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Collectively Liberating the ‘FALLEN FEMININE’ within - Gaia's Wisdom

By jona bryndis, May 2 2017 05:00AM

In practical spiritualism we see Divine Wisdom as something that can only be obtained, or better say, reclaimed, if we are willing to let go of our collective programming and healing the 'original wound' of our humanity. You may not agree, but from an energetic point of view the biggest evolutionary collective task is the liberation of The Feminine. This has nothing to do with making women more special or better than men; on the contrary! This is about reconnecting humanity back to its Divine Creation Powers through consciousness development.

The growing number of highly sensitive people, empaths and energetically sensitives is showing us that we are evolving...

Why is it so difficult for us as collective to accept that it’s not our conditioned rationality – our presumed strong side - but our ability to feel, to be soft, creative and allowing – our considered ‘weaker’ part - that is needed to experience the undiscovered potential of human spirituality?

While our western society generally understands the continued need to integrate equality and emancipation, religious and esoteric texts often only offer a clouded or biased perspective on this subject. In my view as spiritual energy coach this is why so many of us retreat from the narrow path of specific belief systems and try to find our own definition of integrity.

The kind of wisdom we are seeking is more differentiated than ‘immaculate femininity’ and ‘selfless chivalry’. We want more! Whether we are male or female, we want to feel spirit and not think of what we need to do to get there. We want to learn how incorporate the liberated masculine/feminine unity within ourselves.

As we set out on our journey and learn to connect with our inner truth, we learn to silence our mind and how to bring in the softness of our heart and reclaiming the beauty in our human existence. Through connecting with our inner feelings and our rather feminine energies we experience our essence and begin to let go of inner judgment and mental looping.

Don’t expect me to go into the necessity for man and women alike to reunite masculine and feminine energies within, I have written enough about this subject in the past (click here to see past articles on Masculine & Feminine Energies). Instead I would like to invite you to take a deeper look into what makes it so difficult to deal with our own humanity, and which part of us still needs to be transcended.

We already understand the principle of unified dualisms within and most importantly we got past other believes, such as needing to sit in a certain position, have a certain diet or recite ancient language mantras to feel our inner divinity. Instead of following how we think we need to be to become ‘spiritual’ we go outside and connect with nature and feel…

…we sit under a tree or walk on grass, even in the midst of a concrete jungle, touching the ground with our bare feet or getting our hands in the dirt. Whenever we can we connect with Gaia, so that we can drop wanting to be somebody. Suddenly, we even forget about not being god enough or not lovable – we simply feel engulfed by the presence of eternal beauty… Within a few minutes we align to what IS – relax into our inner heart-connection and feel oneness within.

Nothing that needs to be changed – nothing that needs to be done – this feeling is never getting old!

Why can’t we always feel this way? What is in the way of feeling our own divine presence?

We all know that there is an innate healing power in aligning to our feeling, but the reality of our busy lives is that we are far from feeling connected within. We avoid, dodge, shut down, distract and overpower our heart whenever under stress. For some reason there still is the belief, that softness equals weakness.

When was the last time you shared a spontaneous expression of gratitude or joy of being alive?

How long as it be since you painted a picture, wrote a love letter or simply hummed along your way?

When was the last time you openly talked about your deepest inner fears?

When was the last time you really felt your feelings?

If you are caught in your inner conflicts between trying to be strong and opening up – between being centered and allowing others in – then you are in good company! No matter how long we have been on our conscious journey, there still is a part of us that shies away from showing and acting on our softer side!

In order to ‘make it’ or fit in it seems almost impossible to allow ourselves to show the sensitivity of our feminine energies within.

Fallen Humanity

Many of us can only find this place when we are in nature. Here, we can balance all dividing polarities within and we can find inner peace through connecting with Gaia or Nature as the only true representation of Divine Order on this planet.

While Gaia is mostly seen as the symbolic energetic representation of Femininity there is much more in aligning to the Divine Feminine than just grounding or connecting with Feminine Energies – it is the resurrection and reconciliation with our primal and sometimes gutteral human qualities – the Human Collective Shadow if you will.

To transcend our conditioned fears and judgments towards the Divine Feminine we need to allow our deepest fears and transgressions to heal, which can only happen in conjunction with the creative power of beauty, conception, forgiveness and inspiration at the same time – the inner marriage of both our primal energies.

Once we can see that we need to embrace both – our softness and strength - without preoccupation, dualism or judgment we have arrived at the Alpha and Omega point of reclaiming our own Divinity. But because our psyche is programmed to believe otherwise – namely that we can only overcome our existential dilemma through the force of our ego instead, we get stuck in our own inner darkness and blame it on our humanity, temptation, and our inner weakness.

What are communicating to ourselves when we think being human is weak?

In history, the archetypal conflict of inner dualisms – the Masculine and Feminine within – has been skewed and transfigured. Deeper levels of healing the human spirit have widely been misrepresented as the unfortunate, unsuccessful or even tragic endeavor of the Fallen Feminine archetype.

The Fall of Humanity was equated with the Fallen Feminine - symbolized by the evil temptress Eve who mislead Adam and with it humanity into its demise in her search for wisdom. The list goes on: Mary Magdalene degraded as Sacred Prostitute to serve Masculinity to accomplish his task of saving the world; or the wrathful mother in form of Kali who instigated the destruction of humanity through her wrath.

Can you feel the programming?

“It’s not good to align to the Feminine – only bad things can come out of it”

In order to understand the significance of Liberating the ‘Fallen Feminine’ for our collective healing process we can find some interesting alternatives in the metaphysical (Gnostic in this case) concepts behind the Redemption of the Fallen Feminine Spirit - and their importance for us in this exciting phase of human consciousness development.

On the level of practical and integrative spiritualism, which is probably the best way to describe my approach of applied energy work or what others call Spiritual Ascension, the first thing that needs to be overcome is our tendency to get hung up on terminology. Exclusive vocabulary and Lingo promote esoterism and thus specialness, as they can’t be understood by anyone. Therefore, most contemporary texts that describe the metaphysical context between Divine Femininity and Masculinity are dippy or use terms that derive from mythological or ancient writings that don’t make any sense anymore.

However, there are a few areas where we will find a certain familiarity with core words such as Gaia or Divine Consciousness that have found its way into our mainstream spiritual dictionary. Let’s take a deeper look into the mythology of Gaia...

Mythology of Gaia Sophia

The term Gaia Sophia is derived from the Gnostic myth and creation story, in which Sophia is seen as personification of the Divine Feminine Spirit and Divine Wisdom (see Definition below). Her spirit resides in our planet Earth and functions as the live-bringer and protector of humanity. She symbolizes the liberated rebirth of Divine self-expression and shows us the sacred path of self-healing through prompting us to harmonize our Divine nature with our mortal physical existence though spiritual reflection, self-correction and redemption.

“The (mother principle) stands of the power that is active unconsciously in the soul, that brings about the raising into consciousness of the divine element in humanity…here we have one of the central concepts of Mystery-teachings, which acknowledges the human soul as the mother of the god, leading human beings unconsciously and it the inevitability of a nature force to their union with the divine “ Rudolf Steiner

Her mystical narrative represents the feminine counter-part to the Jesus redemption story, in which she redeems herself through her unconditional love for humanity. Sacrificing her place in ‘heaven’ through staying with us humans and protecting her beloved but flawed manifestations. She is devoted to teach us the mysteries of the Feminine as part of our relationship with nature and the divine bringing humanity into harmony with the divine and natural order of rebirth.

Through our alignment with Divine Feminine we receive the initiation in divine understanding, allowing for the inner Union of myth and reason – the unconscious and the rational – the subjective and objective. It’s guiding us safely through our mystical inner search and struggles on our path to Divine Wisdom.

This inner spiritual transcendence process represents the ongoing process of creation within us. It teaches us that we are indeed an integral part of creating the suffering in our world – but also that all human struggle can be healed, if we are willing to let go of the projections of our ego and finally dedicate our inner union to become of service to all humanity.


Our personal salvation and self-sought redemption thus mirrors the restoration of the divine nature of humanity and transfigures our individual self-healing journey into a universally significant event.

The process of allowing the resonance of Divine Feminine to permeate our energy body allows us to bring the feminine aspects of our spirituality back into the light. It initiates the emancipation and reconciliation of wounded feminine aspects and unifies the mother and father principle within us (Unified Solar Principle).  

This leads us to the Sacred Rebirth of our inner light and the fusion with our Divine (Christ-) Consciousness, through which we are reborn as self-actualized Holy Trinity of the Divine Father, Divine Mother and Divine Creation (Nature).


The practical spiritual application of this sacred rebirthing process is the unconditional integration of self-love through dissolving all remainders of unhealed mother and femininity aspects within us. This has nothing to do with feminism!

The essence of attuning our energy body to the resonance of Gaia Sophia is therefore not the seeking of more knowledge, or becoming ‘better’ than the Masculine/Father principle that still dominates our societies, but in the acceptance of Divine Truth emanating through our inner guidance and subjective internalization of our inner higher power.

The core of liberating the Fallen Feminine signifies the completion of our inner self-unification and thus brings back the needed wholeness into our live to freely love and be loved.

Thank you for your time reading this metaphysical excurse!

However, before I let you go, I want to point out the Sacred Inner Rebirth of our True Self is not just some philosophical or mental concept – it is a hands on inner healing process and goes very deep. Here, at transCODES we accompany our clients in this process, and it often takes several years of dedicated inner consciousness work.

Anybody who is willing to walk this path will experience an inner transformation that is unlike following any belief or belonging to a spiritual group!

Healing Processes Connected with aligning to Gaia's Wisdom
- Spiritual Reconnecting

- Rediscovering Inner Feeling vs. Conceptualizing

- Finding our True Inner Voice

- Allowing our Intuition & Perception

- Listening to our Inner Guidance

- Reconciling with our Inner Child

- Emancipating/Balancing both Masculine and Feminine Energies within

- Shadow-Work

- Trauma Healing

- Karmic Resolution

- Reunion, True Love & Relationship aspects

- Application of Spiritual Wisdom & Heart-based Manifestation

If you are interested check out our private and group sessions to connect with Feminine and/or Masculine Healing Energies. Click here for overview on energy healing sessions and events.

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

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