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3 Stages of Self-Healing - Where to Start & How to Overcome the Most Common Obstacles

By jona bryndis, Aug 2 2016 04:00PM

There are many different forms of inner and outer suffering - some of which we can or can't control. Self-Healing means recognizing that there is a power in us that drives us to WANTING TO CHANGE that. It is an inner prompting that somehow guides us to seek for solutions inwardly.

Self-Healing means reclaiming your right to take all matters concerning our inner and outer life into our own hands - that you are not powerless and that you have the power to heal yourself within you.

In energy work we call this Awakening - The process of becoming aware that we have the power to change our situation, condition or circumstances within us.

Awakening to our inner self-healing power means "opening myself to the miraclous power of allowing myself to heal."

This, and our willingness to honestly reflect on our personal involvement and the sincere resolve to improve our lives is the first and most important step of activating our Divine Self-Healing powers.

How can we start our Self-Healing Journey?

There are many different pathways and platforms for deeper self-reflection - the most common types are through religious organizations, 12-Step groups, personal life coaching or counseling. But what if we don't feel comfortable with group-work, don't feel attracted to church/self-help groups or don't have the resources to work with a practitioner?

Another way of approaching our personal self-healing process is through meditation, contemplation or simply exposing ourselves to self-help oriented and educational literature. For so many of us it was this one book or article we read years ago that triggered a life changing new perspective in us.

Most advanced 'self-healers' started with meditation at some point. Connecting within makes sense! We all have an innate ability to access our higher guidance within - we just need to learn how to trust in it. (also read 'Overcoming Problems with Meditating')

Letting go of Pain & The Ego's role in Our Suffering

As simple as this sounds, letting go of pain is not always easy! There can be hidden aspects to our suffering that provide our ego with a pay-off making it quite difficult to see our pain gone. In self-healing the questioning of our ego’s investment in the symptom of our suffering is a vital modality and can often provide a pivotal shift in our awakening process.

After all, the purpose of energy healing is to increase our vibratory energy frequency through connecting with our heart and the Divine Field within in order to become able to shift our view from the content to the context – in other words, away from the symptom towards the overall quality of our energy - and with it its ability to optimally flow, self-heal and become 'whole' again.

There are 3 Stages of Overcoming The Most Common Obstacles that Keep us from Self-Healing:

1. Externalizing Our Inner Healing Powers

2. Control and Fear of Letting Go

3. Being Disconnected from our Heart & Inner Guidance

1. Externalizing our Inner Healing Powers

Externalizing is nothing but giving up our higher power perceiving our needs or truth for that matter through an external power. We all do this to a certain degree, because we were programmed to do so: money, success, looks, obeying rules, trying to fit in, seeking approval, being loved - but also science and objectivity. However, what we don’t see is that by giving up our innate power to discern what’s true for us, we also give up our power to forgive or to heal.

The reason why we do this because of our ego's programming to believe that we are separated and powerless. Our Ego, which is responsible for our primary survival mechanisms, learned at some point that we can seemingly increase our chances of emotional, mental, physical or even spiritual survival through succumbing to idea that we need things from outside of ourselves to be whole. This manifested the idea that we are un-whole, flawed or incomplete.

Our body is the storehouse of emotions, thoughts and inner sentiments – in fact it records all energies, generated from within or absorbed from outside. If the majority of our inner energies point outside of us, the internal processing becomes dependent and vulnerable to the outside. We follow what we were told, what the rules dictate, what science suggests, what others think of us and what makes us feel safe.

However, what we often overlook in our personal energetic history is that the underlying feeling/energy stored is powerlessness and fear, which are both contractive for healing. Contractive energies reduce our inner power to self-heal and thus often manifest pathological or unfortunate conditions. So, from an energetic point of view, externalization of inner powers through programming can be a major contributor for disease, suffering and manifestation blocks.

2. Trying to Control Too Much

To fully understand how our control mechanism can create resistance to change and healing it requires us to honestly look at our hidden pay-offs. This is not easy at first. In fact, no matter how unhealthy an existing pattern may be, it unconsciously feels so familiar us that our ego may prefer to stay where it is - often sabotaging our conscious efforts to heal and worst of all, without us being aware of it!

To identify and transcend inner control as ego trait and thus responsible for our pain can be tricky. It hides in many different forms of hidden control and can be very difficult to admit to. Many of us think of controlling others at first and dismiss the possibility of this trait because as we don’t feel like we are controlling others; in fact we often feel controlled instead.

However, the aspect of control we are talking about is controlling and suppressing our emotions and true feelings. Without realizing this it can be a major cause for physical illness or chronic disorders. Without learning how to properly express our feelings healing can be difficult, as the stored energy is often accompanied by hidden resentments and negativity towards ourself or others. Hidden negativity then results into coveted forms of control, such as shadow, emotional manipulation, projection or victimhood. Our ego-mind can even make us believe that we do this out of love, but deep down the pay-off for us is to feel safe or not having to take responsibility.

(After reading this, try to feel out if you can identify hidden control or sabotage mechanisms.)

3. Being Disconnected from Our Heart & Inner Guidance

Self-Healing can only occur through connecting with our heart and our True Self’s energetic link to the Divine Field within. Access to these enormous inner healing powers cannot be forced through our mind or ego, and not through our emotionality either! The only way to let go of (ego) control and externalization is through surrendering to our heart, the gateway to our inner divinity. If the heart is not involved, blocked or so far gone that we can’t feel our true needs anymore. The best healing results we can achieve in a disconnected state is a temporary relief of pain/symptoms or in some cases a flaring up of symptoms.

The purpose behind such a healing crisis or other crises, like severe accidents or a fatal diagnosis is often to bring more clarity to our awareness by showing us the true cause through signs, promptings, inner guidance and synchronicities. It allows us to make the connection between perceived pains (content) and deeper inner processes (context). If we can allow our inner connection it can guide us how to reconnect through self-nurturing and self-love. In this inner guidance lies our most powerful healing ability. Through letting go of control and surrendering to our inner power to heal we are reconnecting to our inner WHOLENESS.

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Much Love,

jona bryndis

*In our Sacred Self-Healing Program we complied a self-training course in 24 Steps, which allow the participant to learn about the different layers of inner perception and experiences through coded daily mediations, interactive forum, online meetings and a comprehensive workbook with 250 + pages of reading material and exercises to increase inner heart based connection and inner navigation. Email me if you have questions: [email protected]

About Jona Bryndis:

Jona Bryndis, founder and owner of transCODES and Remote Prayers. Through these platforms she practices energy healing, coaching and mentoring of clients and energy workers from all over the world. She authors regular energy updates, educational articles, hosts online webinars and live trainings for an increasing group of energetically sensitive and empathic audience. She shares her unique remote energy healing methodology, which is uses elements of remote viewing, shamanism, transpersonal psychology and transcendental healing tools in teaching programs such as the 24 Step Sacred Self-Healing home-study course or 1-on-1 Heart-Warrior Training.

Her teaching journey has led her to train other healing practitioners and professionals in etheric defense and personal energy management as well as assisting a large audiences through healing circle workshops and public training sessions.

She published weekly energy reports for highly sensitive people and empaths. She is known for her direct approach and no-nonsense reframing of spirituality and energy work.

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