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Deeper Aspects of our Critical Inner Voice: WHITE SHADOW

By jona bryndis, Jun 29 2015 06:42AM

Have you ever had the thought, that “things were sooo much easier” before you started having all these spiritual insights and deeper realizations? Well, I have – still do - all the time! But I also know that this is what self-healing is all about: Stepping out of my comfort-zone, not listening to my inner critic and facing the reality of my happiness!

Our Critical Inner Voice is a good example. It is one of those subjects that can totally change the way the see and handle inner processes, as it pretty much influences our entire belief system, attitude and views of self and the world around us. Once we recognize our Critical Inner Voice for what it is, either through inner contemplation, reading something about it or talking with others, it’s hammering loud voice in our head cannot be ignored anymore. Actually, if you listen closely you can sometimes hear people’s Critical Inner Voice in the way they talk. Sudden, brief remarks or side notes in a different tone of voice often indicate a vocalization of their inner voice. Pay attention to this for a bit – you’ll be surprised how much we all unconsciously carry these parts of our inner voices on the tip of our tongue!

I remember the time when I thought I was the only one plagued by this constant negative inner self-talk. Knowing what I know today, I think it’s safe to assume that we all intuitively understand what a Critical Inner Voice means, even if we have never heard or read anything about it. What I learned in my personal life and through my energy work practice is that changing our inner attitude, perception of self and communication can initiate a very powerful inner healing process and is often more transformational for our practical lives than gaining intellectual insights or perusing spiritual enlightenment.

Facing the deeper aspects of our Critical Inner Voice requires a clear intention to heal the parts in us that are linked to our inner critic; in fact, for a long-term release of the inner emotional, mental and energetic schisms that can come out of an undisciplined and rampaging Critical Inner Voice, we need even more: We need the courage and willingness to uncover and own our hidden aspects that are expressing through this part of our inner communication. Affirmations, mental reprogramming or reframing can help to get over the first hump to conquer inner negativity, but what truly makes us mentally, emotionally and spiritually grow lies much deeper than just our psychological layers.

In this reflection I would like to jump straight into the deeper energetic aspects of our inner voice and how it doesn’t just show our inner critic, but also parts of our shadow and other ego-defense mechanisms. For a recap read the article “Facing our Critical Inner Voice” and for even deeper understanding check the webinar recording ‘Integrating our Critical Inner Voice’

While the article and the webinar show how our inner critical voice is formed and how it affects our energy field, the associated Remote Energy Work transMISSION in our Men’s and Women’s Healing Circles allowed us to investigate the less obvious intentions of this inner voice. As expected, the energy work in this session guided us to feel out some of the hidden payoffs in listening to our Critical Inner Voice. It was not about the ‘how?’ any more but the ‘why?’ – showing us our true motivation, intentions and inner attitudes towards ourselves and others.

So, why do we listen to our Critical Inner Voice, even though we know about its limiting nature?

One of the keys to unlocking our inner negativity and control cycles is in observing what this voice is feeding us/our ego with: That we are worthless; That we are making stupid choices? Sure! But that’s not all! The Critical Inner Voice can also be the one talking us into ego elevation, specialness and avoiding responsibility. It blames others, fuels anger and fears, victimizes, paints a hostile picture of the world and leads us to believe that we are entitled to get something from others. It is often tied to our white-shadow aspects and almost always working hand-in-hand with codependency, if we are willing/able to see the connection.

If your inner voice is telling you that you need to better; that you deserve better; that you are better; that you are a victim and that others are responsible for your unhappiness, chances are you are still in the midst of processing the true nature of your inner critic! But as always, this is nothing to be frustrated about! On the contrary! If you can decode the hardwires between your inner communication and hidden aspects you are getting way ahead of mainstream psychology and new-age enlightenment practices!

Let’s examine the link between Critical Inner Voice and White-Shadow. First an excerpt of Step 10 of our Sacred Self-Healing Course:

“In contrast to our hidden inner darkness and shadow traits as coping mechanisms, White-Shadow is a form of hidden Shadow. Often, it’s a projection of an altruistic fake self wrapped in seemingly positive, pleasing or accepted behaviors, only put in place to cover up our true sentiments and often trying to compensate for our inner darkness.

White-Shadow is part of our ego’s attempt to feel accepted, respected, worthy and loved. True kindness, lovingness and joy originating in white-shadow are mechanisms based on outside recognition and approval and often feel like sacrifices. Typical White-Shadow traits express themselves in outer niceties and the projection of a loving fake front.

On the interpersonal energetic level White-Shadow often plays out as an unconscious and intricate display of False Self. Its motivation is conditional and therefore requires energy to be kept up; often leading to negative inner sentiments, such as judgment or resentment and strong Critical Inner Voice

Deep down, my expectation to be seen in a certain way is nothing but an attempt to control the other person’s view of me – a projection of my False Self. It forces energy to flow back to me and if this doesn’t occur in the way I expected it, a negative inner response can be triggered. If I do something to get something in return, even if it was ‘just’ to get a good feeling about myself, an energetic hook is placed between me and the other person.

From the other person’s position, being in the presence of someone with strong white-shadow projection is energetically draining and often leads to feelings of inferiority or defensiveness. White-Shadow aggressively asks for an energetic response from another person and thus activates his/her protection mechanisms. This often triggers a battle of resonances in the 3rd Chakra field in the involved persons and often even escalates the hidden game of shadow-traits (i.e. trying to top one another).

When incongruent our inner alignment is not the same as our outer actions, thoughts, feelings, and choices or vice versa. Incongruent behavior can easily be observed when people’s body language expresses one thing but their words another.

The best way to discern White-Shadow from true caring for others is by examining our own subtle energy and inner sentiments as to whether there is a perceived payoff we are expecting through offering or acting on pleasing behaviors."

“Your white shadow is hard to see as it looks pure and worthwhile but often it is nothing more than our fake Mr. Nice Guy, Mrs. Trying-To-Be-Perfect, saviour-of-humanity pretence.”

Stuart Wilde (The New Dignity, 2007)

The reason why I am bringing this up in context with integrating our Critical Inner Voice is that White-Shadow aspects often play out as masked control mechanisms articulated through Critical Inner Voice. In essence, it formulates what our ego uses to blackmail us with – regardless of where it originally came from: through parental, gender-specific collective programming or our personally developed protection/survival mechanisms - the message is the same: “I am not good enough to be loved and I need to control that to feel safe/loved.

Integrating our Critical Inner Voice means looking at all our control mechanisms – including our hidden ones! As long as you keep hearing that your love is conditional – and that you can only feel safe and loved if you comply, control things to your advantage or that you need to elevate yourself, you are still controlled by your ego and its Critical Inner Mouthpiece!

Of course, there is always another layer –karmic debt or inheritance for example – but what this all tells us, is that if we want to make real changes our Critical Inner Voice needs to be challenged and put into its place at all times! Furthermore, it shows us how easily our inner critical voice can overwrite our energy system when our ego control is triggered, regardless of what our higher intentions are. It tells us, that we haven’t found our True Inner Voice yet! This can only be accomplished if we can manage to permanently turn down the volume of our critical voice, so that we can begin to hear our inner guidance coming through our divine heart-connection and being present in the moment.

Special thanks to all participants of the ‘Critical Inner Voice’ Men’s & Women’s Healing Circle transMISSION session.

Much Love,


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