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5 Years of FREE Public Remote Prayers Healing Service

By jona bryndis, May 5 2018 03:13PM

With our May 2018 session we are celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of Remote Prayers - a free remote energy - or distance healing session for the public. In over 75 sessions we facilitated energetic healing support, Rites of Passage (a family healing service for people passing) or Coma related energetic clearings to over 2000 individuals.

We started out as a group of 10 volunteers which has now grown to 33 members. This group consists of healers and empaths from all over the world offering this anonymous healing service once a month for anyone in need of energetic support for their self-healing or recovery process.

The purpose of a Remote Prayers Healing session is to actively involve a person in their healing process from emotional, spiritual, mental or physical distress. Remote Prayer Sessions offered through the Remote Prayers Group are non-religious and open to everyone.

Remote Energy Healing sessions are still a bit mysterious for many of us. When requesting a free healing session from our Remote Prayer Group participants often don’t know what to expect. Do they need to prepare in a certain way? Do they have to do anything during the session? Will they feel anything? What are the energies the Prayer Group works with?

Without going deeper into the mechanics of remote energy work and why it works, Prayer Sessions offered through the Remote Prayers Group are unconditional. We see our job in helping others by activating and strengthening their own inner self-healing and thus effectively supporting this person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through their own self-healing experience.

Like in all group events, the flow of energy through the focus and intention of the group and the willingness of the recipient is responsible for the amplification that can trigger a person’s inner self-healing energies. The service requires active permission and participation of the recipient in form of sending in a request and dedicating one hour to their inner energies. The actual energy work happens spontaneously due to the power of the group field and its alignment to the Divine Field.

With a Remote Prayer Session a recipient receives a recorded Remote Prayer mp3. These recordings are designed for realignment to the group field in self-guidance after session. This way we are not only providing an important tool for continued long-term effect of the session but also reinforce the person’s internalization of their inner self-healing abilities.

It is important to us that all recipients of Remote Prayers realize that we are not trying to ‘fix’ or ‘heal’ them. Our understanding of healing is that we all have the most powerful healing energies we need at a certain time already in us; and that all we need is some help to remove the blockages that are preventing us from accessing the healing of ourselves through the energetic alignment back to our inner Divine core. This is what makes our Remote Prayer Session different from other Energy Healing sessions. Our mission is to encourage the recipient to re-discover their own capabilities, rather than making them feel dependent or externalizing their inner power to a 'healer.'

Often the true power of a Remote Prayer doesn’t unfold until much later, when a person realizes their inner powers returning. They may not always contribute this to our Remote Prayer Session, but the group can see these energies unfolding during the session already and silently ‘knows’ that the recipient will experience self-healing sooner or later, if he/she can allow it. We invite all recipients to have follow-up sessions at any time. The more a person is willing to contribute to their own healing the better the results!

There are no prerequisites, preparation, ‘becoming a member of something’, having to interact or changing our spiritual beliefs. The transCODES Remote Prayers Group works with the universal Divine energy field, accessible and applicable for everyone! If you are interested in experiencing a Remote Prayer coded to your personal energy, simply send in a Prayer Request by using the provided form.

If you would like to request a Remote Prayer Healing Session please visit our regstration page here.

For personal questiions please contact us at: [email protected]

Each session is individual; a personal Remote Prayer mp3 sound file is provided. Prerequisite is the consent of the person in need.

Thank you for your supoport!

Jona & Remote Prayers Group

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