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19th-25th May 2019 ENERGY UPDATE (Week 21)

By jona bryndis, May 16 2019 09:00AM

Energy Update

19th-25th May 2019 ENERGY UPDATE (Week 21):

Watch video here

Collective Energies



Hi Everbody,

Another interesting week is coming in with these intense Full Moon Energies. It looks like we are not going to get a break from SEEING TRUTH anytime soon...for a good reason! Many of us are struggling with WHY OUR MANIFESTATION EFFORTS DON'T WORK, but let me tell you that you are asking the wrong question!

In the video I go into how MANIPULATION & MIND-CONTROL that has been going on forever is WHAT makes us unable to focus our energies on OUR TRUE ESSENCE.

Knowing who you are, what you want in life and how you want it are far more important questions than 'why' what you want doesn't become true! Cause it ain't true!

The reason for this is an energetic and often also literal COLLECTIVE GASLIGHTING.

Gaslighting is a predatory form of mental and emotional manipulation, abuse & control through covertly implanting doubt and Cognitive Dissonances in a person. It coerces the victim into question their own sense of reality, security, emotional regulation and self-image. The objective is to externally regulate, alter or trigger your emotions. The purpose of such toxic and harmful manipulation (collectively or individually) is GAINING POWER, HIDING TRUTH, DENIGRATING OTHERS TO ELEVATE SELF, PROJECTING FALSE REALITY, DISTRACTING FROM ABUSERS INSECURITY/FALSEHOOD, CONNING, SEDUCING, OR MAKING OTHERS DEPENDENT.

(Stay tuned for the Energy Tips with a special on GASLIGHTING which I will publish on Patreon publicly next week.)

For many of us this is daily reality. We have been primed, conditioned and traumatized not only through collective matrix energies, but also directly in form of narcissistic abuse through spouses, bosses, co-workers, parents, siblings or even friends. Our sense of normal, our pain threshold, our stress levels in order to perform and our courage to withstand strategic manipulation has made it impossible to through this game. This is tragic but true! Therefore SEEING TRUTH is often not what our ego wants, as we are already at the BREAKING POINT of not being able to deal with more...


There is no way to break through this wheel if you are not WILLING TO SEE AND DISCERN TRUTH! If you don't want to end up like a cat chasing its own tail, the only way to get out of this place of exhaustion, numbing and avoiding is the have the COURAGE TO SEE THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE - and to do this from within your HEART! Slow down, create more space for yourself, and see for yourself what happens when you claim your own boundaries, needs and wants. Manipulators expose themselves when you stop playing the game!

It doesn't matter how it got there, what your part in it was or what you got out of it - abuse, manipulation, codependency, addictions, projection, cover-ups and denial is NEVER OKAY! It won't stop until you say STOP AND STEP UP FOR YOURSELF THE WAY YOU ARE!

Ready or not, without you this won't change!

Next week brings in such an opportunity. Whether it's in your relationship, at work, family or friends, you will get to the place of finally having ENOUGH. Great! Stop the old game, start a new game - YOUR GAME!

The power of your manifestation correlates with your inner energetic alignment. The more afraid, anxious, angry, judgmental, apathetic or depressed you are the lower your ability to break through the gaslighting. Please remember this next week when you find yourself in a situation in which you witness or experience manipulation, bullying or gossiping in your life!

The only other tip than in the video I can give you here is:

Choose your words/battles wisely!

Just because some of you are suddenly waking up to reality doesn't mean that you have to rebel against it. How about SIMPLY WALKING OUT?

Please share the video and tell everyone you know who is a victim of gaslighting to OPEN THEIR EYES! There is no need to explain, justify or defend. If you have been gaslit, you couldn't see this before!

Much Love,


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