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Energy Update 25th-31st March 2017: Ditch The Back & Forth!

By jona bryndis, Mar 28 2017 04:54PM

The past weeks were a wonderful example for what happens to our energy if we waste our time/energy on WAVERING between where we want to be, what our heart tells us and how our ego mind uses our dithering against us. If you were haunted by your Critical Inner Voice and felt completely empty inside, you probably spend your sleepless moments with wondering what's wrong with you... trust me, you were not the only one!

Last week was a constant battle - even just moving felt difficult.

When we are under the influence of Energetic Bombardment and continual warding off of outer negativity, like we have been experiencing the past three months, it is only a matter of time until the integrity of our personal energy field collapses. Without training in personal energy management it makes it impossible for us to discern what's ours and what isn't. We become very susceptible to other people's/the collective's energies and end up questioning ourselves.

The energetic 'weather' last week (still going on) tapped directly into the vacuum between our INNER PROMPTING to move forward and our UNSTABLE HEART-CONNECTION - driving us into a painful dead-end; exhausted, burned-out from mental looping, feeling like a loser and overwhelmed by obstacles many of us were willing to give up our dreams and hopes.

We were asked to MAKE A STANCE AND DECLARE OURSELVES, which could have sounded like affirming this:

Nothing and no one has the right to violate my integrity or boundaries!

I trust in my ability to sense anything or anyone

compromising my Trust in Myself to manifest my highest potential!

So, in order to counteract this continuing tendency of ENERGETIC STAND-OFFS next week, let's be a bit smarter! Try to catch yourself the minute you go into our inner SELF-BEAT-UP and immediately merge your heart and mind - as well as your your masculine and feminine expressions - and remind yourself to tap into our INNER POWER TO CHOOSE AND CREATE YOUR REALITY. (Click here to learn an energetic breathing technique for this centering process.)

Instead of fearing that you are not good enough, ask yourself, if the situation or person is 'good' enough for you? Is there a positive energy exchange? Is there love? Support? Trust? Does it feel expansive or contractive to be with this person/job/environment? If there isn't at least a BALANCED AND MUTUAL EFFORT between you and the other/situation -

Why are you still ENABLING it?

So, the point is - that if we aren't 100% sure yet who we truly are, we can easily get lost in SELF-DOUBT and FEAR OF INADEQUACY. This caught many of us off guard last week and triggered a deep frustration/anxiety/mild depression about WHO WE ARE AND WHAT OUR TRUE PURPOSE IS.

If you don't want our inner doubt to have this debilitating grip on our energy (like last weekend during the Equinox), and if you want to learn how to withstand the ACTIVATION OF AN OLD COLLECTIVE IMPLANT using your OLD COPING PATTERNS against you - you need to consciously face this part of you that can be manipulated or swept away by the HUMAN COLLECTIVE KARMA.

I Trust,

that I will say, feel, know, think, and do the right thing at the right time,

for my highest good and that of all.

Now and at all times!

We are all in the middle of the larger process of REDISCOVERING THE POWER OF OUR EMERGING HEART-CONSCIOUSNESS - the unity of our Heart and Mind. This evolutionary development is not an event - it's a gradual process! You can't expect lifelong mental and emotional patterns to transcend in a weekend-course!

These karmic self-defeat patterns run deep and part of our susceptibility to outer 'weather' conditions is our ATTACHMENT TO OUR EGO-MIND. It binds binds us to our HUMAN COLLECTIVE GROUP KARMA. Since 2007/8 we've been exploring the circles within circles of our collective ego patterns - making one step forward and two steps back. With this year's relentless EXPOSURE OF SHADOW, EGO AND UNTRUTHS, we are being shown the futility of TRYING TO CONTROL THE UNCONTROLLABLE.

We are all moving into a time of bifurcation: One part of the population is caught in EGO -> Group Karma and a small part is splitting off to live life in TRUTH.

This evolutionary shift has been announcing itself for many years, and deep down we know that we must make a choice - between staying where we are at, continuing our ego addictions and illusionary security through familiarity - or finally agreeing to OUR CONSCIOUS SELF-TRANSFORMATION PROCESS that will lead us into the unknown.

What's holding us back from finally stripping off our False Self and stepping into our POWER AS UNITED SOVEREIGNS of our own fate is the fear that we can't control outcome - but see, we never could! THIS is the illusion that keeps us in our self-chosen docile misery.

It is the nature of us humans to not change until the pain of staying where we are at outweighs our fear of the unknown - and so we cannot waver as the COLLECTIVE DECEPTION is coming to its programmed DECONSTRUCTION OF ITSELF, because it will end in the COLLAPSE OF ALL PROJECTIONS AND FALSEHOODS - within, through and around us anyway!

So, if we want to get through the next 3-4 years with GRACE, we need to DECOUPLE FROM THE PHANTOM PAINS OF OUR COLLECTIVE EGO or else we will be swept away by the drama and perversions all civilizations in history had to go through at their FALL FROM THE IVORY TOWER OF SPECIALNESS.

You may think this is not you - but most likely you are mistaken! We are all in this together! We all contributed - knowingly or unknowingly - be it through NUMBING, BEATING OURSELVES UP, JUDGING, SEPARATING, EXTERNALIZING OURSELVES OR BLIND CONSUMING.

I know, it's not what we want to hear - but it's the truth! If we want to change things and BUILD A NEW FOUNDATION FOR A HIGHER VIBRATONIAL REALITY, we have to get our hands into the dirt! We need to go back to the basics of how we approach our reality - and this leads us to our TRUST IN SELF.

Instead of wallowing about our past mistakes, let's FIND THE TREASURE in our SOUL-PURPOSE OF BEING HERE. Let's focus on being here and now, and use our energetic perceptivity and evolving consciousness to finally ditch the endless back and forth between wanting to be 'spiritual' and playing safe! The only foundation that can hold up to chaotic outer energies is BEING REAL WITH OURSELVES. Let's get on it!

All we can truly lose is the idea, belief or projection of how we see ourselves. WHO WE TRULY ARE CAN'T BE LOST, unless we buy into the idea that who we are is not good enough.



Stop! - Reset! - Realign! - Choose New!

28th March 2017 NEW MOON ADDENDUM

The energetic 'weather' conditions for the upcoming NEW MOON today are pretty intense. Prepare for HAVING TO CHANGE something!

If you have been feeling somewhat challenged with getting things done the past couple weeks, I'm afraid to tell ya that it's probably going to be even more challenging this week - to a point when you have no other choice than going into ACTION. The energies these couple of days ahead look heavier again, especially in regards to PHYSICAL ASPECTS.

We are asked to finally move into our SELF-ACTUALIZATION. What this means is, that we are asked to be really SOLID about who we are and where we want to go - especially in regards to our RELATIONSHIPS!

The important part about this task is realizing that our relationships represent the mirrors of our inner relationship, and so whatever the issue is - see it as a reflection of your inner connection!

ALLOW YOUR PAST TO CONVERGE WITH YOUR PRESENT AND FUTURE - and appreciate all experiences as learning experiences!

All you need to open your horizon to the FORTUNE that is headed your way is changing your perspective. ALLOW INSTEAD OF TRYING TO CONTROL - but make sure you STAND YOUR GROUND FOR WHAT YOU LOVE when needed.


If we want to break through our SELF-IMPOSED RESTRICTIONS we need to learn how to reconnect within and trust that it can carry us through ANY impasse!

How can we do this?





For this coming week I strongly recommend working on our inner alignment towards GRATITUDE AND BEAUTY. It's time to seed more abundance in your life!

To bring this into the physical, get a planting pot and raise a sunflower from a seed. Watch it break through the earth, unfold it's creation power and NURTURE it with all your love and appreciation. Observe, the dynamics of how energy flows and expands. See it develop from a tiny seed into this most beautiful and life-embracing flower! Talk to your sunflower every day, and allow it to become the reflection of your inner ABUNDANCE!

These weeks are particularly challenging for people with 1st Chakra imbalances. If this applies to you, focus on GROUNDING. If you need help with this, take advantage of a free initial energy coaching session with me and ask for 1st Chakra healing remedies. (Email me at [email protected] to schedule your one-time free energy coaching).

All the best!


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