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Announcement: transCODES Joins The World Heritage Healing Center Project

By jona bryndis, Jun 19 2017 08:49PM

transCODES is a proud contributor of The World Heritage Healing Center, the world's first global collaboration of Medical Science, Health Technology, Energy Healing and Virtual Health Reality. A collective initative founded by David Thompson.

The World Heritage Healing Center is a global non-profit crowdfunding project evolving a new paradigm of health and radical well-being. By combining principles from quantum physics, medical science and ancient wisdom to address our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, we can achieve a new way of approaching healing and human potential - more powerful than anything we have ever known.

This revolutionary concept combines latest advancements in energy medicine and provides health education on a whole new level of understanding the human body and represents everything transCODES has been working on over the past 10 years.

With the best of fully integrative healthcare the World Heritage Healing Center will become a worldwide superstructure, focused on healing and maximizing human capabilities, encompassing local healing centers, hospitals and a virtual reality based online remote healing platform.

Through this higher vibratory open resource approach we are inviting healing professionals, corporations and scientific institutions to become a part of this enterprise.

Join us!

Together, we can raise our collective frequency to a higher vibration of conscious awareness and leave a world-bettering legacy, that benefits everyone now and though many generations to come.

Click Here to Donate to this Crowdfunding Project.

Thank you!

Much Love,


For open positions and becoming a sponsor please contact [email protected]

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