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Aligning to the Energetic State of Love to Improve Inner Clarity & Vision

By jona bryndis, Oct 12 2016 02:46PM

by Jeff Casper

Recently someone asked me what is the one thing that we could do to have to have the greatest impact on our journey.

Aligning to energetic state of love would have to be the answer.

Love is an energetic state of being where we can sense that each and every moment, action, person, and place is there for a reason, and we can treat all that comes into our lives with respect and gratitude.

In this state, we begin to accept ourselves as we are, and learn that change is possible through continued alignment and letting go of what is not loveable about ourselves. We can move past the limitations of perceived shortcomings, ego payoffs, and emotional reactivity/mental looping that may make us feel very stuck or not sure where to go to change or heal.

Through making our intention to be more loving or to align to energetic power of love, we are also agreeing that our hearts, the link to the Divine Field that permeates all things, is now the way...signaling the beginning of the end to the ego.

A large part of aligning to love is working to enhance the love towards ourselves first and foremost. With this, the intention and the understanding/feeling of self-love allows for us to eventually drop the inner judgment we have about how 'bad we are,' 'how devious and complex our patterns may be,' or 'how come we can't get through this/figure it out.'

Overtime, we increase our compassion for ourselves and in this we begin to see each and every aspect that comes forward to be worked through and released as just the next path to take to get us closer to the real, the truth, and the Divine in us.

If you can embrace this stance and accept it in your daily life, you create a powerful surge of fire within that allows anything to be looked at with a kind eye...the space to sense, to feel, and to allow your heart to step in before the mind and your emotions do. Allowing for a healthier, more powerful energy within to aid you in being more real...thus becoming your way.

The energetic field of love is always there, but it is only through choosing to align to it that we open up a whole new world and way of living and healing.

The challenge sometimes though is how to begin this work or this alignment. The answer is first in the intention to do so and then to find things that allow us to add or connect more so within. Beauty in all forms, walks in nature, becoming softer and listening, prayer and meditation are all ways to do this.

And, adding to this list, are various energetic processes that align us to this field. This weekend we have a two-day event that facilitates inner heart connection and visionary perception through clarity.

Friday the 14th at 10pm MDT, we will hold the Remote Energy Heart-Clearing

transMISSION that allows you through very simple guided energy process practice to learn how to connect with your energetic field, your heart space, and work to let go anything that is in the way of this connection.

This energy process (spoken by Jeff Casper) has quickly become a favorite for many as in its simplicity a tremendous depth of the heart field is experienced, and we learn how to utilize our heart field to clear our energetic system, enhance self-loving and to the energetic field of love itself.

Then, on Saturday the 15th @ 10pm (MDT), Jona Bryndis will be hosting the monthly Energetic Adjustment Session that this month allows you to learn how to combine your inner vision with your heart's intelligence for more clarity and resolve to find higher vibratory solutions in our daily lives.

Both of these sessions are extremely effective on their own, but the two together, will have an accumulative effect leading to a powerful agent of change in your journey.

We have time and time again seen and felt the changes that occur in events such as these and really look forward to hosting the event. Come check it out to see what changes it can bring about in you...

Both of these sessions are available for signing up individually ($100 each), but the combination of both is discounted ($150). As always, both sessions have access to the Transcodes Forum, and the Energetic Adjustment session has with it the choice of a personal session report or a brief coaching session with Jona.

Click here for more information or to sign up for the combo event starting this Friday, the 14th @ 10PM (MDT) - Price $150

Click here to for information or to sign up only for the Heat Clearing Transmission

Click here to for information or to sign up only for the Energetic Adjustment Session

Thank you!

Jeff Casper

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