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Bascis Of High Vibrational Living - Part 5: Aligning Our Energy To Our Higher Goals in Life

By jona bryndis, Sep 10 2016 07:00AM

Most of us are aware of the importance of inner attitude and beliefs in regards to successfully manifesting a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. In mainstream media we can learn much about affirmations and other mind-tools that can help us to mentally align to our goals in Life. The picture of a slimmer you on the fridge, or the affirmation to become rich may help you to visualize your goals, but often also set you up for frustration cycles at the same time, as they keep reminding you on what you don’t have at the moment.

The manifestation of higher vibrational goals in our life is way more complex than just wishing for a better outcome through mental visualization or affirmation!

Those, who work with the deeper aspects of Self and Self-Healing experience their manifestation process differently. They understand that everything is energy, that it is part of a greater Energy Field (Divine Field) and that everything can be transformed into a certain direction, if they change their inner energetic alignment according to the energy of the goal. They also know, that the energetic quality of their goal can determine the outcome tremendously.

The number one mistake most people do is to find low vibratory solutions for high vibratory problems!

Energetic Quality of Your Goals

The purpose of consciously aligning our energy to higher vibrational frequencies is to train our energy. Over time our personal energy field will not only begin to resonate with what we align to but also spontaneously actualize or manifest – including spontaneous healing as well as general health, abundance, love and oneness.

Successful people don’t distract themselves with short-term gratification; they know what they want; they are focused and they are willing to do what is needed to get there. They weed out all unnecessary or compulsive goals.

In energetic terms this applies too, however the quality of our manifestation depends on the quality of our goals. And the quality of our goals depends on the energetic quality of our consciousness. If our goals are located in the area of survival, desire and power they have a significantly lower energetic quality than goals resonating on the level of Integrity, Health, Love, Peace or Oneness.

The core question we need to ask ourselves is whether a momentary wish or goal is actually worthwhile perusing. Wasting our energy on desire-driven ‘wants’ and ‘gotta gets’ is one of the biggest mistakes people do. Not only does it magnetize our insatiable ego’s gettingness, it also diverts precious energy from more important goals in life, such as loving relationships, happy family-life, financial independence or having a fulfilling job. Therefore, we need to evaluate if we really need what we think we need before we set out our energy on aligning to it.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions around ‘higher goals’ and purposes such as Peace or Love. The main reason why most of us humans are unhappy in life is because we tend to mix up the energetic meaning of our goals. We unconsciously align to the lower energetic meaning by substituting the higher vibration with the lower:

Love with Desire;

Oneness with Control;

Beauty with Specialness;

Health/Wealth with Survival,

Integrity with Manipulation,

and Peace with Power.

If you want know the true energetic quality of your goals ask yourself where you goals are coming from:

1. “What is the driving force behind my goal or wish?”

2. “What is its energetic level? Is it based on Love or Desire? Oneness or Specialness? Ego or True Self?”

3. “Suppose you get what you want, what will it do for you and how does that converge my overall goals in life? Does it get you any closer to your life goals?”

By contemplating or mediating about these questions you can weed out all lower energetic alignments and focus on what you really want; and most of all you will loosen the grip of collective programming over your energy and goals in life.

Understanding the Basics of Dynamics Of High Vibrational Living

As you can see, the qualitative evaluation of your inner alignment is not just about your attitudes, beliefs – not even your willpower. True success is about the art of aligning your energy to the right cause or goal. The more true to you, the more congruent you will be – the stronger your manifestation power!

If your energy is aligned to lower vibratory emotions (fear, lack, anger, pride) the outcomes will inevitably be low as well. Trying to accomplish higher vibratory goals while in a lower state is not possible. If you want to stract higher vibrational people and manifestations into your life you need to learn how to shift our energy first!

The difference can only be felt through our inner energetic and spiritual connection. Therefore, mental alignment alone is not enough. Your mind has limitations; and one of the biggest limitations is that it cannot discern between what is true to you and what isn’t!

The hardest part about becoming one with the Divine Field is not to understand it but to realize that we all are already a part of it!

Aligning Our Energy to Higher Goals

The practice of aligning our energy to higher vibratory states is one of the core energy work techniques in healing and self-healing. But different from most New-Age or Mainstream teachings, energetic alignment is not just about spiritual beliefs either. Wishful thinking and believing that ‘God or Love can heal everything’ is not very practical. The world is full of lower vibrations and keeping up our own energy levels is tough enough. Externalizing our manifestation powers to a power outside of us, a fantasy or conspiracy lowers our energy as well.

Energetic Alignment is a skill that can be learned. It is very practical. It comes through a proper foundation of being connected within and teaches how to learn our personal lexicon of inner signals & sensations through introspection.

(read more in Basics of High Vibrational Living - Part 1)

Knowing how to align or realign our inner energy is especially efficient in moments of challenge or confusion. It allows us to refocus and shift our inner energy back into the desired energetic quality. Also, realigning our inner energy to higher vibratory resonances can also unlock the remembrance of our true being and with it out true purpose and goals in life. Therefore, besides amping up our manifestation powers the biggest benefit from learning how to align our energy to higher vibratory energies is discovering what we truly want. For most of us, not knowing what we want is the main cause for weak outcomes.

Energy tends to converge, reunite or resonate with its environment. This is how we absorb energy from others, but also why it is important what kind of quality of energy we surround ourselves with. It is also the reason why we have to choose carefully, what or whom we align to!

Internalizing higher vibratory states can most easily accomplished through exposure; in other words by consciously choosing what energies we expose ourselves to. Energetic expose happens all the time: while reading, listening, watching, feeling, talking and interacting with others and the world around us. The quality of the energy we expose ourselves to is therefore very important! In context with energetic alignment our ability to feel and qualify energies in and around becomes now crucial!

In this article I can only suggest to align to pure and universal divine energies around us: Gaia, our planet, and its mystical energies in form of nature and elements, as their energetic quality is pure, without agenda and one of the highest vibratory frequencies we can align to on this planet. In transMISSIONS, Energy Coaching and the Sacred Self-Healing Course I teach how to align to specific resonances, based on the level of consciousness we are targeting with our goals.

Remember, actualization is not about whether you understand the concept of higher consciousness with your mind or not; it’s about whether you have the courage to ‘walk-the-talk.’ The only question that matters is if you are ready into hand over your life, your views and your failures and your successes to your inner higher power – to become that which you already are - a manifested soul with a body.

Thank you for your time!

Much love,

Jona Bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES


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