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Come Back To All Your Senses!

By jona bryndis, Nov 8 2016 09:24PM

ENERGY UPDATE: 5th - 11th November 2016

Weekly Energy Digest Week 46

Feeling like 'something big is going to happen' can be a huge burden for an energetically sensitive person. It's like sitting in the middle of pressure cooker without knowing what this is all about.

All my life I have been sensitive to atmospheric pressure... every time a low pressure weather system would move into my area I would have an excruciating headache. Until it finally started to rain or storm; as soon as the storm would start to break loose, my headache would immediately disappear and I'd feel fine again. So many times, I found myself wishing for the big storm to come, just so I wouldn't have to feel the pressure in me anymore.

This is how many of us are feeling this right now. It can lead to overstimulation and the need to isolate and cut ourselves off from the ongoing energetic bombardment - which will not serve you! The energetic bombardment in wake of the US Elections, looming unresolved global, political and geopolitical problems has reached a point where we just wish for all of that to be over with... but...

Fellow empaths - this is one of the moments in your life when this attitude can be dangerous!

Be careful what you wish for!

So many of us were conditioned to shut down their sensitivity all their lives, be it because it made us appear like a weirdo, we got shunned for it (often in early childhood) or simply because we didn't want to deal with the often painful or confusing sensations.

Watch your energy everyone! Do not just wish for the storm just because you've had enough or can't take it anymore! Connect with all your sensed!

Yes, it understandable that you had enough - but never forget, that being energetic sensitive is not a one-way street! Energies are entangled! The reason why we happen to feel this more than others is an indicator that we have a predisposition (most likely karmic) to consciously observing our energies interacting with others - and often also that we need to learn how to work it correctly. What I mean to say is, that there is a purpose for being energetically sensitive - and that is not to manipulate, but to emotionally and spiritually evolve.

As I mentioned in my most recent podcast "How Do Deal With Global Changes" (listen here or click on link) - the fact that so many of us are awakening to our senses is no coincidence!

We are in the middle of a massive global revolution! The revolution of evolution!

(please read: "Dealing With The Side-Effects of Global Awakening")

This is the 'true' revolution - and this is what we need to look at! The rise of the Global Shadow is just the counter-effect of people evolving out of old paradigms. Do not get distracted by this!

Evolution is not about winning - it's about persisting!

Just because most of us are still learning how discern our own energies from collective energies it doesn't mean that our personal energy is isolated from the rest of the collective. This is very important to understand!

Do not numb yourself or turn your back on what is happening now! You've come all this way! Now, is the time to be fully present, even if it means that you have to sit in lower vibratory emotions for a bit, because the Global Shadow is rearing up one last time before its final demise.

Allow yourself to come back to your full senses! Realign to your heart, 50 times a day if needed, and keep learning how to consolidate your energy field without having to cut off or dissociate.

The greater your willingness to uncover your own ego and shadow, and with it the breeding grounds for lower energies in you, the better you will be able to understand and contextualize your energetic perceptions and physical sensations coming from outside of you.

Be as authentic as you can be - connect with your True Self and only agree to energies, foods, thoughts people, that are energy promoting! Don't give up!

You are the Revolution!

Dealing with 'losing ones senses' means taking particularly good care of your heart and your sensing organs. In addition, our energetic sensitivity is being hacked right how! So, be wakeful!

Many people have been reporting about eye problems, ear infections, cold sores, and rashes, especially in the face and on our hands. The only way to reintegrate these body parts is through removing the 'thorn in the eye' and to be awake. These are signs that you are overstimulated and bombarded.

Align to your heart, spend as much time away from people in nature! Meditate, contemplate and allow your energy to readjust! Socialize only with people who can keep their calm and don't get into heated or polarized discussions. Refrain from forming oppinions and most of all from getting pulled into having to say something about what is going on. We all just know 5% of what's really going on, therefore chiming in or opposing just energizes the collective matrix!

With each introspection, meditation, energy work session or silent contemplation you do your energy will speed up and adjust. Give yourself space to feel truth from within but don't withdraw - it's important to be present with all your senses!

All the best!

jona bryndis

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