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Dealing with the Side Effects of Global Awakening

By jona bryndis, Nov 8 2016 05:00PM

Global Awakening is not a concept. It's not about wishfull thinking either! For energetically sensitive persons this is been going on for a long time, and often with extremely challenging practical side-effects - sometimes even physical. The nature of this global 'Awakening' process is a revolutionary shift in our consciousness - spreading like virus and overcoming generational as well geographical limitations. What I am referring to is the subtle shift in our energetic receptivity and the awareness, that we are somehow all connected.

However, with this evolution of consciousness also comes with a dramatic shift in perception, albeit often only sensed by the forerunners of our collective movement (empaths and other neurodivergent persons).

It forces us to see truth. At first, it comes the feeling of being crushed in a wave of doubt, anxiety and anger not knowing who we truly are and what we stand for. If we can get through this shift without succumbing to the emotionality of our inner fear, we will begin to feel the strength of our True Self emerging. This is the purpose of Global Awakening – to wake up to a new reality. A reality void of the illusions of our ego perception.

As our senses realign to our inner perception we begin to find solutions and knowing within ourselves. We no longer need to externalize our Higher Power, as we begin to sense it within!

With the Global Awakening also comes an awakening of the Global Shadow. For energetically sensitive people this can be a challenging process. It can lead to isolation on the one hand or impulsive outbreaks on the other. Either way, it’s not fun to suddenly be caught in those collective energy bands without knowing what to expect.

The majority of questions we receive here at transCODES are about how to deal with the side-effects of this heightened energetic perception & sensitivity and how to integrate our new perception into our practical lives. In my energy updates and eductional article series (ETHERIC PROTECTION SERIES & BASCIS OF ENERGY WORK) I regularly report about energetic waves in order to empower those who are have difficulties discerning what’s coming from within themselves and what’s going on in the collective (that we all are a part of). However, often times it’s not our individual lack of understanding of what is going on but the missing or misunderstood context of resonating aspects within ourselves. How these waves affect us personally always links directly back at how conscious we are about our own ‘stuff’.

Trying to figure things out is Old School - Feeling things out is New School

The purpose of this awakening process is to learn how to apply our heightened energetic sensitivity in our pratical lives. And for this we need to learn to trust in our heart and inner discernment. The challenges of trusting in ur inner guidance versus rigid opinions and outer rules can be very rewarding and show in a totally new way of seeing our purpose in life, be it through progressing in your own personal journey, becoming independent, or learning how to allow our inner energies to fully guide us.

No matter what you will do with it, your perception, your heightened sensitivity -your inner guidance will always be with you wherever you go: to the grocery store, Starbucks, meeting friends or family or going to a party....and it's not always that mystical - sometimes it's simply logical - energies around us are always there, they will always be there and were always there before – it’s just that we can sense them now.

What matters now is to realize that you can feel now - and to embrace it! As a consequence, we learn to adapt better, we can respond instead of react and we can access our inner guidance regardless of whether we are dealing with inner processes, warding off external energies or unfolding your full potential.

But heightened energetic sensitivity can also cause a lot of confusion in life. If not properly identified, it can lead to difficulties with relationships, career or even lead to physical, mental or emotional disorders. Often the hardest part is the feeling of being alone or not fitting in. Many of us find ourselves with no one to talk to or ask how to deal with the ongoing bombardment of emotions, thoughts or weird physical sensations. Out of fear being judged and the lack of guidance many resort to shutting down their inner perception or numbing in various ways, only to find that the side-effects of resisting our energetic sensitivity can be much worse.

Do we really want to know?

Knowing what’s going on in the world or around us is only a small part of understanding the purpose of energetic sensitivity. True answers can only be found by connecting with our own inner guidance - by feeling more and thinking less. In order to find meaning we need to bring our experiences into perspective with our energetic and karmic set-up. However, this is also the biggest challenge for most. If we begin to truly feel, what will we discover? A secret shadow-aspect we’ve been hiding from ourselves? A fake self we’ve been cultivating? A relationship that is not true to us anymore?

Yes. When aligning to inner and outer truth we will most likely discover aspects we haven’t been willing to deal with or face yet. But, at the same time these are exactly the parts in us that are holding us back or causing us pain. Ego perception is the part in us that doesn’t want to see - that tries to deny, defend, avoid, justify or protect. It is our shadow.

The fact that we all begin to feel these aspects within and around us now doesn't mean they weren't there before; it just means that our perception is changing! What we are beginning to see now is there for us to learn how to embrace our own shadow.

Global Awakening - A Critical View

Many of us are of the generation whose expectations were that the world would suddenly change to the better where all people would unite in love and cease war… well, 30 years later we know that this is not how global awakening works. With every wave comes a counter-wave. You can call it ‘dark forces’ or conspiracy if you want, but the deeper understanding of energetic dynamics reveals a much less mystical explanation of how evolution takes place:

Evolution is a gradual adaptation to outer and inner changes through energetic quantum leap upgrades within us in order to match outer frequency changes. It is the manifestation of the eternal battle of resonances. Thus, the more dark forces arise, the more light forces emerge.

Awakening begins with waking up to a new reality. This new reality is not a lala-land with flowing waterfalls and magical unicorns coming to the rescue. It is a reality that is aligned to truth - void of the falsities of our ego perception and fear of our shadow.

Let me ask you something: How did you think a global awaking would happen for you? By sleeping through it? Or by believing you are chosen? Our new reality is a reality in which we are fully aware of our power and responsibility as co-creators of this world - which can also include mystical waterfalls and unicorns – but it takes conscious effort. To embrace this wake-up call with the inner wisdom of our heart and the guidance of our all-seeing eye we need to wake up to truth first.

The best protection from the Global Shadow is to know your own Shadow

Evolutionary changes come as a result of the more life supporting and more adaptive power persisting. Darkness is life contracting and rigid. It’s based on fear, power-games, anger, envy and selfishness. It lives off an artificial life-support – the ivory tower of our ego – darkness is what promotes us hanging on to our unhealed aspects.

The best protection from the influence of global darkness in this transitory state right now is to wake up – to become real, to feel and to be in the present. The less unresolved ego aspects we have, the less we are in danger to be swept away by its inevitable downfall due to the inability to adjust to the faster vibratory resonances developing right now.

Evolution of Consciousness is not about winning – it’s about persisting

While the process of global awaking as envisioned here may seem a bit gloomy, it is important to understand that change always happens in balance. With growing challenges come improved tools and abilities to solve them. The purpose of energetic sensitivity, or heightened energetic perception, is to become an independent Self, able to discern truth from falsehood – and to manifest only life-supporting and love-based energies within and around us.

We won’t have all answers, but we can learn to trust in our Inner Higher Power. If our alignment is based on truth, we can begin to trust in the 'divine order' of all things, and answers come to us without seeking.

Don’t be afraid of these new sensations rising within you! Your body will begin to act like a tuning fork. Right now, today we are at the peak of higher vibratory energies anchoring into the physical. Not sure about you but many of us have been feeling this upgrade of high frequencies streaming in as physical painful. Don’t’ allow this to confuse you! Physical anchoring is one of the side-effects of energetic sensitivity, which means that your body will always be a bit more sensitive to the outer energies. The trick in dealing with these intensities is to not allow it to make you feel low emotionally. If you have done your homework and know your unhealed aspects you will experience that you actually have a choice – you can give in to your fear and disconnect with your heart, or you can use it as opportunity to learn to love yourself even more in those times.

With each introspection, meditation, energy work session or silent contemplation you do your energy will speed up and adjust accordingly. The greater your willingness to uncover your ego and shadow, and with it the breeding grounds for lower energies with in, the better you will be able to understand and contextualize your energetic perceptions and physical sensations.

The more practice he have the faster we get at doing this! The practical application is that we can catch disharmonic frequencies (mental, emotional, physical, collective, etheric) before they can latch on and lower the vibratory rate of our personal energy field.

Therefore, there is no need to deny our shadows anymore! The cool thing about embracing our energetic perception is that we become able to accept and embrace our inner darkness as part of our whole energetic system. We know our inner darkness and can feel it when it tries to come in. All we need to do is to counter balance darkness with our inner light and make instant corrections. This is what allows us to trust – to trust in ourselves and in other, because we are to do ‘online-discernment, correction, clearing and transcending’.

Learning how to deal with Energetic Sensitivity and Perception allows you to respond rather than react to outer and inner energies shifting. People who choose to stay asleep do not have this choice!

(Also read: "High Vibrational Living" article series)

Granted, learning how to deal with all this can be frustrating at times. In the middle of this transformation process many of us are still struggling with old patterns, such as judgment, fear, self-worth, inherited (and karmic) patterns and lack of Self-Love, but we also begin to feel new strength and discover new inner abilities. Know that this physical integration process serves the purpose to help you discover and understand the dynamics of your inner energies - so that you can adjust to outer and inner changes more easily.

Becoming congruent with this new way of perceiving the world will support your efforts to maintain balance and harmony within, even – and especially – in challenging situations. This new strength is the manifestation of our awakening: We know truth, we can stay strong, and never lose our connection with our own inner light! And some of us can even become beacons of light in the dark for others, if we choose to.

This is how we can stay calm and in a position of strength and joy, as there is nothing left to fear or defend. We know, that we have the ability to make corrections as we go, and we trust in the power of our inner guidance.

All that is left to do is to trust in this Inner Higher Power – and to live in our heart!

Thank you for your time.

Much Love,

jona bryndis


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