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Energetically Mentoring Empath Children

By jona bryndis, May 23 2018 02:59AM

Mentoring children in becoming aware energetic beings can be a deep calling for some of us - parents or not. After all, many of us went through the trauma and not belonging as energetically children ourselves and we know how difficult it can be in a world that doesn't 'speak our language. Our children feel the same way! However, times are changing and energetic awareness is no longer a woo-woo or poo-poo practice. More and more children are born with a heightened level of energetic sensitivity and if you are an empath yourself, chances are that you are dealing with an empath child.

Unfortunately, the knowledge and wisdom we have gained on our personal healing and self-transformation journey is not yet part of our societal paradigm. Empath children are often labeled as spectrum kids, neurodivergent or worse, dysfunctional (compared to today's societal standards). This is beginning to change now, but It will require one or more generations of conscious empaths and self-healers to shift the collective understanding of the human energy body, and with it our ability to adjust to this inner transformation. 

Until our children are being taught and raised with this new paradigm of understanding ourselves as energetic beings those of us on this conscious awakening path now need to function as custodians, stewards and mentors for energetically sensitive children!

Let's explore together what we can do, how we can benefit and how we can shift our own understanding through mentoring our children!

In this Self Healing workshop we teach hands on practical aspects. This month's topic is ENERGETIC ASPECTS OF PARENTING, which will cover a wide range of real life situations pertaining issues of dealing with children. While we called it 'parenting' we will not only address the energetic aspects of dealing with with our own children, but energetic processes involved with dealing with children altogether.  We will illuminate the DEVELOPMENTAL STAGES OF THE HUMAN ENERGY BODY, the needs and demands at each stage and delve into how to SUPPORT & MENTOR CHILDREN energetically, especially highly sensitive and empath children. We will practice how to SPEAK TRUTH with children and how to support them in their journey.

In this 2 hours live webinar we will discuss and practice more conducive ways to overcome our own resistances to better understand and enjoy working with children.

We will apply energy work techniques during the workshop and share, comment and ask questions directly. 

$25 participation fee, open for everyone. No prerequisites. Click here for tickets.

(Free for Sacred Self-Healing & Heart-Warrior Members)

The webinar will be available as recording to all attendees. Questions can be submitted ahead of time even if you cannot attend at the time of the webinar. 

Much Love,




Energy Healer & Personal Energy Trainer, Founder of tansCODES


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