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Allowing the Feminine & Mother Principle To Come In

By jona bryndis, Nov 21 2016 11:00AM

We all want to feel connected, be it with our partners, ourselves, nature or the collective as a whole. However, opposing to this inner need is often our fear or stored pain that can make it very difficult to overcome the protective layers around our heart. Unfortunately, it has become almost 'normal' to NOT feel connected, so that we often don't even notice it. However, if we take look around we realize that most people are struggling with the same inner ambiguity.

In metaphysics we describe these opposing inner poles as the primal energies of the Mother and Father Principle, the representations of Divine Masculine and Feminine within us. Those of us who are following their inner prompting to explore their inner worlds can experience the link between how we process our inner energies and how we react to outer energies first hand. And sure enough, when consciously connecting with Masculine and Feminine energies it becomes obvious to us that it is our inner polarity is that links us to our inner suffering and disconnection.

How can we learn to reinstate inner and outer peace? Could it be, that the imbalance between masculine and feminine energies in us humans is the cause for all our inner and outer conflicts? How can we as individuals and/or collective heal this inner wound? Which of the two energies is needed for our collective healing process?

In this article I would like to share a reflection on why the reintegration of the healed MOTHER PRINCIPLE in all of us is one of the most pressing collective tasks at this time. Let's dive into how this journey could look like... for us as individuals and our collective...

The archetypal resonances coming in through Feminine Energies are provision, support, nurturing, allowing space, trusting, compassion and FEELING. When we cannot relate or have reservations towards these primal inner energies it is practically impossible to connect within!

The way and the level on which we can allow this primary connection with the Mother Principle is not just a theoretical or metaphysical concept. It affects our views, our self-perception, our life approach and our entire way of going about things - in short: The way we feel, act, think and manifest!

We Cannot Heal What We Cannot Feel

With reintegrating the Mother Principle we are touching on our core inner conflict between accepting who we truly are and how we should be, or whatever we think is dictated through our collective programming in order to be lovable. Naturally, this is one of the reasons why nobody really wants to do this work, because it leads us to look at our Ego and False Self.

Reconciling with our Feminine in is not more important than allowing the Masculine in. However, it has such a rudimentary effect on our energy, that it often comes up as first step. Later, we will find that a healthy connection with Masculine energies is equally important but more difficult when the connection with feminine energies is not present or distorted. Adding to this - the connection process with 'The Divine Feminine' is often portrayed as special ("uneash the inner goddess") and degrading towards Masculinity.

It isn't until we can feel the pounding loneliness and yearning for true connection, that we can truly open up to a more soft and less hostile outlook on our world (and others). When our suffering outweighs our fear of change - we are ready to engage in this connection process ...

In the beginning of our inner connection work we often feel mental resistance. What does Feminine Energy have to do with my life? It takes a little courage to delve into deeper aspects of our connection to Femininitity and Mother Energies. However, if we dare to go there, we will quickly notice that this work is often also accompanied with strong emotional releases - but sometimes also anger or deep frustration.

Looks like, there is something there we are not fully aware of...

Typical aspects that surface when beinning to allow the Feminine in are shame, guilt, anger, powerlessness, fear of rejection and fear of failure. A disconnect with the Mother Principle in us cannot only lead to general energy management problems, such as selfworth and confidence, but also to a distorted view of femininity, pregnancy, parenthood and even creation and manifestation itself. Not seldom we will find that the circumstances we unconsciously manifestated are often just as conflicted as we are within.

Was Freud Right After All? Is It All Our Mothers' Fault?

Not quite. While there is a clear connection between how we were introduced to the mother principle in our formative years and how well we were able to individuate, our ability to feel inner and outer peace depends on much more complex dynamics than just how adequate or inadequate role models our mothers were.

Naturally, much of our emotional and mental processing is imprinted by our Mother/Feminine/Primary Care Taker Energies, which includes our relationship, memories, emotions and possibly unresolved issues with our Mothers. However, besides these psycho-social aspects we can see that it's the combination of all our developed ego mechanisms, coping strategries, Inner Child wounding, Critical Inner Voice, Sexuality, Intimacy, Trauma, Karma and Shadow aspects that really determine how we react and interact with outer energies.

For many of us looking back to our personal mothers and how we were introduced to the Divine Feminine through her is just a beginning stepping stone of understanding how our views and inner attitudes towards others in general were formed. It influenced the way we see ourselves in relation to others and therefore became responsible for our general aptitudes and ways of dealing with things. For example: Are we more combative, controlling and protective (masculine energies), or are we allowing, trusting and cooperative (feminine energies)?

Do We Feel Comfortable With Ourselves or Do We Constantly Need Assurance or Prove Ourselves?

The more balanced both energies can coexist within us, the more comfortable we are with ourselves - the more self-love we can feel!

So, when working on integrating the Mother Principle we are not only reconnecting with the core of ourselves, but more importantly with all her creations - our planet, nature, humans and all living beings. Therefore, the quality of our connection with the Mother Principle does not only show in how well we are able to tune into mentioned feminine energies, but also our ability to manifest happiness, love and abundance altogether. This connection with our primal source of energy indicates how well we are in tune with our Divine and Physical Self!

As we begin to allow our true sentiments towards ourseves and others to come forward and begin to really feel - we begin to heal. We get glimpses of how relieving letting go of our inner confllicts and stored pain can be, and we learn that surrendering to ACCEPTANCE AND SELF-LOVE can show us the path to neutralizing all inner and outer negativity!

This is also the moment when we realize how fragile our relationship to Feminine and Masculine energies is; and that there is a complex manipulation game going on - through collective, cultural, religious and sociological conditioning - that is trying to prevent this connection. We begin how much we have been programmed into specific judgments and dualistic thinking patterns...

As human collective we are merely at the beginning of re-integrating the Feminine - which is probably why it's such a big challenge for all of us - not just in regards to equality! After having been dominated by the FATHER PRINCIPLE for many centuries the Mother Principle feels still like the unexplored unknown of our psyche. From my perspective as energy worker bringing the Feminine back into the light (also read Unified Solar Principle) is one of the most powerful and driving forces behind our Global Awakening and emerging spiritual intelligence over the past two decades.

The only way to reconcile with the Mother Principle as a collective, is through experiencing the beauty and liberation coming from our inner unification - so that an outer unification can finally take place.

How to Connect with Feminine Energies

Inner Divine Feminine Energies can express in many different ways, but mostly through the energetic resonance of SOFTNESS, which shows in the overall posture of our body, our movement, our radiance, and our health. It determines our overall approach and stance in life and provides us with the necessary grounding energy to fully accept our physical embodiment.

Frequently relocating, excessive need to belong, approval seeking, fear of moving forward, intimacy issues and disorders in our reproductive organs (breast and ovarian cancer) or heart problems are very often signs for an imbalanced, conflicted or traumatized inner relationship with the inner Divine Feminine/Mother Principle.

For many of us our beliefs in regards to the female role in this world, her emotionality, her body, and how women are ‘supposed’ to function or look like causes a major inner friction in men and women alike. When reflecting on our inner state of peace, balance, overall energy levels and inner congruence, we will find that our inner relationship with Feminine Energies pretty much affects the entire cluster of communicational, behavioral and relationship patterns.

Signs You Are Not (yet) In Balance With Your Inner Feminine Energies

Are you allowing and expressing your inner nurturing, softness, creativity, compassion and beauty in balance with your intelligence, drive and emotionality?


Do you tend to be competitive, defensive, over-rational, goal fixated, jealous or controlling?

Do you project sexuality and use it for emotional or sexual manipulation?

Do you tend to shrink yourself and your needs?

Do you often make degrading remarks towards women or emotioniality?

Do you find yourself over-pleasing and presenting a fake front?

Try to feel this out! There is no judgment in finding these traits in you, on the contrary! Just try to find the balance in yourself and ask your inner guidance, how you can soften or strengthen feminine aspects in your life without feeling weak or helpless.

Lastly, in order to fully understand and become able to forgivingly work though misrepresented, rejected, degraded and violated feminine energies, we cannot leave out our physical or emotional aspects! Eating disorders, addictions, depression, anxiety, and many other health aspects can often be linked to a conflicted and disharmonic inner balance between feminine and masculine energies. Feel out how your addictions may be linked to your relationship with the Mother Principle in you!

If you want to read more about active integration work of Divine Masculine & Feminine energies here at transCODES click here. Also check out our ongoing Remote Healing Circle Workshops. Click here for more info.

Thank you for your time!

Much Love,


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