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Energy Update 3rd - 10th March 2017 - How To Train Your Inner Dragon

By jona bryndis, Mar 4 2017 06:05AM

Weekly Energy Digest W 8/9/10Energy Update 18th February - 10th March 2017


These past 2 weeks brought up a lot of inner and outer TURMOIL - you don't need me to tell you this: Nothing seems to be working anymore; old emotions and fears are kicking and screaming; old patterns are back and all our good intentions went out the window -  just for us to see the futility of our rigid old ways.

Many of us experienced some kind of loss or a big LETTING GO these past weeks. It's like as if an old cycle wants to come to an end. And so, here we are - our triggers were pushed and once more we feel like running in cycles.

While this letting go pain activated our raw LIFE FORCE to spike up again, it also brought some of our SHADOW ASPECTS back to life. This required and continues to require us to be the OBSERVER  and CONTEXTUALIZE our inner energetic reactions, rather than judging them. This was and still is tough for many … and even if we were able to see exactly what was going on, it could still trigger LONLINESS and SELF-DOUBT.


The reason for this is because we still haven’t found the right energetic environment and relationships yet, which will be our task for the remainder of this entire year.


However, the deep GRIEVING PROCESS these past weeks is not without purpose. In order to REINVENT OURSELVES we need to BECOME REAL – and this means to fearlessly face our inner dragon – including our fears, addictions, sexual stuff and white shadow fakeness in ourselves and others.

Subjectively, this rollercoaster felt like going through FIRE and dipping into COLD WATER at the same time, which wasn’t fun! If we didn't have anyone to talk to or people who understood the depth of this letting go process, this time felt a bit like wanting to isolate from others, so that we could lick our wounds in SILENCE. In your darkest hours you may have asked yourself what happened to LOYALTY? There is a part in us that feels betrayed, even if this betrayal is caused by our own PROJECTIONS...

And so, as for relationships which can be a bit shaky at the moment, it may also have lead to finding out who our true friends are or who we can count on. Keep going! You are not alone!

Most of what energetically sensitives and empaths are going through at the moment has to do with WAKING UP to the harsh reality that our dreams and hopes are somewhat illusionary. Sitting there and waiting for the 'one' to come along or to be rescued isn’t working - it's the same as waiting to win the lottery without ever buying a ticket! We can't expect our life to change without ever truly INVESTING IN OURSELVES. What is ahead of us is requires us to be up to par - and awake!

At this point of COLLECTIVE CONFUSION and BOMBARDMENT WITH FEAR most people are overwhelmed with the amount of info coming in. It triggers their hidden stuff and will continue to do so for a while. March energies are steering into MORE CHAOS and OVERREACTION.

As empath and highly sensitive person, do not ever worry about other people's choices. The time of dithering around and believing in false promises or trying to control things you can’t control is long over. You have no time to explain or convince others why it's time to take our destiny into our own hands. Stop waiting for others!


On the other hand, as you are connecting with your TRUE SELF more and more, people will notice that you have changed. What they will feel is that you are not letting yourself being pulled into collective hysteria – and this alone will change your relationships and environment very quickly as we approach some of the most VOLATILE WEEKS OF THIS YEAR.

Your QUEST is on! Whatever needs to be shed needs to be let go of right now! The sooner the better – whatever doesn’t feel true to you is dead weight!

You have the right and the freedom - and obligation to follow your inner prompting, so that you can spiritually and mentally leap into the next orbit. You wouldn't feel this YEARNING for deeper inner connection and SENSE OF URGENCY if this wasn't part of who you truly are!

As soon as you realize that the energy to move forward is right there - within you - go for it! We all have our own SOURCE - take advantage of your privilege and let your light ignite yourselves and inspire others around you! 




Summarizing for these past two weeks and the coming week you will be mostly challenged with KEEPING YOUR ETHERIC CLEAN, be it karmic or attachment stuff. Accept that we all are facing an activation of COLLECTIVE ETHERIC IMPLANTS that are slowly closing in and contracting our etheric energy field; and be aware that our collective programming is constantly transferring these suppressing subliminal code signals through smart phones, wifi, social media, consumer products, foods, movies and music – and deny it!

The way these etheric implants work is different from how most of us think they do. The picture above is an example how they can look like - they can be found in our DNA or as replicated code version anywhere in our chakras/energy field (typically nestling in our chakra fields).

They silently restrict our ability to see and CONTEXTUALIZE TRUTH by redirecting our connection with SOURCE into an energetic state that makes us accept UNTRUTH (not necessarily believe, but ingesting it anyway). It leads us to feeling like being in the wrong movie/body and energizes self-doubt and inner CONFUSION. So, basically it diverts our ability to discern truth through distraction. 

Why, when and how these implants are activated is difficult to say – I do not want to speculate – all I can say that this is what I am observing with a growing number of people. But don’t misunderstand me here, this is nothing to add to your worry list. The whole point of your quest/journey and witnessing your own energetic adjustment to these drastic changes that are heading our way, is to KEEP ALL YOUR CHANNELS OPEN, and to not get pulled into the massive MENTAL/EMOTIONAL DECEPTION that is distracting most people from following their INNER TRUTH.


Perhaps this ETHERIC OVERLAY is only a dualistic counter energy to balance the emerging of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS in us humans – most likely it’s all part of the HUMAN COLLECTIVE GROUP KARMA, which is another good reason to really PAY ATTENTION!


If you look closely you can observe a growing split or BIFURCATION (as we call it) into two different groups – one part of the human population is becoming more and more aware of their powers and the other part is feeling more and more powerless.


I sincerely hope that you are counting yourselves into the group of people that is feeling empowered through your own evolutionary process, albeit uncomfortable at times! What we are experiencing is the HUMBLING rebirthing process of living a life a soul with body and letting go of the idea of a body with a soul!


Embrace your light no matter what it brings forward! Train your Inner Dragon, so you know what to do when the outer dragon strikes!

Since most energetically sensitives as yourselves go through the effects of spikes in the collective a little earlier, more intense and often also in a more conscious way the energetic level and dealing with elevated levels of emotional release and bombardment from around you has most likely made you feel exhausted!

For the next week, try to face the remainders of your Inner Dragon. Keep investigating old patterns and clear yourselves willingly. Learn how to read your own energy better and work on your INNER RELATIONSHIP!

Allow for KARMIC RELATIONSHIP TIES (ex-partners, mother, family) to surface and visualize yourself etherically standing in front of this person and saying the following REVOCATION to the person you are dealing with :


“ I am grateful for all that I learned through this relationship – thank you for all your love and all your gifts – but now I am handing all that I no longer need back to you, so that we can both move on – in love and mutual appreciation of this learning experience - Thank You!”


It's time to leave the confines of your karmic darkness and allow your LIGHT TO SHINE! No time to hesitate! But don't forget to translate your new impulses into the PHYSICAL! Have fun again - move - and show your life who's boss! (If you feel you need a deeper clearing of karmic ties, check out our Karmic Clearings in group or privte sessions).



On a deeper level an intense GROUNDING and REATTACHING of our soul to our energy body is taking place. This is very difficult to explain, but if you have seen the relatively new movie ‘Dr. Strange’ (USA 2016) it may a bit easier for you to visualize what it looks like to have your etheric being ‘knocked out of your body’. (If you haven’t seen the movie or are not interested in this genre I recommend watching it for educational purposes. Much of what is shown in this movie is close to how we see energetic maneuvering and interaction sometimes.)



I’m not sure how all this is translating for you, since you hopefully don't have to deal with some of the etheric drama that is taking place these days… if you do, and don't know how to handle this, contact me or schedule a free initial energy coaching session! Either way, most of us felt and will continue to feel increased head pressure, nasal and ear pressure and a weird feeling of DENSITY in your physical body’s. If you are experiencing the sudden need to lie down or functioning well physically, know that this is on the ways you can tell that your energy body is very busy and there is most likely a lot of stuff going on in the etheric!


This is nothing to be worried about. Part of our WITNESSING of this Global Awakening is accepting our responsibility that comes with understanding ourselves as energetic beings (souls with bodies), which  means to HONOR OUR ENERGETIC EXISTENCE just as much as our physical! If you are feeling this heaviness of your physical body, help it to become lighter and take care of it. Take a time out or MEDITATE whenever you feel that your energy body is processing something that requires physical rest!


Another positive effect of this allowing process is that it also calms our emotional and mental activity. Mind and emotions are bound to our body and ego – and so when we follow our energetic promptings it can provide a welcome MENTAL SILENCE and lead to very deep spiritual experiences in the process!





Closing Remark:


At this point I want to remind everyone that my energy reports do not derive from some secondhand source or channeling someone does, that get’s rehashed a million times. The info I am presenting here comes from collected data of ongoing energy sessions here at transCODES. If I am silent for a week or two, it's because the data is still incoming. We had many big sessions these past 7 days, and hundreds of energy fields from participants needed to be transcoded.


Participating are people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, experience and training levels. For those of you interested in more details you can read hundreds of session reports in the forum or the field reports I sometimes release as blogs if I think they help other to contextualize. My work is very transparent and can be traced back to their actual source. If you want to get more details about when this data is collected, read in our forum or participate in ongoing group/private transMISSIONS or energy coaching sessions.

All the best!

Much Love,

jona bryndis

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