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29th Sept - 5th October Energy Update Video & Practical Tips: The Third Option

By elecia, Sep 28 2017 11:00AM

Energy Update & Video With Energy Tips for

28th September - 5th October 2017

WEEK 40 - The Third Option - Let This Wave Go Through You!
WEEK 40 - The Third Option - Let This Wave Go Through You!


Still going on as of 29th September 2017

29th Sept - 5th October 2017 Energy Update & Practical Tips (Week 40): The Third Option

Weekly Energy Report for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People




The Third Option - Let This Wave Go Through You!

Hi Everybody,

I hope you are getting through these 'red' collective energy conditions alright!

We are extremely busy with personal energy coaching, energy sessions and webinars right now, so I won't be able to write up a big report. The video says it all...

Here a bulleted summary of what to expect this coming week:


- Feelings of being stuck, depressed, low in motivation

- Relationship Issues, bursting Illusions, sudden revelations

- Betrayal, emotional pain, seeing manipulation

- Sleepiness, exhaustion, caving in continued

- Strong Etheric Sensations (bussing, pulsing, vibrating)

- Heart pains, Nose - Eye - Sinus issues, Headaches, Kidneys, Ovaries, Lymphatic problems


- Allowing others to be a mirror

- Opening up and Accepting Truth

- Seeing your own parts in deception

- Stop blaming everything onto others

- Claiming your True Power

- Trying to find the Third Option

All is explained in the video!

The next Facebook live update will be aired Thursday, 5th October 2017 @ 2PM (MDT).

Visit my Facebook Page here.

To book an energy session please visit www.transcodes.com

All the best.

Much Love,


Supporting articles for this report:

Transcending Persistent Relationship Patterns - Recognizing Your Own Shadow & Positively Working With It

Emotional Maturity - Understanding Energetic Dynamics

Spiritual Maturity - The Art of Responding vs. Reacting

To help out those who feel just too swamped or overcome with emotions, intensity or heaviness, we are offering the Energetic Clearing Sessions for 1/2 off for the rest of September. We have never done this before, but due to what we are seeing and hearing from people, we really just want to offer this to give people who are in need a bit of a reprieve.

This is only for individual sessions, and if you are interested, please email me at [email protected]om or [email protected] or click here to be taken to the sign up page!

To learn more about clearings and energy work read: Energy Healing & Remote Energy Transmission Sessions Explained

Individual Clearing Sessions can really help with:

- Clearing excessive emotions or attachments

- Feeling or obtaining a new perspective on what it feels like to be clear and enhance your ability to go

into self-care and healing

- Enhance overall energetic levels to aid in connection, integration and letting go

- Reframing or recontexualizing various patterns or situations to allow for change and healing

- Chance to interact with a coach to help break down or enhance deeper understanding and what may be

better choices in your life (via email or coaching sessions) to help integrate and live more abundantly

Pricing is $100 for individual clearing with only session report and email support (normally $200) , and $125 for individual clearing session with coaching and session report (normally $250).

Don't hesitate to reach out and ask for an initial free coaching session as well to talk through what is occurring as this may also help things to subside. And, for more information on clearings, please click here.

Thank you!

Jeff Casper

Main Energy Centers (Chakras) affected this week:

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