is that you were talking about it being about non-duality, with the end goal of Oneness...but it confuses me that we went into the Father, our own fathers, the masculine spirit...if they are all the same why do we do this? I have been feeling this out...and it feels like it is helping me to see that there is no "us and them" no "me and the world out there". Is this what you meant that 99% of the people you work with still need to work on?

A: Yes, what I meant is that most of us still deal with the core of inner dualisms.

Reuniting with the Divine Masculine & Feminine within is the core aspect understanding what 'enlightenment' means. The objective of our spiritual journey is the total transcendence of all that separates us from our inner divine state, which is mainly manifested through our ego - the dualistic counter force with in us.

Ultimately, the expressions of the Divine Masculine & Feminine are just one of the dualities we need to transcend on our journey, but because it's the most fundamental on a metaphysical/spiritual level (the 'original wound': splitting into masculine & feminine coming from a state of oneness) and most programmed by the collective, it's about the hardest to do. On top, not everyone really strives to overcome this first and last barrier of ego, as deep down the view of ‘us and them’ serves with tremendous pay-off for the ego.

The feeling of oneness from within is not a cheesy concept about holding hands and singing 'Kumbaya' together; Oneness is the experience of the resonance of non-dualism emanated through our divine nature - our original state - the very thing we yearn to return to.

The work we do in the Healing Circles is going through those dualistic aspects and their attachments one by one, so that we can learn modalities on how to transcend our personal dualisms. In the Sacred Self-Healing Course this is accomplished through an even deeper look into the programs and patterns that maintain our inner dualism; it is built on this aspect of our journey and for those who can let go of their ego control, the experience of oneness and non-dualism will develop spontaneously throughout following the Steps in this course.

Thank you for asking!



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