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Actively Facing & Letting Go of Core Fears - Shadow Work This Weekend!

By jona bryndis, May 4 2018 09:35AM

Shadow Work is one of the pillars of self-healing and inner reconciliation. (Click here to read more about Shadow Work.) For all who are serious about actively wanting to work on negative behavior patterns, unhealthy habits or simply detaching from limiting factors in life this inner consciousness work is a gentle yet effective way to learn how to face, recontextualize and let go of hidden core fears.

For this purpose we will be hosting one of our most popular sessions, the Shadow Work remote energy transMISSION this Friday, May 4th at 9pm MDT! This is guided energy process (spoken by Jeff Casper) will aid those joining in facing and breaking down their defensive structure into various components to allow for healing and reframing.

The process walks each participant through a way to connect with and recontextualize their shadow traits into any ego payoffs as well as avoidance mechanisms to shed light on what is likely also linked to a hidden talent of them.

The power of this modality lies in its combination of the guiding voices and coded visualization techniques. It initiates spontaneous heart-alignment and compassion and allows for our shadow to come forward. The created space in our heart-center resembles and leads to our Sacred Heart-Space, but is often blocked by shadow-aspects.

This Energy Modality initiates:

• Dissolving of disharmonic lower-self aspects

• Aligning to inner Divinity (Christ-Light/Source/God/Celestial)

• Identifying current ego patterns; facing hidden shadow aspects

• Letting go of any outside energies or attachments affecting your shadow

• Cleansing of the negative energy and charge surrounding the pattern

• Developing the ability to feel/see past the pattern to the lost part or hidden power

• Learning how to reintegrate the healed shadow back into our energy bodies

By listening to, sensing, or working with these aspects we can learn to understand the lost and hidden parts of us, and what they need. Typically it is love or the need for something new to come into our lives. Or sometimes, it is just the need to remember how to enjoy life.

Once we have accepted the negative/hidden pattern and understand, to some degree, we will find that the hidden aspects of ourselves add so much to our lives once we can reframe them and release the egotistical aspects of them, which also opens up to new ways of acting coming forward.

As the new pattern develops a foothold, more ways to change as well more understanding will come forward! Through this work, much can be revealed as really shadow work is about reflection, acceptance, and the willingness to work to change.

As with all transMISSIONS, the process is one hour in length, and access to the forum will be given to all who join in to allow participants to share, ask questions, and read more about what was occurring during the session.

We are really looking forward to releasing this process as we know how much change it can bring about!

To sign up or learn more, please click here! The cost for this session is $100 (50% Discount for Sacred Self-Healing Members available.)

Hope to you have join in!

Thank you,


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