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Energy Update & Practical Tips 2nd-7th July 2017: Energetic Realism - Heal Your Past!

By elecia, Jul 2 2017 09:00AM

Weekly Energy Update

Clear Your Past!

Weekly Energy Digest Week 27 - Energy Update 2nd-7th July 2017

If you felt a little down these past days know that it wasn't just you - and that the point of going into your past is not about regurgitating the pain, betrayal and disappointments, but to understand that it's an opportunity to LET GO IN LOVE.

Letting go in Love means to set free what we are attached to. On an energetic level the true purpose of practicing to let go is to learn how to shift our energy from a state of contraction to expansion. We are willing to detach from our views and pay-offs instead of hanging on to old/programmed beliefs and their restricting energies and behaviors. The practice of letting go allows us to feel and internalize the transformative power of ‘rising above a problem’ first hand.

Whether you are going through heartbreak, the loss of an item or person, trying to integrate a shadow aspect or reclaim a fragmented soul-part - if you can allow yourself to let go in love, you are beginning to can feel a deeper connection with yourself and re-learn to trust in your Inner Higher Power!

Allowing yourself to let go activates your inner self-healing powers and invites higher vibrational solutions. In fact, if we would realize that most of our struggles could be resolved by simply letting go of what we are holding on to, we wouldn't even bother about our past and know that our true HEALING POWER lies in ACCEPTING AND ACKNOWLEDGING the past. As soon as you become able to identify where your energy goes when dwelling on internally, you can begin to see how it affects your perception of the present.

Getting stuck in a certain energetic state and acting out with a pattern to cope or ‘get through it’ is part of being human. There are anchors in our nervous system that trigger certain autonomous physical and emotional reactions, whether you are consciously aware of this or not - it is stored in your physical - and sometimes even DNA.(Please watch video for more info on transgenerational inheritance of pain).

The energetic perspective allows us to see any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual pain as as energy being limited by an blockage based on holding on to or resisting something – a view, belief, motive or person. In Energy Work we call those aspects we hold on to or that are holding us back ENERGETIC ATTACHMENTS.

Attachments can turn from attraction to obsession; from vulnerable to possessive; from a benevolent tumor into a life-consuming cancer taking control of our entire energy system within a split-second. When an attachment has the power to contract or block our energy system without us being able to stop it, you NEED TO PAY ATTENTION to it! The majority of time, the patterns that is coming forward can be considered as no longer needed, not beneficial or even potentially damaging - however, the reason why it's popping up is for you to see where you need to makes changes!.

If we find yourselves energizing our attachments through negative inner sentiments, such as jealousy, victimhood, vengeance, injustice, self- bashing, or blaming others, etc. it can show you how you are still holding on to your past!

If we want to get past what keeps us stuck in a certain energetic state, attachment or pattern we need to become aware of what keeps us in it. Therefore, letting go really means relinquishing of power of the pay-off we perceive through staying where we are at, regardless of how it formed!

Applying ENERGETIC REALISM therefore means accepting that our past, present and future are connected. We have been pulled into this present reality so that we can make the changes needed to adjust our future (and sometimes also our past). We cannot change the events in the past, but we can change the energetic attachment around the events in the past (emotions, triggers, judgments, etc.)

It is only in the present moment when we can apply changes! If we want to heal the past or create a better future we need to focus on our energy in the present moment!

In that sense, CLEARING OUR PAST, which has been on the collective energetic menu for weeks now, is not only our personal task but also something that needs to happen on a collective level. What you can observe on the geopolitical as well as communal level is the emergence of the GLOBAL SHADOW OF OUR PAST. Don't waste your time trying to analyze or antagonize about how we got here - realize your POWER TO MAKE CHANGES NOW - and opt out of the global crazy-making!

The powers at work shaping our collective reality are not some outer alien or demonic dark forces! Our choices and where we allow our energy to get stuck is all part of this! If we allow our past to pull us down or our inner resentments to dominate our perception of our present, we will inevitably be pulled into the dominating COLLECTIVE PAIN AND ANGER that is still escalating. So, unless we finally become so tired of gas lighting around us that we are finally ready to change ourselves first!

The coming energies for this week and the entire month of July feel redundant, albeit illuminating a different layer deeper each week. Therefore, as the coming weeks bode for more of the same, it is important that we understand how OUR REALITY IS SHAPED BY WHERE OUR ENERGY GOES.

The entire month of July looks like a hodgepodge of heated emotions, power struggles, disappointments and fear. If we haven't yet realized that this spiraling between our fragmented mind, emotions and heart has a downward trajectory we don't understand yet what healing is about. To break free from the global shadow we need to acknowledge our own!

The most affected Chakras this week are our 1st & 2nd Chakra and 4th & 5th Chakra. They remind us on our INNER CHILD WOUNDS and lead to continual patterns. This week most likely in form of RELATIONSHIP PATTERNS.. Nothing new really, but if you feel you are getting pulled into DRAMAS, remember to take a moment to really feel where your energy is stuck - take a deep breather and let go.

The direct link between those energy centers is our CONNECTION WITH OUR CREATIVITY, SELF-EXPRESSION and SELF-LOVE.

But - to break a pattern of the past and come up with higher vibrational solutions based on LOVE AND SELF-LOVE you need to know how to let go of your own patterns first!

Here a step-by-step LETTING GO PROCESS for those of you who want to work through ENERGETIC ATTACHMENTS & PATTERNS in the practical:

ACKNOWLEDGE - What Pattern/State am I in?

ADMIT - State the Obvious and Admit to how you feel out loud

DISENGAGE – Take time to connect with your Heart (Time-Out)

READJUST – What I can do to raise my vibration right now?

REFLECT – What is the Pattern? How does it want me to react?

What is my ego getting out of it?

STANCE - Say ‘Stop’ and remind yourself to not fall for the old pattern

DISRUPT - No more patterns! Make an effort to not react!

AGREE - Acknowledge that you don’t have yet in better way (yet)

SPACE - Give yourself and the other space to feel and work this out

AMEND - Suggest, correct, negotiate or implement new, higher vibrational ways

This process can take a few seconds, minutes or days - the more practice you have the less you will be pulled into patterns of the past. Try it!

All the best,


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