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Energy Update - New Routine 1st-7th September 2019 (Week 36)

By jona bryndis, Sep 1 2019 11:00AM

Energy Update - New Routine

1st-7th September 2019 (week 36)

By jona bryndis, 31st August 2019

Watch Video here

1st-7th September 2019 Collective Energies

New Routine

Hi There,

Welcome to September 2019! The Forecast for the month is on its way - stay tuned.

This first week of September will be distinctly different from the previous weeks. You will feel a lot of physical energy to do things. For many, this will lead to physical releases and with it better energy flow! Overall, September is going to be much less emotional than August, so you will most likely feel this as more optimism.

However, watch not to get pulled into busy-work. Your nervous system will still register the speeding up of energies around you, so focus on calming and pacing yourself - preferably though new daily routines.

This whole entire month is about longterm manifestation, so you really want to feel AND think things through a bit before you act. One way to better manage changes is to concentrate on focused or concentrated action rather than blind action, as it tends to leak and waste your energy.

What CAN I refine? What is essential?

Some of us will be challenged through outer circumstances, as I discussed in the video. We are expecting a hurricane for these coming weeks and don't know yet if we are going to have electricity or water next week - so, we all need to contend with the given conditions and learn to trust in our inner strength and resilience that can guide us to do just the right thing at the right moment.

Recognizing what is essential often means trusting in our heart first and then allowing our mind to catch up.

The trick to getting a clearer picture about what needs to be changed is to focus.

What matters most to us or without what we don't want to live? can lead us to what matters most.

We often spend so much energy. thought, emotion and action on things that don' really matter. Take the planet for example. In the energy update I responded to a concerned audience member about each changes. The PAIN OF GAIA is something many empaths feel but often misinterpret. Yes, the planet is forced to deal with us (humans) and our often disrespecting and careless behaviors. It's very sad, but then again the way we interact with another is no different and no less sad. In the larger scope of things the planet is very well equipped to 'handle' us. Bickering and complaining how everything is doomed is a major part of the negativity that propagates carelessness and giving up. Media is currently emotionalizing us about doom and gloom news. Understand that this is done to keep us powerless! If we all focused on consequently changing our individual behavior towards more environmentally friendly products and general (energy) consumption; if we connected more with plants and animals, we could support the planet through our thoughtfulness and loving care energetically, and make a real difference. not he long run This is essential!

Focus on new routines that support what you love - and catch your powerlessness and pessimism through conscious awareness!

In our relationships and at work, things can take on a pivotal change in direction this week - either way. The main task is to look at our life's work and where your energy goes from a perspective of inner congruence.

Is the life/work/relationship that I am living really what I want?

If not, begin the change by looking at the most essential aspects. What's missing? What's no longer needed? What CAN I change to make it more the way I want it and ACT!

Needless to mention, that changes can be challenging. The ego prefers the familiar, even if it's doom and gloomy. If you want to break out of this prison of self-imposed restriction, understand that challenges are a wonderful tool for growth!

Expect challenge and resistance and have a strategy for what you can and can't change. Don't get distracted by the pessimism the collective is buying into. Take on and face your challenges, bit by bit.

Anything you face this coming week will bring about wonderful changes for the next year!

Thank you for your time.



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