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Earth Changes Ahead - Does Our Planet Need Saving?

By jona bryndis, May 16 2017 12:04PM

With growing concerns and awareness about our planet , environment, weather patterns and earth changes many of us are contemplating about our role and purpose here at these times. Energetically Sensitives, Psychics & Empaths around the world are feeling and predicting big shifts. Is this all just a hype or is this something we should take seriously?

Are we here to save the planet? Or is our role to help others to get through times of change? Or are we here to learn how to save ourselves?

All these questions aside - there is no doubt about us feeling the life supporting power of our earth within ourselves. Everyone who connects within can feel the deep connection and healing power of nature energies in their hearts. Once our heart is open, our eternal connection to the Divine is established. Regardless of our beliefs or backgrounds, we can all agree that the planet is at the core of providing and sustaining life. Therefore, whether or not immediate changes are ahead, isn't it part of our Global Awakening process to see ourselves more connected than our previous generations?

As we wake up to our connection with our inner higher power we feel prompted to spend more time in nature; as many civilizations before us we are beginning to recognize the healing power of nature; and with it our appreciation for life itself. From an energetic point of view, Gaia, the personified resonance of our planet earth in itself is a very powerful healing modality and definitely a welcome energy to align to. Spending conscious and heartfelt time in nature can clear our energy systems within a few minutes, and more importantly, remind us on the natural flow of things and bring us closer to the eternal now of the moment.

It is scientifically confirmed, that connecting with nature can activate our inner self-healing abilities, relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression and revitalize our nervous system; and there is much more! We are only at the beginning of understanding the complex energetic interaction between the planet and us, and deep down we can feel that there is an urgency to preserve this relationship. But how can we contribute to 'saving' the world? Geopolitics and earth changes seem so far out of our control that many of us resign before feeling this out entirely...

Currently, the Collective disctracts us with escalating chaos, horror scenarios, cover-ups and war scares. And yes, there are changes ahead - we can all feel it! But the truth is, that these have always been there. The only difference is that we re waking up to the reality that our entire planet is at stake. However, remember that scare tactics are designed to keep people distracted in fear. It causes collective helplessness and makes us better controllable.

Our love and care for the planet is honorable, but we will not help her by sending feelings of helplessness or desperation into her direction.

This is where it get's tricky.... we can blame politics and conspiracies all day long, it won't make a difference! We can revere nature and send out love to the trees, but as long as we are projecting disdain to humanity and our own humanness we are missing the point! We are 'nature' too, so if we want to increase the planet's chances of survival we need to start with ourselves!

The fastest way to strengthen the planet is by strengthening our own immediate energy field. This is done by learning how of connect with our True Self and beginning to see ourselves connected to all other True Selves. On this level, we can send honor, respect love and gratitude directly to Gaia’s energy field. And more powerful yet, we can learn to appreciate her expressions of creation and beauty by connecting not only with plants and animals, but also other people! Becoming one within ourselves helps Gaia more than worrying about her future and fostering negative feelings towards others! Her health and future is tied to our health. If we can manage to see and feel Gaia as one with us, then every loving thought/feeling/actions towards ourselves becomes an act of generosity towards Gaia.

In other words, the best way to heal the planet is to heal ourselves, as we are all parts of her.

(Please click here for more on the metaphysical concept of Gaia)

Collective Correction, as is occurring right now, happens when there are global clearing events approaching. They zoom in like dark bands of energy and condense in earth changes and forms of destruction, that help to purge stored negativity. On an energetic level the planet is going through a healing crisis, that will ultimately lead to renewal and better conditions for life. Whether we see those changes as positive or negative is not up to us to judge.

Gaia knows what she is doing! She's made it through billions of years of evolution without us; and she has her own evolutionary purpose. All we can do to support her is to clear and heal ourselves to our best abilities.

Instead of separating ourselves from another we need to re-learn how to discern truth in your hearts.This comes with inner connection -

The more connected we are, the more oneness we can feel; and the more oneness the more truth we can feel!

Please feel invited to join our monthly [FREE] Connect With Your True Self energy session. No prerequisites are needed. In energy sessions we can learn how to feel truth and connection from within - and how to express our love for our planet through expressing love for ourselves. Click here if you want to learn more about how remote energy sessions work.

Hope you join us!

Much Love,


Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

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