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Anchoring The Fusioned Heart-Mind Into the Physical

By jona bryndis, May 30 2016 08:25PM

Intro Field Reports

For those of you interested in how to apply spiritual and metaphysical concepts into your practical life, I am occasionally sharing so-called Field Reports. They are session reports of our ongoing group transMISSIONS here at transCODES, showing how we do this energetic ground-work. In case you have been wondering what Remote Energy transMISSIONS and how they work, these reports allow you to peek in to and feel out for yourself how we work on our inner aspects in groups or individual remote energy sessions. (For more info about Remote Energy transMISSIONS click here.)

Our session or field reports are posted in our transMISSION forum community after a session to give all participants the opportunity to compare, comment, reflect and share. Our energy coaches keep a protocol of each attendant’s energy field during a transMISSION, so that they can answer or respond to personal aspects as they arise in context with the session.

Anchoring The Fusioned Heart-Mind Into the Physical

GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion transMISSION Marathon

In case you have been wondering, it’s very normal to feel a little spacey after the GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion – not to mention a transMISSION Marathon. This modality in particular addresses our brain wiring, and so it could be considered ‘normal’ if you still feel a little ‘mind wiped’.


As for our last and 9th Session (Reprogramming) many of us experienced a final letting go of OLD BURDENS. This was very individual and showed us transCOACHES once more that sometimes letting go happens in increments or different levels if you will. Because of this effect we have become very appreciative of these Marathon opportunities and love them for ourselves, although they are often challenging. From all we have experienced since we started offering transMISSION Marathons we can confirm that the built momentum in the group field that is reached through three sessions per day helps to release or break through our deeper patterns and hard-wiring – even if you have only attended one or two sessions per day.



There was a lot of BALANCE and SYMMETRY work in this final session - you may have felt tingling or cracking in your back, spine or shoulders. Apart from that most energetic sensations were around our 5th Chakra/throat/face and lower belly (2nd Chaka) and lower back.

Another interesting thing I noticed was that especially the spinal straightening aspect of the GRACE code continued for some of you who participated in the GRACE True Love transMISSION later.


Physical Anchoring


Our physical structure (bones, tendons, ligaments) is just as much part of our energy body as our Chakras, energy fields, DNA, neurological, digestive, respiratory, or circulatory system. The theme of ANCHORING OF OUR FUSIONED HEART-MIND INTO THE PHYSICAL recurred through all our nine sessions, and showed how it’s not just our mind but our entire energy body that needs to be restructured and reorganized when this inner fusion is initiated!


What made this Marathon really unique though is how the GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion code worked through all layers of our systems:

- Endocrine System (energetic merging of our pineal and pituitary glands)

- DNA (upgrade of light-info in our replication process)

- Cell Memory & Structure (removal of trauma energy stored in our cell-information)

- Neurotransmitter System (Loosening of hard-wired neurological pathways)

- Emotional Clearing (Releasing Chakra blocks)

- Mental Clearing (Rewiring of Mental loops and spirals)

- Karmic Aspects (Removing Energetic Implants and Collective Programming)

- Physical Systems (Clearing of digestive and bone structure!)

And of course

- Heart-Field (Accessing and holding our sacred heart-space)


Very cool!


More than anything, Anchoring of our FUSIONEND HEART-MIND into the physical means APPLYING our journey into our practical lives! Nothing affects our choices and perspectives more than being connected with our heart’s intelligence. It changes how we see ourselves, how we regard another, how we communicate, and lastly forms the ability to discern between what is true to us and what isn’t. It determines how we communicate with ourselves and how we handle crises or challenging situations; it neutralizes deeply stored or blocking energies and allows us to find higher vibratory solutions or responses when we would normally resort to our knee-jerk or hard-wired reactions and behavior patterns.


Learning how to initiate our inner fusion allows us to bring our Heart-Mind into our practical lives - as partners, parents, children, friends or co-workers!


The main characteristic of this session was the FINAL RELEASE of old burdens in the emotional realm and attachments to mental beliefs and conditioned thinking structures. Practically spoken, this refers to what Jeff had written in the report for our 8th session:


“…the courage to break out of completely or face anything that comes forward from within to slow us down, keep us in our egos, or restricted.  The stance that is developed out of this, and continued work, is so effective that it will keep expanding as we do, and as new patterns, old patterns, or combinations of these come forward we can easily say…  


‘I’m not going to let this run me anymore,’ 


‘I’m not going to let this end me or break me,’ 


‘I will stand strong in my heart as long as needed to heal and change this pattern.’


This is the stance that will come when needed now as you keep going.  This has developed out of our own dedication to the process and to your willingness/intention to be within your heart.  The end place has already been established, now it is just practice and time. “

(also see STEP 18 Sacred Self-Healing)


In this context, the purpose of our last session was to develop ENERGETIC INDEPENDENCE and a NEW EMPOWERED SELF-PERCEPTION that allows us to actively change and neutralize persistent dissonances. Through our intentional focus on INNER CONGRUENCE (the attunement between our spiritual alignment, thoughts, emotions and behaviors) and the BALANCE that is activated in this way, we were strengthening our ENERGETIC STANCE and with it our independence from the influence of negative outer and inner programming.


Throughout our sessions we learned that this can express in many different ways:

- By developing the ability to DISCERN TRUTH

- Through internalizing of our soul’s sovereignty, which then adds an important new reference feeling and soul-level vocabulary (lexicon of inner sensations)

- By feeling and applying our ability to clear the darkness that clouds our heart and with it our false perceptions

- Through having a reproducible inner experience of being connected with the observer part in us - OUR DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS – which allows us to understand the broader perspective and context that we find ourselves in.

(also see STEP 6 Sacred Self-Healing)



For the times to come, the deeper meaning of this learning experience will not just be retained as some ‘fancy metaphysical or esoteric concept’ but the hands-on ability to feel your INNER HIGHER POWER, so that you can apply to trust in it and to act on it! It will shift your experience of yourself and the world and allow you to feel fully in charge of your own energies! TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for whichever energetic state you find yourselves in, while knowing how to shift it is probably one of the most important spiritual tools you have ever learned.


Without the ability to discern (inner perception) and stay in your own truth (inner heart-space), your intentions have very little power!

Without this self-reflective act of knowing your TRUTH, ‘taking responsibility’ will stay linked to blame and shame and distract your mind into ‘who’s fault it is!’ If you can remember that your TRUE POWER comes from your heart’s and not your ego-mind’s intelligence, you will stand strong and know that any emotional or mental looping you are experiencing is nothing but your ego’s fear of the end of itself - and thus become able to transmute our experience of reality altogether!


For many of us, this transMISSION Marathon also allowed us to detect the parts in us that aren’t even ours to begin with and to clear those independently. Many of you (your energies) were extremely self-sufficient and confident in clearing your own ‘clouds’ in this last session - something that showed us that you are truly applying what you have been learning through this inner work!


While your energy systems have been working with these higher vibrational energy codes throughout the entire three days of continual transMISSIONS, each and every session allowed for a deeper assimilation of the transmitted healing resonances. The final ‘breathing your energy into these codes’ was nothing but the master training on how to independently invoke these resonances into your life when needed.


Take advantage of this experience and reapply it whenever you feel you that you need more of either of these resonances or simply a clear mind and emotion in your practical lives! From here on (and this counts for every transMISSION Marathon or participation in all three downloads of any transMISSION Modality) you are eligible to unlimitly join any of the ongoing sessions for this modality for a symbolic energy exchange of $10. (Check ‘Graduate Fee’ in product options of each transMISSION)


If you want to continue anchoring and using your FUSIONEND HEART-MIND, keep practicing the suggested IAM Breathing technique whenever you feel the need to shift your current energetic state. This ‘simple’ breathing technique is coded with the Mental-Heart-Fusion process and allows you a short-cut to getting back into the presences of your heart and the void of your thinkingness.


BEING PRESENT IN YOUR HEART means activating higher vibrational solutions to come to you  - rather than trying to force them with your ego’s reactivity patterns!


Remember that the balance of inner masculine and feminine energies represents the foundation for inner balance and congruence. Therefore, keep adjusting and correcting your inner balance and never fear change!


At this level of inner work you are well prepared for all there is to come!



Much Love and Gratitude,


Jona bryndis


The next transMISSION Marathon in our ‘Mindfulness Crash-Course Series’ is scheduled for Friday-Sunday 24th-26th June 2016 – SACRED HEART MARATHON. Click here for more info.

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