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Allowing Divinity to Shine through Letting Go

By jona bryndis, Jul 24 2017 07:03PM

Spirituality, from a certain perspective, could be described as uncovering what is true. From another perspective, unwinding what we think is real and bringing us to a greater understanding of truth. And, yet another perspective, how one connects with higher power.

But, regardless of how you describe it, spirituality is also about allowing your life to be reframed via your heart and through what lies there...Divinity, or for lack of a better word, God. In this, we are asking for our operating system to be replaced (heart vs. ego) to allow this change to occur more and more.

And, as it does, we will have to at many points go forward on faith or trust alone of that power that resides deep within us as no other way will allow us to proceed. And, to aid in this, it is important t to let go or detach from the mental or emotional reactions that pop up as we go about this process.

At its core, this pathway of letting go and trusting is an act of self-love and dedication to one's self at first, later to the heart, and eventually to higher power through devotion. This dedication leads us step by step to fully trusting and surrendering all that gets in the way of that commitment to the heart or Divinity.

As we learn to let go and devote more of our time to heart and not the ego (as most of us have been devoted to it for quite some time), we begin a process of reframing our responsiveness away from what is known, what is expected, what we have been conditioned to do...and allow our heart to handle it.

This in turn, brings up more and more to release, allowing us to practice giving it all (let go) over to our hearts. With time, this new way becomes our normal pathway. And, at some point, we realize that all we really need to give up, to let go, or surrender is the ever present desire to think, get, obtain, judge, control, want, and so on.

The desire is what is running us... It is what keeps us in loops and spins. And, is what we are addicted to in a nutshell.

But, by beginning to let go and trust within, you also begin to snap or break the hold that this wantingness, desire or addictive-like structure has on you. With a bit of practice and continued dedication, the pull to these old ways disappears, and new ones come forward.

This in turn, leads to a greater conscious awareness and to a life more fulfilled as by going into the heart more, it begins to show us what is needed to align to it further. Eventually, the devotion shown leads to a pathway of Surrender...that takes us past not only the desires, but all restriction as long as we have the courage to do so and the patience to get through the times we don't.

As surrendering all that arises becomes the way, we can and will even move past the desire to think, which leads to even more rarified energetic states and what comes as we do is a greater and greater awareness of the eternal presence of Divinity in all things and at all times as well as deeper and more profound understanding of what is true.

This process can take years or minutes dependent upon where you are, what your karma is, and your consciousness level.

The key really, is to get started or to keep going towards allowing your heart/Divinity run your life for a change. Or, to allow it do so more and more each day. As you do, the life that comes with it might just shock you.

Thank you,

Jeff Casper

Energy Coach

Owner of Selfunification.com

If you are looking for ways to enhance this process or feeling within you, check out the Grace Integrity Marathon.

This 3-day event will focus on self-love, surrendering, and oneness by actively going into connection with and working on each of these daily focuses through remote energetic processes (transmissions) that happen at 6am, 1pm, and 9pm (each day).

The intensity and repetition will help in breaking that hold describe above that the ego and your desires have on you and shed light on what is in the way of deeper connection as well as expose to high vibratory fields.

Come check it out and see what this work can do for you!

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