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Empath Weekly 18th-24th August 2019 TOUGH LOVE (Truth Training)

By jona bryndis, Aug 18 2019 11:00AM

Energy Update TOUGH LOVE!

(Truth Training)

Empath Weekly 18th-24th August 2019

By jona bryndis, 16th August 2019

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Energy Update Week 34


Hi Everybody,

The coming week brings in the INTEGRATION OF TRUTH - meaning more clarity for you as to which emotions, sensations, feelings and thoughts are yours and which aren't. This is wonderful TRUTH TRAINING for us energetically sensitives and empaths! However, it can be a bit tough when you realize that what you believed in, what you invested in or what you hoped for was nothing but a deception or ego illusion. Here, it's important to remind yourself that you cannot really control reality anyway.

Would you rather live in truth or illusion?

The way you perceive yourself and the world you are in does not depend on how much you know or not know - it depends on how you contextualize what you perceive - and that's determined by your willingness to see and feel truth.

In energy and consciousness work we talk about INTEGRITY a lot; but not because we want to fill your mind with more moral, spiritual or social right-or-wrongs, as the OUTER MATRIX OF COLLECTIVE ENERGIES does all day long already! INTEGRITY is a state of being that comes from the ABLITY TO DISCERN TRUTH and to form an INNER MATRIX OF TRUTH that has nothing to do with external values. When a person is INTEGROUS compassion, empathy, mutual consent and exchange, respect, trust and even joy, beauty and abundance are automatic. There is no need for others to tell us that it's not 'right' to kill or steal! We can feel DIVINE ORDER in us - in every cell of our being and have no interest in overpowering, controlling or being more special than others. We are interested in what raise our vibration, what makes us radiant, healthy and happy - what expresses our TRUE SELF and how we can bring this into this world regardless of outer bombardment through fear or anger!

From a metaphysical standpoint something that is 'not integrous' is void of love, light and truth. Integrating means reinstating truth and love through illumination. Therefore, darkness does not need to be destroyed, eradicated or judged, but can be transmuted or ‘resurrected’ through integration of truth and self-love. It shows us our own inner darkness as well as outer darkness, and teaches us what is good for us and what isn't.

We need the friction with darkness to find the way to the light!

Illuminating our own inner darkness therefore plays an instrumental role in our growing and maturing process. We learn to heal through understanding and feeling that we couldn't have felt or understood this before. In energy work the INTEGRATION OF THE DARK WITHIN describes the process of ALLOWING TRUTH TO CORRECT our ego's suffering through FORGIVENESS & SELF-LOVE.

In order to become an active participant in our inner self-correction and integration process we need to allow ourselves to face all our hidden beliefs, agendas and aspects of our False Self. But - this requires us to let go of all notion that suffering is an acceptable way of being. We need to agree to no longer suffer first! Then we can learn how to discern and out-vibrate our own dualities (black&white thinking) through recognizing that only our INNER TRUTH can set us free from all deception!

In the practical, most of this inner Integration process is about moving into our creative self-expression is about reinstating the balance of inner Masculine and Feminine Energies. This may sound like a big arc, but collectively we are all in the process of reintegrating the the violated Feminine nd thus freeing our Etheric Body from KARMIC COLLECTIVE ATTACHMENTS that bind us to the paradigms of suffering.

The voluntary shift that needs to occur for us to overcome our inner duality of ego allows us to recognize that there are more options, that we have choices that we couldn't see before. This then liberates us from the prison of the COLLECTIVE MATRIX OF MATERIALISM and unifies us with our inner Divine Trinity. We all have unresolved emotional and mental (psychological) Mother, Father & Child wounds and karmic aspects that we need to learn to decode and transmute into our Soul Purpose. Without an inner energetic reconciliation on this core level of our being we cannot apply our awakened consciousness into our practical lives. We simply don't have the foundation to properly DISCERN TRUTH when stuck in our duality. We cannot see or feel the larger context of truth and therefore become unable to understand the principles of embodying our Divine Consciousness:




Next week is a week that allows for perfect conditions to witness and train your INNER TRUTH!

When following the inner prompting to move into your INNER TRUTH expect to revisit your personified Inner Child, Karmic Set-Up and especially Mother aspects. If you need assistance or want to learn from those who have walked this path consider heart-based consciousness work, as I offer here at transCODES. I have created countless avenues to arrive at your INNER TRUTH - from Self-Study Courses, Group Work, Video Courses, Individual Energy Coaching to Boot-Camps for those who have decided to grow into their higher potential as awakened soul now!

All the best.



Please ask for an initial FREE Personal Energy coaching Session - email me: [email protected]

In the energy tips for patreons and Heart-Warriors I complied a list of

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