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Actively Aligning our Energy to True Love

By jona bryndis, Nov 20 2018 04:28PM

Love from a heart level is an energetic state and one that emanates from within us. It is a way of living and requires nothing from the outside (person or thing) as it is there regardless of what state we are in, and as we go down our spiritual path we can learn to align to this energetic state and become loving through agreeing to let go all that is in the way of being in our hearts.

When in an acute state of fear, pain or doubt it is impossible for us to choose love. That's the energetic truth of resonances. Anybody who's ever been in this place forfeits their free will to their ego.

Many of us are working on manifesting a life in abundance - often fogged by mistaking money, conforming with collective expectations or co-dependent relationships as abundance. Abundance means being consciously aligned to the presence of love in all our choices - in what we think, say, do or feel. If there is no unconditional love in our inner self-talk; if we beat ourselves up for our inadequacy or flaws, then the choice is clear. We are choosing our ego (pain, suffering, guilt, shame, fear, anger or judgment) over our divine nature and allow love to fade or fall away.

In those states, this is typically hard to see, which is why training to hold the space of LOVINGNESS probably one of the most effective energy work practices. For most this is still a mystery. How does this feel? How do I even know when I am aligned to True Love?

The first step is to realize when we are NOT aligned to love as a resonance. This requires us to discern our inner state of mind and emotion as energetic states. Once we realize that we are aligned to an ego state we can learn how to move away from our emotional and mental attachment to 'love'. The emotion of loving someone is not the same as choosing love as a way of living. However, many of us have only ever experienced the energetic state of love through others, which is part of the problem. We make our ability to choose life dependent on the presence of love from others. (Read more about this is the articles about True Love here.)

The next step is to learn how to identify how this feels like when we are connected within. In energy work lingo we call this having a REFERENCE FEELING. It's a subjective feeling that is often accompanied by specific physical sensations and a sense of freedome and expansiveness. But the way this feels to us is very individual, so without actively working on calibrating our inner energetic navigation system it's difficult to know when we are in the energetic field of 'love'.

The energetic field and the power of LOVE as energetic state is one of tremendous self healing and perpetuation of continuing to let go and trust more and more in our hearts.

Being able to hold our inner alignment as continual choice to negatate negativity and darkness in us is the path that can lead us to True Love - the devotion to Divine Love within.

While there has been another collective energy wave of fear and separateness sweeping through our unconsciousness the past weeks, it is particularly important to invite True Love and Self-Love into our lives right now. If we want to utilize the shift in collective awareness now is the time to work on our inner fears and loniless that is holding us back from truly connecting and loving - basically from living!

In "Understanding True Love" Jona Bryndis wrote:

"In times of increased collective transformation, unresolved aspects of our relationships (or the lack thereof) often pop up as indicators for our inner relationship with Self. This reflection becomes particularly important if we are on an active journey of spiritual expansion. Recent transformational energies triggered especially lower chakra aspects (fear, anger, survival, lust, self-centeredness, narcissism, inner child).

When this happens it becomes particularly important to clear those emotional attachments first and then to consciously revisit how we have been projecting our unresolved issues onto our relationships. Every relationship provides the opportunity for spiritual, emotional and mental growth. Evolving means to liberate ourselves from our karmic, emotional and mental propensities, so that these aspects that block our ability to intimately connect with ourselves and others can be cleared."

From an Energy Coach's perspective the two main factors blocking True Love in a person's life is the lack of self-love and collective programming binding us to fantasy bonds and ego-based solar-plexus love.

The only way out of a closed or preoccupied heart is to rewrite your inner relationship with God/Inner Divinity. Once you can accept that love is in you, and that you need to become love to experience it through another it will change your entire outlook on relationships! Nobody out there owes you! Nobody but yourself is responsible for your feelings or the state of your heart. Your heart is sacred and the only thing in your control is the level of connection you have with yourself.

You are here for the purpose of overcoming our limitations; your expectations, views, justifications, experiences and beliefs – and for this purpose alone – you need to shift your attention to experiencing love from within instead of searching for it on the outside and trying to control your objects of love.

Make yourself the subject of your love and you will discover that True Love is not a person or God outside of you but your innate state of being connected with your sacred heart.

Due to current energies we have decided to add one of our most wonderful way to practice aligning to this field in the safe space of energy work with the Grace True Love remote energy transMISSION that is being offered at transCODES this Wednesday, 21st November 2019 @ 9PM EST.

Here is a brief excerpt from the instructions from the transmission that will help to describe what this event aids those joining in accomplishing...

The field created through the Grace True-Love transmission initiates:

- Dissolution ego-based aspects of loving (attachments) - Opening of heart-center

- Invitation to True Love field

- Alignment to beauty, peace and inner silence

- Integration of harmonized Masculine and Feminine energies inside

The power of this modality lies in its energetic Alignment to Grace as an energetic resonance expressed as Unconditional Love. It initiates emotional clearing through the heart-center and practices energetic expansion of the heart-field. It is particularly supporting in times of relationship problems or starting a new relationship.

The GRACE True Love energy work modality is a powerful tool to reconnect with our innate high vibratory energies and learn how to access and strengthen our inner self-healing abilities. It combines the integration and clearing properties of GRACE Integrity® with inner connecting work.

GRACE True Love is an enhancer code for the GRACE Integrity/Manifestation process. Any self-healing and manifestation process depends on the ability to feel unconditional love from within.

Actively Aligning to True Love


* Love is not a state - Love is a choice  - a way of living.

* Feeling loved and expressing lovingness means allowing ourselves feel

* If we cannot feel our love, we cannot feel our Inner Divinity.

* Wanting to be loved is the same as wanting to feel Inner Divine Love.

* Inner Love does not require an object, as it is eternal within.


Alignment is the essence in every choice we make. We Either Choose to Energize Love or the Absence of Love Within Ourselves.

Aligning to Love means to find love in everything! Focusing on the absence of Love means to focus on the absence of God/our Inner Divinity.

Unconditional Love is ego-less. It  is based on Wholeness within and can be felt for in a flower, a baby, music, water, a laughing child, a person's smile, a dog's wagging tail or ideally, for every learning experience. It's an energy that surrenders to the Love for All.... the kind of Love the universe 'feels' for the totality of it's holographic dimensions, parents feel for their children, a flower feels for its petals, a leaf feels for the wind that makes it dance... It is the Love of creation, the Love of the Divine, which does not expect anything back. It does not require any payback...it just IS.


In our life we go through several stages of acceptance of love, but we never really experience True Love until we are willing to surrender our ego and its seductions - until we are willing to love ourselves unconditionally. Unconditionality, expressed through compassion and forgiveness for all our limitations is the alignment needed to attract our True Love into our lives, internally and externally. True Love means loving everything we are, do, feel or think. If we don't/can't love what we are, do, feel or think we are counteracting and imploding this field within us. If we cannot love ourselves, others can't love us.


If you are interested in learning more or would like to sign up for the event, please click here. We hope to have you join in...


Thank you,


Energy Coach at transCODES


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transCODES offers a service and online community platform for everyone who is interested in exploring his or her deeper aspects of heart connection, heightened energetic perception, spiritual self-awareness and sacred self-healing. Our trained energy workers provide hands-on education, guidance and energy coaching/healing services for energetically sensitive persons and anyone who feels prompted to engage in active consciousness work and integrative self-mastery. transCODES energy work is non-religious and not bound to any specific teaching or methodology.

In remote energy session, guided meditation work, group coaching work and personal energy coaching sessions we offer hands-on support and practical guidance to those on their journey of personal growth, spiritual maturity and manifestation of higher goals. This includes energetic clearing work, karma, trauma, inner child, recovery, shadow, manifestation and spiritual integration. Our work is often perceived as highly challenging as it addresses our deeply conditioned and programmed ego attachments, which is exactly what allows a person to grow beyond their own limitations.

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