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Discovering the Greater Part of Ourselves

By jona bryndis, Sep 25 2016 06:14PM

(Field Report from Learn How to Read & Work Our Inner Energies Workshop)

Not sure if everybody is sharing my enthusiasm, but exploring our inner energies and paying attention to our inner signals can really help to obtain a greater sense for ourselves. So much was shown, sensed and experienced again! If we could withstand our ego-mind’s temptation to interpret and add familiar meaning/opinion to our inner explorations, we could get really deep in this workshop!

The gentle session energies allowed us to extend our ‘psychic detective work’ past our FEARS OF BEING VULNERABLE and EXPOSED. They showed us exactly where, when and how we/our ego wants to opt out. At the same time there were wonderful moments of inner connection with THE GREATER PART OF OURSELVES, with could ease our physical or emotional sensations in a heart beat…

This fired up some of our triggers – differently for everyone – as it made us sit in some of our tormenting thoughts and physical sensations. Granted, this wasn’t really gentle at times; some of us experienced severe physical sensations during this session. Especially the heart-pain (front and back) was pretty taxing, but only to show us what's not true to us and how strong our inner resistance to TRUTH can be. But remember, resistance can also come forward as excessive thinking or frustration, anger or fear... and so we all had a different variation of the theme.

Again, in a place like this where we try to explore our inner workings, it is important to discipline ourselves take just note of our inner reactions, and not to not jump onto them – or let them jump on us!

The core of our Chakra Work in this intensive revealed a few more details in regards to aspects we discovered in the previous session - something everybody can do in self-guidance through deep meditation or the provided guided energy processes for this workshop. However, the most relevant parts were the imbalances between our inner MASCULINE AND FEMININE ENERGIES. They represent conflicting energies in us and inner dualities. If you could go passed the personifications and collective pain of dualism, you may have noticed that the most inhibiting energy blocks were actually located in your 10th (Karmic Field), 11th (Etheric Field) and 12th (Manifestation Field) Chakra.

So, how can our experiences help us to decode our inner signals?


Whatever came forward for you in these last two sessions, try to regard the process as the beginning of building a whole NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SELF. The fact that you are willing to look deep within takes enormous courage and will not stay undetected by your inner energy system! You have communicated that you want to be a conscious part of your energy body, and it will 'reward' you with empowerment and little positive changes here and there - until you realize that YOU can change it all!!!!

No matter how you feel right now, the fact that you are paying attention to your energy system in this way can build a very important bridge between the limitations you sometimes feel by being STUCK IN THIS BODY/LIFE/TIMELINE and the often frustrating attempt to hold it all together (even if it doesn't feel true to you anymore).

There is this frustration we all have common, namely that we feel somewhat out of place or in the wrong timeline. This is very common for energetically sensitive people like yourselves! We can feel that there is more – or at least the potential of something different – but we don’t know how to get there. If we can wrap our minds around this idea without feeling crazy, guilty, having regrets or completely externalizing our inner power to fate or karma, the missing piece can indeed be found by reconnecting and unifying with our source.

In this context Source is the essence of or energy along with its ability to flow through our system – like the aqueducts of our life force. What do we draw energy from, where does it come in, where does it divert, where is it clogged, what’s blocking the flow or what drains it? These are just a few examples of what this Developing an Lexicon of Inner Sensations can provide for us.

But let's not forget that the deeper message here is that its not the content but the context! How we contextualize our experiences can allow us to become fully aware of our ability to shift, change, correct, adjust our energy - and even jump timelines!

The missing link to fully understanding this is the INTERNALIZATION OF OUR HIGHER POWER to do so. Like most of us you probably didn't notice how you’d slowly forgotten that you (your consciousness) holds the master key to changing your energy, too busy with feeling caught in physical pain, emotional drama, relentless thinking and beating yourselves up for what you can't love about yourselves. We simply cannot see how to unify our higher knowing with our daily lives, and so it’s no wonder that it’s often so difficult to see the forest through the trees...

The key to understanding our energy, the universe and all… is WHOLENESS - the universe's way of CREATING. It is our inner and outer separation that feeds the dualistic illusion of specialness on the one hand and loneliness and disconnectedness on the other. We are not whole and so our ego needs constant reassurance. There is no room for trust, unconditionality or allowing - thus there is no room for manifesting a future free of these inner conflicts.

If we want to change how we perceive ourselves and our lives we need to be willing to accept all as is first. Looking at ourselves with a new paradigm in which we draw our life force from within instead of outside of us is not new, and yet we seem farther away from being able to find higher vibrational solutions for our life's choices than ever before. Truth is, we fell for our ego-mind's trick to believe that mentalizing our spiritual journey can bring the desired salvation, only to find that we hit another layer of trying to be special or 'more conscious' than others. Needless to mention that this too contributes to our single-cell survival programming distancing ourselves from our center - the center we all have...

Investigating some of the ways our ego self tries to compensate for its limitations is important to decode our energy system but in the larger picture it's just the tip of the hidden iceberg buried deep within - the reason why we have such a hard time with BEING PRESENT IN OUR HEART is not our Shadow, Karma, Inner Child, other people's/collective energies, implants, or demonic influences. The reason why we can't seem to get access to this inner fountain of energy is our rigid opinion that we have to 'be' in a certain to get there - other than who we truly are. Deep down it is our mind's belief that we are not 'good' or loavable enough to go to the same waterhole as the universe. And sure enough, we can't get there - that is, as long as we cannot love ourselves as part of Divine Creation and Evolution of Consciousness - as IS.

The only way to overcome this inner conflict between physical and spiritual existence is to find and apply the inner ‘glue’ that can bring all our fragmented soul parts back together...

Mentally understanding the aspects that keep us 'un-whole' is just a small part of this integration work! It serves to distract your mind into agreeing to this work. The same counts for your body! The ability to self-heal is in all of us, all we need to do is to show it our love… but that's where the core of the problem is.

How can we love ourselves if we feel unworthy of our own Source?

No matter how much our ego is twisting and turning, kicking and screaming, we cannot feel our inner source of energy to make ourselves whole again without the all encompassing and converging power of our heart (field)! But not the emotional heart that most of us know all too well, but our Sacred Heart.

If we want to rediscover the context of our existence which reflects in our journey’s purpose, we need to look into the center of our center and not some imaginary source/deity/entity/energy outside of us.

Regardless of what we put in front, above or beneath ourselves, our center is always the same unchanging True Self that we all long to be with! Why not give it try in this life time and ditch the things in-between our 3D and Divine existence?!

We are the authority in being who we are – no one else! Our consciousness is the tool to illuminate this truth, our body the vehicle to express it, our heart the way to get there and our soul body the space where they all come together and reunify.

Compassionately understanding our energy, its dynamics, pathways and interactions with others allows us to become able to harmoniously live as a Soul in a Body - and not a Body with a Soul. It empowers us to see our aches and pains, behaviors. perceptions and patterns on the canvas of our eternal divine existence and thus understand that they are merely an expression of our inner state of energy (balanced or imbalanced). As soon as we can feel our Heart and this invisible fountain of healing it makes it possible for us to change it - if we so choose to.

Those of us who were not able to simply enjoy this otherwise really beautiful session, remember that it is not what you ‘do’ and not what you think you ‘are’ that defines your experience - it is your openness and your ability to LET GO of whatever flows your way that allows you to sit back and trust in your heart’s healing power to glue all your pieces back together!

So, for the next and third session tomorrow, try to really feel into your heart-center (Sacred Heart-Field) and how it can unify all that is revealed with all the is to be healed in one simple breath!

Much Love,


Chakra II Session Report Chakra Intensive September 2016 (edited)

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