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29th September - 5th October 2019 ENERGY UPDATE - IDENTITY OR TRUTH CRISIS?

By jona bryndis, Sep 29 2019 09:00AM

29th September - 5th October 2019



By jona bryndis, 26th September 2019

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Collective Energies

29th September - 5th October 2019



This week's energy update deals with our Identity and why we have hard time DISCERNING what is ours and what isn't; what we need to change or what/whom we can trust and what we need to let go.

Please don't expect next week to be much easier in regards to your physical tiredness. This will continue for a little while - until you know what TRUTH feels like and what inner guidance you need to follow.

Last week someone on social media commented that I am negative or that I paint a pessimistic picture of the future. Am I? Or am I simply speaking the uncomfortable truth about our GLOBAL AWAKENING?

I am not a politician, prophet or guru. But I know what I am doing. My purpose is to look at the truth and to report it (to the best of my abilities) and support those who are willing to work with the depth of their inner truth. I show ways to see the truth for yourself, show steps on how to deal with ego struggles that cloud our ability to see truth. My purpose is not to make other people feel better about themselves, to dilute them with half-truths or to feed them with fake positivity. Why not?

First of all, it wouldn't be integrous for me. Painting a picture that 'everything is fine' strengthens the ego and doesn't lead to transformation; it doesn't help a person to change and to take charge of their own life. There are factors beyond our comprehension that influence the way our personal energy translates outer conditions. For one, we are living in a time of fake news and populism. Information is no longer free - the price we all pay is the addiction to our EGO IDENTITY.

Our ego works with a binary system. Its directive is to




...these aren't very good conditions for a smooth awakening!

The only thing that moves a person to actively wanting to make changes is either through healing their pain or by finding fulfillment, joy, and connection in life - so that these two coping mechanisms are no longer needed. However, how can this be possible if we don't know what truth is? How can we know that what we are experiencing is true or love? Through experiencing and feeling it first hand!

Reading or talking about our HIGHER SELF is therefore tricky. We might feel that there is something beyond our ego reality, but unless we experience our own INNER HIGHER POWER, how can we feel our True Self?

Our HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS can transform every experience into a healing experience, it can give meaning to pain can turn EVERY EXPERIENCE into self-improvement, self-healing, loving or learning experience.

For becoming able to internalize our own HIGHER SELF we need to ask questions that can permeate Collective Issusions. Ask your inner self right now, if you can see every challenge as an opportunity to connect, heal and grow?

Why is it so difficult to GRATITUDE for our challenges? Why do we focus on what we don't have; what we resist; what contradicts our desires or expectations? Do you know why?


The biggest challenge in overcoming our ego's addiction to seeking pleasure and avoiding pain is the FEAR OF TRUTH that implies that there will be an END OF ALL THINGS (not knowing, dying, losing, not being able to control, not being able to make sense, etc.) Most of what we know, do, think, emote, sense, expect, want and don't want derives around HOW NOT TO FACE OUR FEAR - our FEAR OF SEEING TRUTH. And so, we produce our own False Self Reality. We identify with our bodies, emotions, and/or thoughts. The only problem is, collective conditions are very uncertain and erratic right now. Nothing is safe anymore. Does our ego like this? No!

It tries to overcome fear, negativity, pessimism or its desire through holding up a huge projection - namely, that everything is F.I.N.E. - You know what 'fine; stands for, right? It's an acronym for:

"F***ed up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional."

Is this pessimistic?

Not in my world, but I understand how this can be interpreted as gloomy. I prefer to see the spiritual - physical - emotional - mental maturing process as HEALING and EVOLVING. It is up to you how you embrace this opportunity to LEARN HOW TO DISCERN TRUTH and to listen to your TRUE SELF's guidance.


It means we have to form our OWN COMPASS OF TRUTH - one that can help us to navigate through our core fears and pains that have been replaying in the back of our ego-mind for decades.

Where can we find this navigator?


So, in this sense, embrace the incoming theme for all October coming in next next week, and accept that your mind, body or emotions - and especially your ego - cannot discern truth.

Stay grounded, and centered - reset as much as you can and seek people/place that is safe for you to explore


Thank you for your time.


jona bryndis

Energy Coach & Founder of transCODES

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