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APRIL 2018 Energy Forecast

By elecia, Mar 31 2018 07:00AM

Monthly Energy Forecast

APRIL 2018

By jona bryndis, Mar 31 2018

APRIL 2018 Energies

The month of April will start out with inner and outer conflict and confusion.

Our task this month is to REFINE our way and MATURE our stance and goals in life. This will trigger Inner Child issues again, as we are in a repetitive loop since October 2017. Anything that came forward for us since the end of last year and that could not be resolved can now be refined. It's like a SECOND CHANCE.

However, in order to attune the peace-bringing energies in April, and to fully enjoy the BEAUTY & JOY OF DIVINE CREATION we need to a learn how to allow HEALTHY GROWTH while keeping our boundaries and values intact.

The biggest challenge for this coming collective wave is to not get tangled up in inner and outer conflict.

Additional Reading "Resolving Inner & Outer Conflicts"

Renewal Through Source

In these last days of March we are entering a phase of intense ENERGETIC STRESS & RENEWAL ENERGIES.

Like an infection, NEGATIVITY & POWERLESSNESS is currently spreading from one person to the other, reinforced by corrupt and non-integrous governments, corporations, media, and global power struggle. The Winds of Change is blowing harshly. In the process, we all are absorbing each other's frustration and inability to do anything about this, and so we are left to contend with the feeling of anger and anxiety. Sad but true.

Without contextualizing our journey we won't be able to see any purpose to all this exhausting ordeal. Nothing makes sense and it doesn't help to have this secret inner prompting to go out and support others while we subjectively feel like wanting to cave in. We experience increased inner stress and conflict, see/feel /absorb other people's or the world’s struggle, and get caught in REACTIVITY & LOWER VIBRATIONAL CONDITIONS.

Therefore, one of the main corrections many of us are now faced with is changing our inner attitude towards our life's experience itself! Everyone has a different way of coping and adapting; evolving and maturing - everyone has a different timeline to choose and everyone has the right to do so! But what connects us all is the NEED FOR PEACE.

PEACE is a two-way street. We cannot expect outer peace if we are conflicted from within! We all have our own karmic propensities to contend with. They drive us into our KARMIC PURPOSE, so that we can learn the to TRUST IN OURSELF - in our innate talents and passion - which can provide us with the POWER TO RESOLVE INNER AND OUTER CONFLICTS.


The Healing Resonances needed to enter and hold the STATE OF PEACE are:

Energy Management

Self-Love & Care

Reconnect with Inner Power

Peace, Serenity & Surrender


The reason why we find ourselves in this inner conflict between increasing energetic/empathic stress and pressure from the outside, is this deep inner wound of not really belonging here. We disagree with what is going on around us, we feel caught in it, but we cannot do anything about it!

Here an overview of how ENERGETIC STRESS influences your Subjective Experience.

Energy Management

There is a tremendous power in knowing and loving who you are, even if you are not 'perfect'. The power doesn't come from others or what they think about you - your power comes from within you, which can only unfold if you can love ALL parts of you

As we are all feeling that times are changing the stress levels through an unfulfilling life urges us to liberate ourselves out of our daily imprisonments, our jobs, our financial or family restrictions or the places we live in. We question our ourselves and feel forced to acknowledge our ENERGETIC REALITY. Change & Truth is becoming the driving force underneath global conscious awakening process and SPIRITUAL & EMOTIONAL MATURING.

Evolving, spiritually or as a whole person is not about getting better results or accumulating more wealth - you all know that! It’s about becoming true to ourselves and expressing and sharing our talents with others. It's about Self-Mastery.

“How is this helping right now?”

“What Can I do (right now) to move toward my goal, less stress or more support?”


Seeing the larger context can help is to realize the uniqueness of the times we live in. All times in the history of mankind had their evolutionary drive and brought changes, but the Global Awakening as it is happening right now is unprecedented - it is going a lot faster than any development in the past and therefore requires a whole new level of adaptability and paradigm change. (Listen to: "A New Paradigm Understanding Ourselves")

The moment we stop trying to survive our lives and ‘getting by’ we can enter a new level of PEACE AWARENESS.


All these fancy spiritual and metaphysical concepts we have been assimilating for years are fine and dandy, but what about the reality of our personal lives? Are we abundant, at peace with our environment and in harmony with others? Do we see ourselves moving TOWARD self-expression following our heart unconditionally - or are we caught in compromises, endless looping, inner sabotage, judgment and stagnation? (Also read: "Overcoming Inner Sabotage Cycles")

Spiritualism has no meaning unless we begin to apply it in our practical lives - until our energy frequency matches up with our manifestations - we cannot move into the state of INNER PEACE!

There is no point in focusing on our struggles, our fears of the future or to go into resistance with our circumstances. All this does is retraumatizing ourselves and energizing inner conflict!

Aware or not - everybody is going through the same processes. If you really want to find out what your true talents are use this extraordinary time in April for applying your energetic sensitivity and practicing advanced personal ENERGY MANAGEMENT!

Here the key processes to work on during the month of April:

Focus on Healthy Growth - Understand Maturing and Learning From Experience

Be Open, but not Fanatic

Refrain from Extremes; Rebellion as well Conformism

Catch Inner and Outer Critic, Acknowledge and Agree To Disagree

Be Flexible but Let Go of Anything that Does not Support You

Stay True to Your Values and Inner Integrity

Focus on what you CAN control and Surrender what you CANNOT Control

Find Support in a Mentor, Group or Teaching

Learn Self-Mastery Skills

Remember Water, Sunlight, Good Nutrients & Breathing

All the best for you!

Much Love,


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