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9 Energetic Secrets of Manifestating Abundant Wealth, Health & Love

By jona bryndis, Mar 27 2020 05:28PM

If our personal life or the world we see ourselves in doesn’t reflect what we truly want or envisioned for ourselves chances are that we need to shift our inner energy. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with our visions, it just means that we are most likely not fully congruent with them yet. What are there missing keys to fully understanding how your manifestation works?

When it comes to not being able to manifest our optimal health, abundant wealth or unconditional love it’s often just a simple correction in our approach that is needed. If you want to know more about the deeper aspects of manifestation and how such an inner shift in your energy could make a huge difference, follow me on this excurse into the less known energetic mechanics of manifestation.

The bottom line of conscious manifestation is that we manifest what we hold in mind and where our energy goes - and our energy is where our daily intentions, thoughts, emotions and actions are.

Of course I am speaking as an energy coach here, not as a politician, environmentalist or social worker. There are outer conditions that can influence our manifestation success, but for many of us those are not controllable. When it comes to wanting to actualize a more happy and fulfilling life the energetic perceptive can offer a different view on our future vision.

The main four main factors influencing the energetic efficiency of our manifestation process:

1. Quality - > Focus and Inner Alignment

2. Power -> Consciousness, Congruence and Truth

3. Detachment -> Ego & Outcomes

4. Energizing -> Heart-Centeredness & Self-Love

Summarized, the quality of our manifestations is the result of the quality of our energy, our conscious alignement to our heart and our ability to let go of our ego's attachments.

What makes these energetic aspects of manifestation so difficult to apply are their complex dynamics. It is often very difficult to recognize how we are affected by our unconscious sabotage, blocks or daily imbalances. Often it’s not our goals but our inner attitude towards them, our attachment to the outcome and of course our willingness to actively participate in our manifestation process that determine our ‘success.’

Let's take a deeper look into the energetic mechanics of manifestation and what we can improve our manifestation skills...


In order to align our energy we need to become aware of our energy and current energetic states!

Our energetic states and the resulting way we see ourselves and the world/others functions like an operating system routine. It determines everything! Being able to identify our own energetic state is probably the most practical tool you can ever learn. Through studying this picture you can begin to becomes more aware of how your emotional states reflect your energetic states.

Our energtic state determines the frequency on which our energy vibrates, what it resonates with and thus what it attracts into our life.

Once we understand that a negative inner attitude towards ourselves can overwrite all our good intentions and affirmations, we will begin to realize that the perception of our reality is not only the result or reflection of our outer actions, but most of all the result of the energetic state we are in – our thoughts, action, emotions, hidden sentiments, karmic propensities, unresolved issues and our alignment. Therefore, it is not enough to just yourself ‘think rich, happy or healthy’! We need to know where our energy is, so we can actively begin to work on changing it into higher vibrations.

Energetic Secret #2 - BECOMING CONGRUENT

We can only attract those things/persons/energies/places into our lives that resonate with what our energy is focused on. If our energy is focused on things outside of us, it loses its power; if our energy is not congruent with our inner truth it loses energetic quality and if we are too attached to the outcome it sabotages the entire process from within.

Not being congruent means that there is a discrepancy between what we wish for and what we actually do, think, and feel. Therefire, without at least a general understanding of our own energy it’s difficult to be in charge of our manifestations!

Congruence doesn’t qualify our goals – it merely expresses our level of alignment and truth in regards to our goals.

Energetic Secret #3 - SHIFTING YOUR APPROACH

Energetically seen approaching our manifestation based on what we don't have binds us to our lack and ego view of life and often pulls us into competition and envy towards others who seemingly have what we want.

Most of us believe that manifestation is a process that works from bottom to top – we approach our manifestation from the starting point of what we don’t have and begin to work on the visualization or affirmation geared towards what we want, hoping that this would change our lives over time. While there is nothing wrong with assessing what we truly desire, this approach often brings in an unconscious focus on what we DON’T have. It creates an inner confusion, comparison and sends out mixed messages. Needless to mention that this is not only counterproductive, but also one of the main contributors to sabotaging ourselves…

If we focus on what we don’t have or what we desire the most we are literally sabotaging the unfolding of our true potential. An inner alignment based on LACK or DESIRE creates an attractor field for more lack and more desire (hence our susceptibility for consumerism). 'Getting' and 'Having' are aligned to the energetic resonance of our ego.

The secret of manifesting our higher goals and true heart’s desire is to shift our energetic alignment from a low to a high vibratory approach – to top to bottom - form LACK, FEAR, and DESIRE to LOVE, LOVINGNESS and ABUNDANCE.

This ‘backwards’ shift allows our energy to replicate our higher vibratory resonances into our denser 3D realms, an energetic mechanism referring to the deeper aspects of healing and self-healing.

Energetic Secret #4 - UNDERSTANDING YOUR EGO

Our ego is insatiable – fulfillment of ego desire is not possible!

Our ego's purpose is to keep us safe, to help us cope and to prevent emotional, mental or physical damage. If our ego feels threatened, challenged or provoked it will react with an instant drive to become, get or want more.

Because our egos are under the exposure of collective bombardment, that energizes negative and fear- or lack-inducing thoughts and emotions, most of our egos are in a constant state of emergency! As a result it is practically impossible to ever feel fulfilled. If our ego runs our manifestation process we are caught in an endless loop Understand that what your ego desires, fears and needs is not only programmed, controlled and manipulated, but also bound to reactive and conditioned patterns that resemble addiction!

If what you do, and how you feel about yourself comes from a lower energetic state of fear of loss, judgment or control, your manifestation results will always be bound to your ego – and your ego has nothing but the preservation of your current state (hence the repetition) in mind!

Energetic Secret #5 - BECOMING REAL

Manifestation has nothing to do with WHAT we want – only with HOW we want it and how we truely feel about what we want.

While there can be a multitude of reasons why and how we unconsciously sabotage our own manifestation efforts, the main reason for incoherent or sporadic manifestations is that many of us are unsure about what we truly want - and what we truly want is linked to who we truly are.

Most people fail to manifest their true heart’s desire because they ignore their unconscious negative inner sentiments, irrational fears, rigid mental beliefs, opinions, judgments. If we cannot love all that we are our energy becomes fragmented, unfocused and contradictive. This applies especially if we are not connected with our heart and thus unclear about who we are and how we want our 3D lives to be!

In order to know who we truly are and what we truly we need to be able to discern what’s true and what isn’t!


If we ignore our denser/lower energies, such as ego illusions, unhealthy physical, emotional or mental behavior patterns it can be very difficult to reach the needed level of congruence for our desired manifestations. As long as we engage in unprocessed acting out of our shadow, addictions, inner child and karmic aspects, etc. our energy can get stuck in lower energetic states at any stage of our manifestation process.

As soon as be begin to feel what is true to us we begin to understand the role of our emotions and unconscious affirmations and how they can create massive manifestation blocks. No matter how conscious our inner alignment, our unresolved karmic, physical, mental and emotional aspects can keep us from fully trusting in our own manifestation abilities. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to contextualize our life’s journey and observe overall repetitive patterns in the past. If there are recurring or persistent themes that keep holding us back, we need to be willing to uncover our deepest fears and learn how to transcend them.

One of the most difficult manifestation blocks to overcome is getting stuck in unconscious contradicting inner messages, inner schisms and incongruent actions. We say one thing, think another and do something completly different. Often imbalanced inner masculine and feminine energies are responsible for for this inner split.


If you find yourself in a cycle of repetitive money problems, chronic health issues, resenting your work or unhappy relationships, the best way to realign your manifestation process is to shift your focus to what you love and what you are good at, instead of what you don’t have or can't do.

The main reason why some of our obstacles seem so overwhelming at times is due to the limited energy we have available in lower energetic states. By raising our overall vibratory rate through energizing our heart rather than our ego, we are feeling stronger and more creative to solve our impedances and current dramas, such as acute money problems, health issues or relationship aspects.

If you can own your energy you can own your manifestation process!

Energetic Secret #8 - LOVING YOURSELF

If we cannot love what we do or who we are we cannot manifest!

Love and Lovingness, but especially SELF-LOVE are very high vibrational energetic frequencies that function as broadband antibioticum to clear our lower aspects, blocks and imbalances. Focusing on self-love allows for your inner alignment to strengthen and makes us become more confident to deal with any challenge as it arises!


Our energetic manifestation process is directly linked to the ability to feel and hold the resonance of ABUNDANCE. In order to tap into the frequency of natural energetic affluence we need realize that our mind is not capable of understanding this - and therefore not a suitable manifestation tool! Instead, we need to train our energy body to hold this energetic state.

Abundance is natural. It exists everywhere - in and around us - but especially in nature. Our energy 'konws' exactly waht this feels like. When we are in a higher vibrational state (here the modified version of the picture showing Energetic States above showing our alignment in each state) we are automatically aligned to expansion.

The reason why we cannot feel abundant is because we see ourselves separated from the energies around us. So, the main task of tapping into our natural manifestation abilities is to focus on re-connecting with abundance and constantly realigning to it - no matter what happens around us!

Holding and expressing higher vibrational states requires us to accept that manifestation is not an event but an ongoing and life-long alignment process. The only thing in the way of manifesting Health, Wealth and Love is when we disconnect from the abundance of Divine Creation within and around us!

Abundance is our birth-right, but chosing to align our energy to LOVE and GRATITUDE needs to be learned and practiced.


If we still have negative programs around money it will be difficult to attract WEALTH into our lives, as the resonance of money itself resonates on the level of abundance. If we do not see ourselves as abundant, because we focus too much on the lack of money or the things we can’t do, our energy is simply not compatible with wealth!

The same applies to HEALTH. As long as we identify with our ailment, pain or ache we are taking it on as a state of being and along with it victimhood or other lower states. Wholeness, Beauty and Vitality, the main healing resonances for health resonate also on the level of abundance. Therefore, if we aligned ourselves to ‘getting older’, losing strength, getting all this diseases the pharmaceutical industry bombards us with and becoming fat, we unconsciously agreed to it. With this inner attitude, we can’t align to our healthy state!

Needless to say, that romantic LOVE complies with the same dynamics. If we are focused on finding the ‘right’ partner or making our partner a better fit for us; if we are aligned to not having one – or missing something we are making a detrimental mistake! Our chances of meeting someone compatible or improving our existing relationship can only materialize if we turn our attention inwards.

If you want to manifest a happy and lasting love relationship focus on working on yourselves instead of focusing on our or our partner’s flaws or non-existence of a partner. Make yourself become ‘the right’ or ‘the better’ partner, so that your relationships actually have a chance to resonate with who we truly are.

Energy is more than the sum of its parts – with the right alignment it works exponentially – positively as well as negatively! A few people with extremely high consciousness and vibratory level can compensate for millions with low vibratory levels of energy. If we want to contribute to manifesting a better future for our WORLD and our children who will inherit our world, we need to understand that conscious energetic manifestation is an innate human ability - but that we need to consciously choose to contribute!

With each and every one of us working on raising the vibration of our personal energetic frequency through our conscious personal manifestation process we are not only serving our own stability and well-being but also help to raise the global vibration!


Here a few suggestions how you relaign your energy to attract the energies abundant Wealth, Health and Love into your life. For 21days do this daily at least once a day and watch your inner shift happen!

* Practice centering your energy in your heart-field by consciously connecting with your breathing. Practice the IAM Breathing Technique (21 times).

* Consciously express your creativity in form of crafts, songs, cooking, dancing, growing, knitting, etc. Ideally come up with a project that you can focus your free time on, but make sure that you finish it (not important how much time, just how conscious you do it!)

* Consciously connect with nature and while doing this connect with your body (again not important for how long, just your presence in the moment counts!)

* Consciously observe your inner and outer state of connection! How are you relating to the world around you and how do see your world?

* Consciously pay attention to the quality of your inner sentiments and subtle feelings; learn to read and work your energy; become aware of your inner signals and correct your attitude when you notice contradictions

* Consciously catch your energy wandering off into judging yourself or others. Learn how to conquer your inner critical voice. Whenever you feel stuck in 'stinking thinking' realign your energy to your heart.

* Consciously watch your outer expression and how you communite yourself. Are you adding to outer negativity that surrounds you or can you maintin a positive and cooperative way of expressing yourself, whithout 'faking' it?

If you are interested in learning more about energy work and how you can apply it to your spiritual and physical manifestation, healing or self-mastery journey click here for further reading on conscious manifestation.

Thank you for your time!

Much Love,

jona bryndis

Energy Coach and Founder of transCODES

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