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Dealing With Our Shadow: Outerlimitsradio Interview with Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper

By jona bryndis, Feb 17 2016 12:59PM

In this 80 min radio show Ryan McCormick, outerlimitsradio.com discusses the deeper psychological and energetic view of working with our Shadow Traits for the purpose of self-healing. If you want to learn more about Shadow-Work click here for "Understanding the Purpose of Shadow Work".

After (about 30 min into the show) a talk with Jungian Psychoanlayst Dr. James Hollis, Ph.D., which is very interesting, he interviews Jeff and I in regards to the many different energetic aspects of our Shadow, Global Shadow, Inner Child and Remote Prayers followed by a vivid (and not so serious) discussion about the practical aspects of energy healing.

(click here to listen to the radio show Facing The Dragon Within)

For the subject of his great radio show, Ryan picked up on Jeff 's and my work in the Sacred Self-Healing Program which has a big part of its practical healing work dedicated to the reintegration of our Shadow Aspects. If you want to know more about this self-study course click here.

Facing one’s Shadow involves the conscious process of acknowledging, accepting, letting go and healing one’s very own hidden aspects as they arise. In Shadow-Work we approach these often hidden aspect(s) from a heart level with the understanding and compassion that our shadows or shunned pieces are still a part of us, which can include our inner child and karmic aspects. As soon as we accomplish this, we can have compassion and eventually understanding for the behaviors, negativity, and typically pain that goes with the shadow.

Shadow-Work is the (often life-long process) of learning how to love our unloved inner aspects.

Our self-healing can begin!

Enjoy listening to this great show!

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES and Remote Prayers

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