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Energy Update July 2019 (Forecast)

By jona bryndis, Jul 27 2019 12:49AM

Energy Update

Current Collective Energies

What's Going On?

Spiritual Embodiment In Times Of Intensity

By jona bryndis, 14th July 2019

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Larger Perspective of July 2019 Energies


What It Means To Grow Into Your

True Soul Purpose

Do you feel it, too? This SENSE OF URGENCY?

There is a reason for this....

This July marks an important time in our personal and collective development. It leads us to a NEW-START that can go either way. As energies are speeding up, they are illuminating the OLD POWER STRUCTURES that prompts us into a new awareness. This deeper perspective can trigger our EGO'S DUALITY or motivate us to grow beyond our 3D limitations. The intensity of this BIRTHING PROCESS through this month's energies can clearly be felt by us empaths and energetically sensitives. But - as hopeful and promising as these changes might be, they also come with many challenges.

The main learning process in this 'hot' July is withstanding our FEARS OF DEEPER FEELING. It provokes us to rethink, reflect and reevaluate our moral, ethical and ENERGETIC INTEGRITY. Those of us who are able to contextualize this super transformational time through their own SOUL AWARENESS or who joined the ENERGETIC TUNE UP SESSION for this month last month were already able to feel and go through these challenges ahead of time (Energy Work allows us to do this). It is the very purpose of our increasingly strong search for our True SOUL SELF that triggered this journey long time ago.

Those who have consciously been on their TRUE SELF JOURNEY for a while can feel a NEW LEVEL OF CLARITY AND RELIEF through July Energies, but unfortunately for the majority of people around us who's ego is triggered into ANXIETY through growing instability and inner questioning this month and the rest of the year 2019 through 2020 can be a painful time. It confronts us with our hidden and often unconscious emotional patterns and can therefore lead to a further depending of EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL SCHISMS.

We are ALL forced to FEEL INTO what makes us tick, and also what ticks us off. We are held to look at our (ego's) LOVE FOR POWER and how to convert it into the POWER OF LOVE, because without a deeper reflection on our EMOTIONAL PROCESSING we can easily feel overwhelmed and helpless in the next 4-6 weeks.

However, this also brings the opportunity to become more clear about your TRUE CONNECTIONS, WHAT MAKES US FEEL SAFE & SECURE, WHAT FEELS LIKE HOME - AND WHAT DOESN'T.

What Connects You Makes You Feel Safe.

To see OPPORTUNITY WHERE OTHERS SEE LACK is your big chance! Don't waste it now! You have worked so much on your INNER TRUTH. KEEP GOING ALL THE WAY NOW!

You will recognize how/where/with whom you haven't always been standing in your own integrity - even how you may have violated other people's right to choose who they want to be or connect with. This needs to be dissolved in July. It will allow you to develop more mature and sophisticated reference points for WHO YOU TRUELY ARE and what the true NATURE OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS IS. Thus, it can show you how to overcome your own limitations, rigidities and ego illusions without needing to blame it onto others.

Blaming, justifying, hiding or avoiding are all functions of the ego. They do not allow us to stand in our own SOUL'S INTEGRITY! If anything, they strengthen our ego and therefore distance us from our true inner connection.

For some of you, these may sound like harsh words, but without the understanding that this change marks a fundamental shift for all of us, we won't really be equipped to emotionally, physically and mentally handle the challenges of this new era in a GRACEFUL way. There is no need to be afraid, but without the WILLINGNESS TO SEE AND WORK WITH TRUTH we will most likely feel alone, powerless and without purpose and meaning. Things will simply too much and we might choose to check out instead of facing the very thing that could help us to RESOLVES LONGSTANDING INNER AND OUTER CONFLICTS. Therefore, follow your inner guidance! Go into deeper reflection and use this time to shed the layers of ego. Question your CRITICAL INNER VOICE and see how it is nothing but a replay of tapes recorded in your childhood. Embrace the growth that can come through emotional and mental resilience.

One more thing. For those of us who have great intentions, who try to help others or the planet, understand that every time you PROJECT your emotions (fears, perceptions, patterns) onto others, you are the perpetrator they need to defend themselves from, that they need to ward off or hide from in order to maintain their own ENERGETIC INTEGRITY. This will be one of these fundamental insights in this month of July.

Please watch the video and keep reading below for collective predictions and contextualization help.

Thank you for your time!



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