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2nd-8th March 2019 ENERGY UPDATE (Week 10): STAND UP FOR YOUR SELF

By jona bryndis, Mar 3 2019 10:36PM

Energy Update

2nd-8th March 2019 (Week 10):


By jona bryndis, 3rd March 2019

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Collective Energies Next Week


Hi Everybody,

This week's energy update prepares you for a bifurcated week ahead, meaning that it can go either way.

I know, it's not want we want to hear, but when collective energies come in with this ultra-strong TRUTH it can shake us to the core, but also be extremely healing. For many of us our TRUE DEEP HEALING doesn't even start until we get smacked in face with truth. That said, it doesn't have to be a rude awakening. For the energetically sensitive or empathic person that you are it can be a very interesting phase of your self-healing process! For the first time you may be able to see the larger picture, and how you were set up to make certain experiences. It allows you to see why you couldn't have lived your life differently until you could see what has been restricting or blocking your true SELF-EXPRESSION.

For many of us the hamster wheel of ever recurring DISAPPOINTMENTS, BETRAYAL or even TRAUMA has lead to us seeing the world, other people an ourselves in a very binary and polarized way. These are characteristics of the limitations of the human condition. If we want to spiritually, emotionally and karmically evolve a worldview that demonizes other people or the 'system' isn't very sophisticated. It shows that you are still caught in the dualism of your own ego and therefore poses your personal limitation - whether you want to/can see it or not.

SELF HEALING means accepting our original conditions but realizing that we can change them. This is when our willingness to see truth comes in. We are deigned to adapt and cope, but a CONSCIOUS TRUE SELF receives the prompting to stand up for what defines it. The AWAKENED TRUE SELF in us often feels alone and like a single fighter. This is an EGO ILLUSION though! CONSCIOUSNESS is not served on a silver platter. It's not a passive or external process - it's an ACTIVATION THAT CALLS FOR ACTION from within. Your True Self is the mediator for this INSIDE JOB.

For the world to produce conditions and circumstances that favor and support our personal awakening process the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is not far enough evolved yet. So, don't expect others, politicians or leaders to be better than you! We are all in this together. Chances are, just through you reading this, that your consciousness is farther developed than most people that surround you, but it's no guarantee that you take on the PROMISE TO FULFILL YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

CONSCIOUS AWAKENING means awakening to the realization that we have a choice, but only if we make it an ACTIVE CHOICE comes in. It leads us onto the path of SELF RESPONSIBILITY and SELF AWARENESS. As individual, but especially for us empaths this means to look underneath and beyond our pain, fear and guilt. Our tendency for coping, compensating, questioning and mending is the LIGHT that shines forth from within your DIVINE NATURE.

The main KARMIC TASK for all of us in this time and age is to recognize that it's up to us to learn to TRUST & SURRENDER to our authentic self and let go of our ego attachments, so that the entire collective can evolve.

Seeing the larger purpose and context of our PERSONAL TRAUMA is the main theme for next week.

With COURAGE & GRATITUDE for how far you have already come this HEALING PROCESS becomes your conscious choice, and with it your way of saying

"I AM that I AM - no more, no less!"

Thank you for your time!



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