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7 Tips to Make Your Journey A Joyride

By jona bryndis, Oct 5 2015 02:03AM

Not that the universe cares about our spatial perception of time. It’s all relative to how we experience our time. For example, if we go on a road trip through uncharted territory the journey to our destination seems much longer than the way back home (even with the same distance). The reason for that is the lapse between our objective and subjective processing – between being on our journey consciously or unconsciously.

Energetic fluctuation has been going on for a few months now and as mentioned in previous Energy Reports there is a lot of adjustment and correction going on in our collective energy field. Being energetically sensitive can be challenging. Whether or not we are able to go with the flow and enjoy it is therefore subject to allowing the inner fusion our mind and heart:

1. Be Open for Surprises!

Right in the beginning of August we will suddenly see different aspects we weren’t aware of before – probably related to money and relationships. These two themes will still be on top of our laundry list until September. If you feel exhausted, emotionally drained or physically tired (like many of us energetically sensitive people) I would recommend you check on where in your life you are resisting. Resistance creates friction. Friction creates confusion. And confusion creates spiraling. Nonetheless, challenging our perception is one of the objectives of inner consciousness work, so continue following your inner prompting and be curious, so your journey of the unknown can unfold for you!

2. Accept Challenges as Part of your Evolution!

Yes! Walking in uncharted territory is challenging, especially for our egos - but only if we are attached to our rigid beliefs and expectations. Fluctuation, challenge, correction and adaption are the pillars of evolution – the innate Divine Drive in all of us. It is what makes us grow and traverse beyond our limitations! There are no maps, no road signs, no rules and no destination - other than experiencing the journey itself.

The connection with our heart is the only travel insurance we will ever need!

3. Stay Conscious!

Energetically seen, events are not just single points in time - they are temporal markers containing an infinite microcosm of information: Colors, shapes, symbols, visions, experiences, insights, memories, physical sensations, karmic energies, attractor fields, dissonances, resonances, and so forth. The way we energetically perceive time depends on many different factors: brain wave, level of consciousness, inner alignment, energetic sensitivity, emotional state, level of external distraction and of course our mental attitude. In other words: We can’t control our time; we can’t control our speed; we can’t control location in space either!

The only control we have is the choice of whether or not we want to be present and able to consciously observe our life's journey. This is very important to understand!

4. Align to your Heart!

The true power of our consciousness is that it can create a time-space-continuum through observation. It determines the quality of our journey and with it the general direction we are heading. Combined with the healing power of your heart anything can be faced! Therefore going through the ups and downs of energetic shifts, as we have been experiencing in July and will continue to experience in August, is just a matter of our alignment.

5. Go the Extra Mile!

If we can allow ourselves to navigate through our obstacles, be it hidden darker aspects, forgotten relationship issues or neglected financial matters, now is the time to use our true inner heart powers to work on course corrections, setting up new structures and allowing flow of inner and outer energy to show us the way.

The trick is to enjoying your life's journey is in making each and every experience, no matter how challenging an opportunity to touch down with our heart - so you can tap into the infinite power of your inner connection to overcome any obstacle.

6. Be Flexible but Know When To Stand Your Ground!

While the REAL REASON behind our collective and personal problems is only beginning to emerge in the month of August, the challenges ahead can only be corrected and healed through allowing the inner infinite heart-space to take care of the issues as they arise. This allows you to know when to need to stand your ground. Insisting on holding on to rigid beliefs, expectations or opinions will only run you into the danger of being taken down along with the collapse of our collective structure.

7. Challenge Your Ego!

If you want to become independent of this downward spiral of our society, you need to be willing to regard this time of structural change as welcome growing experience! Allow your ego bubbles to burst; seek the inconvenience of taking care of procrastinated issues; admit your mistakes; laugh about your own limitations and enjoy the ride!

With your heart’s navigator turned on you won’t have any problems getting through the energetic ups and downs of this month! Have a great trip!

Thank you for your time.

Much Love,


Engery Forecast August 2015

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