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Activating Our Inner Self-Healing Powers through Remote Energy Sessions

By jona bryndis, Jun 9 2017 05:20AM

On our FREE Remote Prayers Group Healing Service

Remote Energy Healing is still a bit mysterious for most people. When joining a free Remote Prayer Group Healing Session for example, participants often don’t know what to expect. Do they need to prepare in a certain way? Do they have to do anything during the session? Will they feel anything? What are the energies the Remote Prayer Group works with?

Without going deeper into the mechanics of remote energy sessions and why they work, the objective of a Remote Prayer Session offered through the Remote Prayer Group is not to convince others that Energy Work can be a powerful alternative/supplement to traditional treatments or that we are great ‘healers’. We see our job in helping others by activating and strengthening their own inner self-healing without interfering; and thus effectively supporting this person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through our own self-healing experience.

In a way our non-profit Remote Prayer Group functions as a virtual support group. The only difference is, that the recipient doesn’t see or know the members of the group; we don't even know each other in person.

A big part of the energetic power of our Prayer Group is the anonymous nature of our healing service.

The members of the Remote Prayer Group are people from around the world, with different backgrounds and different professions. What they have in common is that they all chose to train their inner perception at some point and as a result agreed to volunteer to through reading and supporting others energetically, without a personal agenda or projection of their own unhealed aspects. Since we are anonymous, recognition or approval is not what drives our group. The service is free and the energy work is done silently. The only information the Remote Prayer Group ever receives about a recipient prior to a session is the person’s gender and sometime first name if we have a large group of participants.

Anyone who participates can exchange his or her experiences and communicate them with the group in our PRAYER FORUM after a session. This part of our transCODES interactive forum community is only accessible for Remote Prayer recipients and the Remote Prayer Group members.

Like in all remote energy group events, the flow of energy through the focus and intention of the group and the willingness of the recipient is what amplifies the vibratory rate and thus triggers a person’s inner self-healing energies. It requires active permission and participation of the recipient in form of sending in a request and dedicating one hour to their inner energies. The actual energy work happens spontaneously due to the power of the group field and its alignment to the Divine Field.

With a Remote Prayer Session a recipient receives a spoken Energy Prayer mp3, which he or she can use to realign to the self-healing energy field in self-guidance after his or her session. This way we are not only providing an important tool for a continued long-term effect of the session but also reinforcing the person’s internalization of their inner self-healing abilities.

It is important to us that all recipients of Remote Prayers realize that we are not trying to ‘fix’ or ‘heal’ them. Our understanding of healing is that we all have the most powerful healing energies we need at a certain time already in us; and that all we need is some help to remove the blockages that are preventing us from accessing the healing of ourselves through the energetic alignment back to our inner Divine core. This is what makes our Remote Prayer Session different from other Energy Healing sessions. Our mission is to encourage the recipient to re-discover their own capabilities, rather than making them feel dependent or externalizing their inner power to an outer healer.

In the years of offering this free energy healing service we have noticed that sometimes this may not what recipients expect, as cannot trust yet in their inner abilities or their ego prefers to ‘have the work done for them’. Often the true power of an event like this doesn’t unfold until much later, when we begin to feel our inner powers returning, but we may not always contribute this to our Remote Prayer Session. The Remote Prayer Group can see those energies unfolding during the session already, and silently ‘knows’ that the recipient will experience self-healing sooner or later, if he/she can allow it. We invite all recipients to have follow-up sessions at any time. The more a person is willing to contribute to their own healing the better the healing experience.

Activating a person’s inner self-healing powers is our main goal. Therefore, Remote Prayer Sessions are not ‘mysterious’ at all! They are self-healing events that can change the course of your ailment, disease, circumstances, or any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical condition through simply realigning yourself with your inner higher power. To read more about the 3 Stages of Self-Healing click here.

There are no prerequisites, ‘becoming a member of something’, having to interact or comply with our spiritual beliefs. The transCODES Remote Prayer Group works with the universal Divine energy field, accessible and applicable for everyone at any time; it’s just that we are not always able to connect with our inner light, which is why a remote energy session can make a huge difference when dealing with a temporary crisis!

If you are interested in experiencing a Remote Prayer Session coded to your personal energy, simple send in a Prayer Request by clicking here. Our next session is Friday, 21st July June 2017 @ 10PM (US MDT).

We do not expect donations for our free healing service but we recently released a compilation of our most popular Energy Prayer MP3’s, which can be obtained individually or as yearly subscription. The revenue of these Energy Prayers flows back to the Remote Prayer Group and greatly supports our cause. If you are interested in our Energy Prayers go here or download a free Energy Prayer here. We are grateful for your support!

If our mission resonates with you and you would like to contribute to allowing our free healing service to help others you can also support us by socially sharing this post and future posts!

Thank you,

Jona Bryndis & Remote Prayer Group

Founder and Owner of transCODES & Founder of the RemotePrayers.org


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