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Addiction & Recovery from an Energetic Viewpoint

By jona bryndis, Jun 4 2015 06:00AM

Recovery from addictions, disorders and diseases plays an immense role in self-healing with energy work. From an energetic standpoint Recovery is far more complex than ‘just’ staying sober, drug-free or becoming functional or healthy again. It is the process of continual growth and improvement of health and wellness; which not only includes our physical, but also mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Besides commonly known or statistically inferred causes for substance abuse, illness, chronic dysfunctions or mental disorders the energetic factors for contributing are less known and often overlooked. In energy work Karmic Aspects, Inner Child, Shadow, Trauma, Abuse, or a disrupted connection with Masculine/Feminine energies count just as energetic propensities and therefore just as much as genetic disposition, social structure and exposure. In fact, Ego and its satiation cycles is one of the strongest addictions known in energy work and therefore often core subject of inner self-healing.

Body, Mind, Spirit – Heart and Soul. For a successful recovery process none of these aspects of our holistic being can be left out! This is why we regard Recovery as the simultaneous process of inner and outer Self-Healing accompanied by spiritual consciousness development.

One of the main aspects of recovering from addiction is to understand that it was caused by an energetic imbalance clouding our perception of Self and with it our inner connection with our higher power. We understand that addiction is only a temporary state of separation and loneliness. While we have given away our powers to external substances, activities or our ego the reconnecting to these severed parts of ourselves therefore becomes the key element of our self-healing process in recovery.

Addiction in itself is a compulsion that is often fed by an insatiable cycle of desire, guilt and pain, which fixates a person to addictive patterns, substances or behaviors. It typically serves as trigger for stimulation, release of pain or access to buried creativity – short to escape perceived unhappiness or inability to deal with inner or outer aspects.

For an energy worker, addiction is nothing but a conscious or unconscious dominating low vibratory (negative) energy field with the power to overwrite a person’s high vibratory (positive) True Self energy field. While it often shows traits of energetic possession or mental disorder we understand that its true power is caused by a cutting off or restricting a person’s direct source of energy. Addiction is therefore a perfect example for an energetic attachment as its recovery process not merely a matter of willpower. Just like dieting, staying away or depriving ourselves does not really remove this powerful negative energy field of urges, desires or triggers – it only separates a person from the self-soothing coping mechanism and therefore doesn’t really address the underlying cause.

In order to heal a person’s energy field and to revert the dominance of a low vibratory energy field within, we understand that in addition to physically avoiding an unhealthy substance or activity a complete healing process always needs to include energetic clearing and spiritual connecting work.

With our new GRACE Recovery modality we developed a powerful tool to reconnect with our innate high vibratory energies and learn how to access and strengthen our inner self-healing abilities. GRACE Recovery combines the integration and clearing properties of GRACE Integrity® with spiritual connecting work.

In GRACE Recovery remote energy sessions we learn to redefine and uncover our original state of energy and begin to internalize our connection with our inner Divine Source through direct experience.

The main aspects addressed in GRACE Recovery sessions are

- Physical attunement to an addiction free body

- Strengthening of transformation energies within

- Recoding of addictive behaviors and energetic, mental and emotional structures

- Consolidation of personal energy field

- Clearing of energetic ties to substances, places, situations and activities associated with the addiction

- Release of stored emotional/mental/energetic cell memories

- Harmonizing of Masculine and Feminine Energies within

- Alignment to inner Divine Consciousness (True Self/Source/God/Christ Light)

- Lost-Soul-Part Reunification

- Increased 3rd Eye perception and acceptance of all inner aspects

The essence of recovery is the healing of all blockages that prevent us from being who we truly are and who we can become in our healing process. In continual integration of our recovered inner connection we not only further increase our conscious experience of self-love, but also elevate our vibratory rate into enhanced states of consciousness.

Recovery is not just for alcoholics or addicts! Recovery is for everyone on this spiritual journey of transcendence of Ego.

Much Love,


For sign-up information on our upcoming GRACE Recovery transMISSION on Sunday, 7th June @1PM (MDT) click here.

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